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They eventually arrived at the party, and Gerard parked the car opposite the house and turned off the radio. He could already hear the shitty pop music blaring from the open windows. He took a deep breath and turned to see Frank grinning at him.

“It’s gonna be fun, Gee, don’t worry about it,” Frank soothed, grabbing Gerard’s hand and giving it a quick squeeze before getting out of the car. Gerard copied Frank’s actions and they both made their way to the house. When they got to the front door, they were greeted by a very drunk-looking guy. Gerard had seen him around school, but he wasn’t sure about his name.

“Frankie, dude, you came!” The guy said, grinning and throwing his right arm around Frank’s shoulders. Frank nodded, smiling. The guy turned to Gerard, and his face turned into a sneer. “You brought the weird kid.”

“Fuck you, Matt. You’re drunk,” Frank snapped, grabbing Gerard’s forearm and leading him into the house. The music was at an almost unbearable level, and there were people everywhere. Frank ended up leading Gerard to the kitchen; where Frank opened the fridge ceremoniously. He took out a beer for himself and a random little juice-box for Gerard. Gerard smiled thankfully as he took the juice from Frank. Frank knew Gerard didn’t drink. Gerard didn’t have anything against drinking; he just didn’t see the point in it. People always ended up doing stupid shit when they were drunk, like setting animals on fire or stripping in front of old ladies.

“Yo, Frank!” Someone called, and Frank’s head jerked in the direction of the voice.

“I’m just gonna go say hi to them, Gee. I’ll be back soon, yeah?” Frank said apologetically, and Gerard nodded a little.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s totally fine, Frankie. Take your time,” Gerard said, receiving a grin from Frank as he walked out of the door. As soon as Frank was out of the room, Gerard’s grin faltered and he picked at the label on the juice-box. He didn’t know what to do now. He didn’t know most of the people at the party, and the ones that he did know weren’t very fond of him anyway. At first he was okay with staying right where he was in the kitchen, but more and more people started to enter to get more drinks, so he moved to the lounge, standing in the corner of the room awkwardly and looking around for Frank. He wasn’t there.

“Hey, Gerard, right?” A voice suddenly asked from his left. Gerard jumped a little; he was so busy looking for Frank that he didn’t even notice the person that had sidled up to him. Gerard turned to look at the guy, and was relieved to see it wasn’t someone who was going to attack him or anything.

“Yeah. Bert?” Gerard asked, even though he knew full well who the guy was. Bert McCracken. He sat in front of Gerard in their English and Art classes. He was a pretty decent guy, he never gave Gerard any hassles, and he occasionally asked Gerard for help with his art projects.

Bert nodded before saying, “I’m gonna be blunt now. Why the fuck are you here, man? You don’t seem like the type.”

Gerard shrugged. “Frank invited me.”

“You hang out with Iero?” Bert asked, shock clear on his face.

“Yeah,” Gerard confirmed, nodding his head. Gerard wasn’t surprised that Bert was shocked. Gerard and Frank didn’t really seem compatible to anybody who saw them. Gerard wasn’t close to anybody in particular, and Frank had a shitload of friends. Gerard was shy, Frank was outgoing and loud. They seemed like opposites. Bert nodded in acceptance and they stood in a semi-awkward silence for a while, watching the people around them. There were people making out on the couches and others were dancing, if you could call it that (to Gerard it looked more like dry humping, really). After a little while, Gerard heard a high-pitched squeal. He looked at Bert, confused, but Bert just pointed to the middle of the room and giggled a little. Gerard’s gaze followed Bert’s fingers and he saw Frank, who was pushing his way through the people to get to Gerard.

“Gee! Where’ve you been, man?” Frank asked as soon as he got into hearing-distance.

Gerard shrugged. “Here, I guess.”

“Hey, Gee?” Frank asked, pushing closer to Gerard. Gerard winced as he smelt the alcohol on Frank’s breath.


“You’re kinda really pretty,” Frank slurred, smiling up at him like he was a fucking god or something. Bert chose that time to give them a sidelong look before shuffling away.

“Uh, thanks, Frankie. I think we should get you home, though,” Gerard said, but Frank shook his head adamantly. Before Gerard knew what was happening, Frank had his arms around Gerard’s neck and was on his tiptoes.

“Can I kiss you?” Frank asked, looking up at Gerard and reminding him of a puppy.

“Yes,” Gerard breathed, forgetting about everyone else in the room and just seeing Frank. Frank grinned up at him before pressing their lips together. The kiss was far from perfect; it was messy and sloppy and Frank tasted bitter from the beer. Gerard didn’t give a fuck though, because it was Frank and because he was kissing him.

Frank pulled back suddenly, though, a shocked look on his face, like it was Gerard who had kissed Frank and not the other way around.

“Gerard, I can’t,” Frank said softly, almost too soft for Gerard to hear. Gerard felt a pang in his chest and he realised, with horror, that he had taken advantage of Frank. Frank was clearly drunk, but Gerard had said yes anyway. Gerard felt like he was going to throw up, but he nodded at Frank. People were staring at them, now, whispering among themselves.

“We should go,” was all Gerard said before walking to the front door. Frank stumbled after him, waving goodbye to a couple of people.

Gerard got into the car, and Frank fumbled with the door handle a bit before opening the door and getting in.

“Frank, I’m, uh, sorry. About the kiss. And stuff,” Gerard mumbled, keeping his eyes on the road. When he got no reply, he turned to look at Frank. Frank was passed out, slumped against the window. Perfect. Gerard had fucked up the best friendship he had, and Frank obviously didn’t have the same feelings that Gerard did. Gerard felt the need to slam his head against the steering wheel, but refrained and kept on driving until he reached Frank’s house.

He got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side, where he opened the door carefully; so that Frank didn’t fall out. He attempted to shake Frank awake but Frank just groaned a little. Sighing, Gerard shoved his hand into the pocket of Frank’s jeans and took out the house keys. He felt like a molester. He unlocked the door first, and then went back to the car to hoist Frank into his arms and carry him inside.

Gerard was pretty sure he couldn’t carry Frank up the stairs, not because Frank was heavy; Gerard was just kind of weak. He gingerly laid Frank down on the couch and took off his shoes before tip-toeing up the stairs and fetching Frank’s blankets from his room. He put the blankets over Frank, kissed his forehead and left the house.

He drove back home in silence, the kiss running through his head.

He got straight into bed when he got home, only stopping to take off his shoes.

Frank didn’t call or text him the next day; and Gerard was too shit-scared to call or text Frank because Gerard was pretty sure that Frank would be disgusted or pissed off.

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