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Give Me Your Attention

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The next day...

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Brendon's eyes fluttered open to the hum of his cell vibrating on the bedside table. His phone vibrated every 10 minutes after he got a text message and didn't open it. He glanced down to see Ryan's head resting on his bare chest. He ran his hand lightly over his hair, the reached over for his phone. He opened the message;
"Everything is on track. Taking off in ten minutes. Can't wait to see you!" From Sarah. His girlfriend. The girlfriend he had just cheated on.
"oh shit." He said, waking Ryan up. Brendon looked at the clock; 10:30 am. Sarah's flight left at 7:00 am from Chicago. And he was supposed to pick her up at the airport. Ryan looked up to Brendon's beautiful, yet panicked face.
"What is it?"
"I have 30 minutes to get to the airport." Brendon huffed, starting to sit up. Ryan did also and wiped at his eyes.
"You're leaving?"
"No, I have to pick up Sarah. She was visiting her family in Chicago." Brendon explained, getting up from the bed and putting on his boxers, then his jeans.
"Oh." Ryan sighed, still wrapped in the covers, staring up at Brendon. He couldn't help the ping in his stomach. Of course the most amazing night of his life had to come to an end at some point... but did she really have to be the reason? He had to deal with being jealous of Sarah the entire time she and Brendon were together. Guess nothing changes over night...
Brendon looked at Ryan, and sighed. He could tell he was disappointed. Hell, he was disappointed too. But he couldn't just leave her sitting at the airport. He did love her.
"I'm sorry I have to cut things short." Brendon apologized, hoping to lighten Ryan's spirits. Ryan just shrugged and got out of the bed, putting on a new pair of boxers, and black skinny jeans. Brendon's heart sank a little. He really didn't want to leave. But he had to.
"Can you drive me back to my place, so I can get my car and go?" Brendon asked. Ryan was buttoning up the front of his pin striped shirt, when he looked up at Brendon.
"You'll never make it in half an hour... I'll just drive." Ryan resolved. Brendon blinked, surprised by the offer.
"Are you sure?" Brendon asked.
"Yeah, it's fine." Ryan tried to lift a smile, but it fell flat. He slipped a grey vest over his arms, and finished off his look with a scarf. Brendon let his eyes drift all over Ryan. He had always envied his fashion sense. Brendon slipped his tee from the previous evening over his head. He walked over to Ryan and grabbed his hands.
"Thank you." He said, staring into Ryan's eyes. Ryan sighed, knowing that Brendon wasn't trying to hurt him. He could see the genuine concern in Brendon's amazing eyes.
"You're welcome... and I'll try to be nice." Ryan smiled. Brendon leaned down and kissed Ryan gently. Ryan kissed back, putting his hand on Brendon's neck. They began to get lost in the kiss before Ryan backed off.
"I think we're down to 24 minutes now," he laughed, "We need to go." Brendon kissed him again, wishing that he had more time with him. But then backed off, and followed him out the door. He was pulling on his shoes, and holding his jacket while Ryan started the car.

"I think that's her." Brendon said, pointing to a girlish figure standing on the curb. "That's definitely her." He recognized her hair cut as they got closer. Ryan pulled up to the curb and put the car in park. Brendon hopped out of the passenger seat and walked up to Sarah.
"Woah! You're here." She smiled, "That is not your car..." She added, confused.
"Yeah, uh, Ryan drove." Brendon admitted, glancing back at the car.
"Ryan? You guys are talking again?" Sarah asked excitedly.
"Yeah. We met up last night. and I crashed at his place." Brendon explained, leaving out a few key details. Ryan leaned and peaked through the passenger side window.
"Hey." He waved. Sarah waved back.
"It's awesome that you two made up." She smiled back at Brendon, then wrapped her arms around him in a hug. Brendon hugged back, genuinely happy to have her home... but it just wasn't the same.
"Come on, we're going to get in trouble if we park here too long." Brendon explained, grabbing her luggage and placing it in the trunk. Sarah slid into the back seat of the sedan, and buckled her seat belt. Brendon came back around front and sat in the passengers seat. He glanced over at Ryan and caught eye of a purple bruise on the side of his neck. He put a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. No wonder Ryan had put on a scarf this morning.
"So what did you guys do last night?" Sarah asked as the car pulled away from the curb. Ryan glanced at Brendon before answering.
"Got a beer, and then hung at my place. We had a lot of catching up to do."
"I bet. I hate to put a damper on the party. If you want to just drop me off at home, and then you two can hang out a little more." She offered. Ryan kept his eyes on the road, trying not to show the guilt written all over his face. Why did she have to be such a nice person? It was so much harder to hurt a person when you actually liked them.
Brendon looked back at Sarah, "Are you sure?"
Sarah smiled, "I don't care."
"Thanks. I'll probably come home later tonight then." Brendon said, a pit of guilt sitting at the bottom of his stomach. But he needed more time with Ryan, and if she was willing to give it to him, he wouldn't refuse.

A/N A little shorter than usual, sorry! But I have lots of plans for the story, so keep with me!
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