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What If....

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Frerard. Frank and Gerard play the game of "What If". Oneshot.

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As you can see, here's my newest oneshot, but I believe a little explaining is in order:
This story is based when the boys of MCR are still in school. I made Frankie a year younger than Gee (Even though I know they aren't that close agewise). It's summer and Gerard is going to be a senior, while Frank will only be a junior.

Gerard and Frank sat on the hood of Gerard's car parked in the old, abandoned drive-in move theater, that was placed on a small cliff, gazing dreamily up at the star-studded sky. The summer air was warm and inviting, as the stars in the sky illuminated the dark like a million bright lights, the moon being the most remarkable of them all. This is what they had always done since the summers from back when they were mere children. 
Gerard fell back, putting his hands behind his head, as he now had a better view at the summer night's sky. Frank did the same, but cuddled into Gerard's side, sighing with happiness. They both took a moment to let the beauty of the moment sink in.
"Gee?" Frank asked the older quietly.
"Yes, Frankie?" he answered. He looked down to see Frank staring up at him, his eyes aglow with love that they felt with each other. Frank was biting on his bottom lip slightly, a sign of nervousness that Gerard recognized immediately. "What's wrong?" he asked, his voice like velvet. Frank turned his head away in some sort of form of "Nevermind.", only to cause Gerard to worry even more.
He gently cupped the side of Frank's delicate face, and slowly turned his head back to him again. He could see that Frank had slight tears in his eyes.
Their faces slowly got closer, to the point where their lips were not even inches away.
"Tell me." Gerard said. "What's wrong?" Frank started to melt under Gerard's touch as he gently stroked the side of Frank's face.
"It's just.... What if you didn't have to leave me?"
"What do you mean, sweetheart? I'm not going anywhere." Gerard asked as he felt a tear roll down Frank's face, onto his hand. He was confused as to what Frank was talking about.
"I don't want you to go off to college without me." he stated clearly to his high school sweetheart.
"Frankie, that's not until next year...." he trailed off. 
"That's not the point! You're going off to art school, and leaving me behind!"
"It's just for a year, Frankie. Then you'll be there too." Gerard reassured Frank in attempt to get him to calm down.
"But so much can happen in a year! What if you replace me?!" Frank sputtered, in full-on hysterics.
"Shhh, Frankie. Calm down, honey. That'll never happen. Shhh, babe it's fine." Were Gerard's second attempts at calming him down.
"But what if- what if you don't lov-" Frank hiccuped. Gerard cut him off.
"What if I did this?" Gerard questioned, not even giving Frank a moment to think about what Gerard had said, before pressing his lips to Frank's.
Frank slowly started to kiss back, afraid this moment would be harmful later. Gerard took a fistful of Frank's hair, and pulled the boy closer to him. He pulled the younger's leg around his waist, pulling him on top of him.
"I love you, Frankie. And not any amout of 'what if's can change that." Gerard said as he looked into the eyes of his love.
Even on the hood of Gerard's old car, in an abandoned drive-in move theater, on a warm summer night, love existed.
....No matter how much they played the game of "What If".
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