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But Would You Kill Me In My Sleep

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Ray's POV
"Meg…” I sighed, “I really didn’t want to tell you this but…”
“Wow, you’re not going to tell me you like me or anything,” she joked, and I looked down in embarrassment. Her eyes widened. “You’re joking right!?”
“I don’t like you,” I lied, and mentally slapped myself. I was supposed to tell her I do.
“Then what?” she asked confused, and I went to tell her how much Gerard actually does like her, but instead… this came out.
“Gerard likes Frank, he’s gay.”

Kirrah’s POV
“You can have my bed if you want Kirrah.” Mikey offered. I obviously looked as tired as I felt. I nodded, grateful that he offered. I raised my arms, and Mikey lifted me up and took me to bed. He turned to leave but I grabbed his arm and patted the bed sleepily. I didn’t want to be the only anti-social one.
“Don’t you want Frank?” he asked, and I shook my head. I didn’t want to disturb him. I pulled him onto the bed, and he crawled under the covers. I snuggled into my chest and quickly fell asleep.
I woke up to the feeling of someone’s arms around me. I snuggled into them, even though I didn’t know who it was. It was a nice feeling. I looked up to see Mikey Way, and I smiled when I realised that everything that happened wasn’t a dream. Mikey looked down at me and smiled.
“Morning, what are you smiling at?” he asked
“I just realised that this isn’t a dream. I’m really hanging out with you guys,” I smiled, and he laughed.
“It’s taken you this long to realise?”
“It still feels dream-like,” I laughed, “How long have you been awake? What’s the time?”
“Not long, about 15 minutes?” he guessed, “And it’s 6:00,”
“So early!” I groaned, and Mikey laughed. We stayed silent for a few minutes, but it wasn’t awkward silence which was strange because I am very socially awkward. I laughed at myself, and Mikey looked confused.
“I was just laughing about how socially awkward I am, and the silence wasn’t awkward,” I laughed again at how stupid I sounded, and I was surprised when Mikey laughed along with me. The door opened and suddenly something had jumped onto the bed.
“Frank!” complained Mikey, “That hurt!”
“I didn’t feel a thing!” I laughed, and Frank rolled off Mikey and slid between us.
“That’s because he planned it that way,” he laughed, and Frank grinned.
“You’re so evil,” I smiled, pulling him into a kiss.
“Get a room!” complained Mikey.
“Well, technically we’re in one so you have to deal with it!” I laughed
“Or you can leave,” said Frank, jokingly. Mikey stayed silent, and I looked over Frank to see his face. He looked troubled. He saw me looking at him curiously, and quickly responded.
“I can’t! You’ve trapped me. Help, help!” he cried, making me giggle.
“What’s going on in here?” said a new voice. I looked up to see a very tired looking Gerard standing in the doorway. He took one look at us, and his eyes widened. “Please tell me this isn’t what it looks like!”
This caused me and Frank to burst into laughter, and Mikey went red in the face.
“Oh god!” he said, and left. I laughed even harder, and tears rolled down my cheeks.
“That… Was… So… Funny!” I said between breaths, and Frank nodded in agreement. “I think… we better go… make sure he knows… we weren’t doing anything.” I said, calming down a little.
I tried to get up, but I had Frank half on me.
“Frankie!” I complained, “I can’t get up!”
“Sorry,” he grinned, getting off me and Mikey. We all wandered towards the living room, Frank and I hand-in-hand with Mikey following awkwardly. Only Gerard and Ray were in there watching TV, and Ray looked super uncomfortable.
“Are you okay, Ray?” I asked, “Oh god, Gerard didn’t tell you anything about us three, did he?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Wait, what happened?” he replied
“Nothing!” I exclaimed, and burst into another fit of giggles. Ray stared at me for a minute, then shrugged and kept watching TV.

Meg’s POV
“Gerard likes Frank, he’s gay.” Ray said, and I stared at him in disbelief.
“What?!” I asked, a little too loudly.
“Yeah, sorry about that,” he mumbled, and turned to leave but I grabbed his arm.
“Why didn’t anyone say anything about Gerard being gay?” I asked.
“He only told me, he doesn’t want it getting out. He’s ashamed and doesn’t want the media finding out.” he said, then left the room. I sat there, shocked. I had no idea that he was gay, and I had no idea he was into Frank. I was totally convinced that Frerard was an act. If Ray was telling the truth, then Gerard was very good at hiding his attraction for Frank. I mean, I didn’t blame him. Frank’s very attractive and nice, but it was still a huge surprise. I lay down on the bed and drifted into an uneasy sleep.
I was woken up by a knock on the door.
“Come in,” I groaned. I looked up to see Frank walk in. Even though it wasn’t his fault, I felt anger and jealousy run through me. “Hey.” I said coldly.
“Uhh, hey. Did you talk to Ray?” he asked, and I nodded.
“Wait, do you know?” I asked
“Of course I know! It’s flipping obvious!” he said.
“I didn’t realise,” I mumbled.
“Well, come out with the rest of us, yeah?”
I sighed, then nodded and followed him out. I found Gerard, Ray, Kirrah and Mikey all sprawled on the living room floor, and I giggled. Gerard looked up and gave me a cute smile, which I didn’t return. He looked at me, confused. I sighed and went to sit next to Ray.

Frank’s POV
I knocked on Meg’s door, and I heard her yell “Come in.”
I walked in, and she stared at me.
“Hey.” She said, coldly.
“Uhh, hey.” I said, totally confused, “Did you talk to Ray?”
She nodded, then stopped.
“Wait, do you know?”
“Of course I know!” I said, “It’s flipping obvious!”
I couldn’t understand how she didn’t see how much Gerard liked her!
“I didn’t realise,” she mumbled, and I stared at her. She was so oblivious.
“Well, come out with the rest of us, yeah?”
She sighed, and nodded. We walked out and Meg giggled at the sight of everyone sprawled on the floor. I must admit, it looked funny. Gerard looked up and smiled at Meg, who once again sighed. What was up with her? She went and sat next to Ray. I looked to Meg, then to Gerard, then back to Meg. Gerard was looking back at me, with a very confused look on his face. Meg made a funny sound, and leaned into Ray’s shoulder. I narrowed my eyes at Ray, getting slightly suspicious, but I pushed the feeling aside and sat next to Kirrah.

Gerard’s POV
I sat there, trying to figure out what was up with Meg. I frowned as I watched Ray comfort her, for a reason in which I was apparently at fault. I was so lost; I didn’t understand what the hell was going on. When Frank announced he was gonna get some food, I offered to go with him. I needed to ask him what was going on. I waited until we were out of the room.
“Hey Frank?” I asked, and he turned around.
“Yeah?” he answered
“What’s going on with Meg?”
“I dunno!” he said, “I went to talk to her when she was upset last night and it was because Ray told her you didn’t like her like that…”
“I know, but just listen!” he said, I sighed and nodded so he continued, “And I went and sorted it out with Ray, who was only saying that because he likes her and is sick of you getting all the chicks falling in love with you…”
“Oh my god!” I interrupted
“Will you let me finish!”
“Sorry, continue,”
“So he went and talked to her, so I assumed everything was fine, but then I got her up and she was all pissed at ME as well, so I don’t know what was said…” he finished, and I stood there with my mouth hanging open.
“What the f*,” I said, and Frank shrugged.
“Girls are silly?” he suggested, but I wasn’t listening. I was looking at the floor, tears threatening to spill over.
“Oh Gee,” whispered Frank, pulling me into a hug.
“This isn’t what I think it is, is it?”
I pulled away from Frank to see Kirrah standing there, imitating me from this morning. I poked my tongue out at her. She giggled, and Frank walked over to her and picked her up, bridal style.
“Frank!” she squealed, “Put me down!”
She struggled so much that Frank lost his balance and fell to the floor. I burst into a fit of laughter, and everyone came into the kitchen, worry showing on their faces.
“What happened?!” yelled Meg, obviously not happy that I was laughing at what was going on.
“They… Kirrah… Frank… So… Funny…” was all I managed to get out, my face was streaked with tears and I fell to my knees clutching my stomach. Ray and Mikey eventually laughed with me when they saw that Kirrah and Frank were not hurt and were also laughing, but Meg just crossed her arms and left the room. I wish I knew what was going on with her.
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