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Gerard stared at the television screen blankly. He wasn't watching, he was thinking. That's all he ever seemed to do these days. He didn't want to draw, he didn't want to sing; he just wanted to think.

He jolted as his phone started to ring, and he scrambled to get it out of the pockets of his jeans. The phone vibrating against his leg felt weird and unpleasant.

"Hello?" Gerard breathed into the phone; he didn't bother to check the caller I.D. It was probably just Mikey wanting to get picked up from a friend's place or something. Gerard wasn't sure what his brother spent his Saturday nights doing, he just knew that Mikey never stayed at the house much on the weekends.

"Gee, hey!" It was Frank. There was a pause before he added, "Are you watching Jersey Shore?"

"What?" Gerard asked, looking at the television for the first time in two hours. Shit, Jersey Shore was on, and Jesus Christ, how orange were those people, anyway? He turned the sound down a lot. "Uh, no."

"Right, sure. What're you doing tonight?" Frank asked.

"Um, nothin' much. Just, y'know, thinking. And stuff." Gerard mumbled, cursing inwardly at how lame he sounded.

"Good! You're coming to a party with me. Pick me up in forty-five minutes and I'll give you directions, okay?" It didn't even sound like a question, but it didn't have to. Gerard always had trouble saying no to Frank.

"Yeah, okay," Gerard's tone was a little brighter, because fuck it, even if he was going to a party where there would most likely be assholes, he would be with Frank and that made everything okay.

"Awesome! See you then," Frank chirped before hanging up. Gerard sighed and looked at his phone for a little while before swearing under his breath and heading off to his room to get dressed into something a little better than baggy jeans and a stained red shirt. This was the first party Gerard was going to since his sophomore year.

He pulled open his cupboard and stared at the pile of clothes in a heap on the floor. He selected a pair of his tightest jeans, which weren't really all that tight because Gerard wasn't exactly skinny and he was self-conscious, and a plain black shirt that he thought made him look thinner than he actually was. He pulled on his sneakers and tied the laces haphazardly before running his fingers through his hair and giving it an impromptu brush. He didn't bother looking at himself in the mirror; he didn't like his own reflection very much.

Gerard entered the kitchen and sent his mom a tentative smile. She smiled back at him.

"Can I go to a party with Frank?" Gerard asked, and his mother's eyes widened. She quickly schooled her face back into the smile, but Gerard had already seen the disbelief in her eyes.

"Sure, hon. You want to use the car, right?" Gerard nodded. "Tell Frank that if he throws up in it, he will be cleaning it himself." Gerard's mother warned before handing him the car keys, kissing his cheek and making her way to the lounge.

Gerard thought about his mother while he was driving to Frank's house. She was a kind woman, always polite to everyone. She didn't even bat an eyelid when Gerard introduced her to Oliver, who was covered in tattoos. She was probably okay with tattoos because of Frank, though. His mother never seemed to notice the fact that Gerard hardly brought friends over, and if she did notice she hid it very well. Gerard wished that she'd bring up the subject with him sometimes, because then he'd be able to talk about it. He didn't feel comfortable bringing up tough subjects, but once they were brought up he had no problem spilling his feelings to his mother.

Gerard got out of the car when he arrived at Frank's place, and made his way to the door. He's vaguely sure that if he didn't go and see Linda Iero, she would call his mother and his mother would kill him for being impolite. He knocked on the door and it opened almost instantly to reveal Frank's mother.

"Gerard! It's been a while, hasn't it? Come here, sweetie!" The small woman exclaimed, holding her arms open. Gerard obliged and leaned down to hug her. It was true; it had been a long time since he had been there. A month, at least. Frank had been really busy with school, so they hadn't hung out for a while.

"Hi, Mrs Iero," Gerard replied as she released him, smiling at her.

"Linda. I've told you a million times, Mrs Iero makes me feel old," she said, grinning. "Frank'll be down soon, he was just showering."

By the time Frank made it downstairs, Gerard and Mrs Iero were standing in the kitchen, drinking coffee and Mrs Iero was asking how Mikey was. Gerard smiled and waved a little at Frank as he entered the room before downing what was left in his mug.

"Hey, Gee. You look good," Frank said appraisingly, looking him up and down and giving him a thumbs up. Gerard ducked his head as he felt a blush heat up his face.

"Thanks. So do you," Gerard told him; and Frank did. Frank Iero could wear a sack and still look great.

"You ready to go?" Frank asked, clicking his fingers absentmindedly.

Gerard nodded and they made their way to the car.

The drive to the party was filled with Frank yelling random directions and the two of them singing along loudly to the Misfits, guitar solos included. It was the best thing Gerard had done in a long time.

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