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Corner of 4th and Fremont St.

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Back at Ryan's place...

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The quick car ride from the restaurant to Ryan's apartment seemed to drag on longer than it should have. Brendon put his feet up on the dash, and held his cigarette towards the window. His heart hadn't slowed down, so it made speaking a little difficult. Ryan could feel his hands shaking against the steering wheel. He had invited Brendon over for a reason, but suddenly the reason seemed much more terrifying than it did minutes ago. Minutes ago when Brendon kissed him... When he knew he couldn't hold himself back anymore. He did this because he wanted Brendon, and he wanted him now.
Brendon took in a long drag. Where the hell was this night going? He was happy of course, he just kissed the man of his fucking dreams, but now... now he was a little scared, and a little excited.
The car pulled into the apartment complex. Ryan turned off the car and quickly got out. Brendon flicked his cigarette onto the pavement. They hadn't spoken a word to each other the entire ride, but the tension between them was still so thick you could practically see it.
Ryan slid the key into his door, and unlocked it. Brendon followed him inside, and closed the door behind him.
"Nice to see you're still living like a bachelor." Brendon joked, glancing at the empty beer bottles that lined almost every surface.
"I still am a bachelor." Ryan responded with a smile. Brendon slipped out of his jacket and placed it on the couch. Ryan tried not to stare at the muscles that could been seen through Brendon's white v-neck tee, but it was a difficult task. When did he get so ripped? His body had always been nice but now he was just... Ryan blinked a few times to get his mind back on track.
Brendon smiled to himself as he noticed Ryan's behavior. He was so nervous, and it was adorable. Ryan too took off his jacket and hung it up in the closet. He wrapped his arms around himself nervously, trying to hide his girlish frame. He knew he could never look like Brendon, no matter how hard he tried. Stupid genes.
"Are you cold?" Brendon asked, noticing the way Ryan was holding himself.
"Nah, I'm fine." Ryan blew it off without an explanation. Ryan's heartbeat began to quicken. Why had he brought him here? Well, of course he knew why... but was that the smartest thing to do right now?
"I guess I'll show you the place." Ryan smiled nervously, "Uhm, this is the living room, obviously. Complete with PS3 and surround sound." Brendon looked around him.
"The kitchen's through this way," Ryan led Brendon down the hall. "And then my room is on this side." He opened a door, and stepped inside. Brendon followed as Ryan turned on the light and walked over to the bedside.
"So yeah, I know it's not much, but it's home. For now anyways." Ryan smiled, hoping Brendon wasn't too bored with the little tour. Brendon smiled in return and couldn't help but stare at Ryan. His petite figure, his adorable smile, the way his fingers curved around his belt as if to hold on for dear life.
"The place is awesome, Ry." Brendon encouraged, noticing how anxious Ryan seemed. He just wanted to touch him, tell him to relax. Ryan wrapped his arms around his waist again, and turned away from Brendon.
This was it. They were here, in his room, the ice broken and anything was possible. A kiss was a kiss, but who was to say where it would go from here? Ryan exhaled slowly, attempting to slow his heart beat. Why couldn't he just man up, turn around, and drag Brendon onto his bed? That's all he wanted to do at this very moment. Just knowing Brendon was standing behind him was enough to raise the hair on his neck. He wanted to taste his lips again, and so much more. He couldn't do it though. It still seemed so unreal.
Brendon watched as Ryan let out a long breath. He saw the way his skin shivered against the cloth of his black tee. How much longer would he have to wait?
Ryan looked down at the bed. Maybe he would never do it. Maybe nothing would happen. Maybe Brendon would just dismiss the kiss as a moment of weird delusions and forget it ever happened. Maybe he was fooling himself into thinking that Brendon Urie could really want him just as much as he wanted Brendon. But suddenly he felt Brendon's fingers snake between his own. Ryan's arms still wrapped around himself, Brendon locked his fingers inbetween each of Ryans, pulling his back into Brendon's chest. Ryan sighed as Brendon pulled him in closer. Maybe he wasn't making it all up. This felt more real than anything he had every felt before.
Brendon slowly pressed his lips to Ryan's neck, raising goosebumps all over Ryan's skin. He continued to place kisses all along his neck and up to his ear, before quietly whispering,
"Kiss me."
Ryan turned around to face Brendon, his deep brown eyes staring straight into him. He lifted his arms, and placed them behind Brendon's neck before pulling their lips together. Brendon wrapped his arms around Ryan's waist, and pulled him in tighter. The kiss started out loving, something sweet yet burning with passion. But suddenly, they both grew hungrier, kissing each other more fiercely, grabbing onto each other more tightly, refusing to let go.
Ryan pulled away from Brendon, and smirked. Brendon looked down at him with slight confusion. With one flawless movement, Ryan grabbed Brendon by the collar, swung him around, and pushed him down on to the bed. Brendon couldn't help but smirk as Ryan climbed on top of him, his legs on either side of Brendon's. Ryan pulled his shirt up over his head, and threw it to the floor behind him. Brendon ran his hands down Ryan's chest, making Ryan squirm a little. Ryan leaned down placing his hands on either side of Brendon's head. Brendon laced his fingers through Ryan's hair, leaning up slightly for another kiss. But Ryan just barely let his lips brush Brendon's before backing away only half an inch. Brendon tried to lean up again, but Ryan playfully moved away again. Brendon tied one last time, but Ryan refused again.
"Ryan, stop being a little bitch and kiss me." Brendon said. Ryan tried not laugh and then whispered,
"No. It's fun teasing you."
"Oh, is it?" Brendon smirked, before thrusting his hips upward, and rolling Ryan onto the bed. Brendon grabbed Ryan's hands and held them hostage above his head. Brendon leaned in to kiss him, but Ryan turned his head to the left. Brendon, unwilling to lose the fight, kissed along his jawline, to his neck, down his collarbone, and all the way down his chest until he reached the waistline of his jeans. Ryan let out soft little moans, as Brendon let his tongue slide along the edge of the fabric. He came back up to Ryan's face, and quickly pressed his lips to Ryan's. Ryan gave in willingly, letting his tongue explore Brendon's mouth. Brendon let his hand linger down to the button of Ryan's jeans. He undid it quickly, and then pulled down on the zipper. Ryan's heartrate sky rocketed. He kissed Brendon harder, and pulled at the bottom of his shirt. Brendon slipped it over his head, and tossed it aside. Ryan felt Brendon's hand softly move over the hard spot in his jeans. He bit his lip and let out a little whimper. Brendon smiled and kissed Ryan's neck before moving his lips all the way down to his jeans. He tugged a little at the waistline, and Ryan helped him slide them down his legs. Ryan looked down at Brendon, who smiled and whispered,
"Are you ready?"
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