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Holding Hands

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Frikey. Disneyland... The reason it makes Frank so warm and fuzzy.(sorry bad at summaries)

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okay this is our first story i got the from the interview where frank and gerard are asked what makes them warm and fuzzy inside and frank said disney land and the secret is the reason why so this is the reason why

all names of ride at disneyland are made up by us so yeah

-Frank's P.O.V.-

Disneyland. That was my answer. I wouldn't say exactly why, just Disneyland in general. No one would know. Just Mikey. My sweet Mikey. That day we held hands on the Mad Hatter Tea Cup ride and I practically ended up sitting on Mikey's lap because our teacup was spinning so fast. I remember when we got on and Ray and Gerard had gone too ride some scary ride I think it was a roller coaster I'm not sure. Its not like me and Mikey were going to sit in separate teacups so we sat together not suspecting the horrible spinning. Getting in was a bit awkward as we had to share a seat belt. I had always thought Mikey was cute. That in itself was undeniable. But I wouldn't expect him to think anything of me. Mikey was going to buckle the seat belt and he had to reach over my lap. No biggy right? That Moment. That moment had so much meaning. I looked up from watching his hand go over my lap to buckle the seat belt. Up into Mikey's eyes. That's when it hit me. I love Mikey. It wasn't simple normal old attraction. I loved him. I really did. We froze for a glorious few seconds and I could see the confirmation of love in his eyes too. He loved me. Mikey Way loved me.

"Welcome to the Mad Hatter Spinning Teacups. Have fun!"

Suddenly, we were violently spinning. Mikey's hand still across my lap on top of the now buckled seat belt. Our eyes were still stuck in a trance of realization of the love we shared. Then I closed my eyes. I closed them and went in for a kiss. No makeout session of any sort, just a simple cute peck on the lips. Then I did. I kissed Mikey. My Mikey. It was a Kodak moment. A picture worth a million words.

"I smile a lot more these days."

Finished Gerard.

Oh fuck. Time to answer.

"Er ,Disneyland is pretty amazing, that makes me feel pretty warm and fuzzy.You should go."

After a few more simple questions the interview was over and it was finally time to go home and take a shower. Playing a show then taking an interview afterward was not only tiring but it made Frank feel disgusting and insecure to sit and answer questions with the show sweat drying on his skin and making him smell. He could go home and take a nice hot shower because this was the last show and they had conveniently scheduled it in Jersey so that they could just drive home afterwards. Not only did Frank want a shower he wanted to see Mikey and tell him how sexy he looked when he performed. Frank hoped with all his heart that no one had noticed or taken pictures of him staring at Mikey like he had.

The boys got out of their new, shiny yet dull, grayish-silver Dodge Charger. Gerard unlocked the door to the loft they had (or as Frank liked to call it "the trendy loft"). They both walked in to Ray completely into playing Halo on the Xbox they had set up in the living room. Frank walked straight back to the bedroom he shared with Mikey. The bedroom had two full sized beds so Gerard and Ray had no idea about how Mikey and Frank felt about each other. He walked in to see Mikey lying on the bed still in his stage clothes nothing different except he was barefoot. Frank's bed had stayed nice neat and made for 3 days straight now. Frank liked that.

Mikey looked Frank over seeing the thoughts on his face. He wanted a shower. Usual Frank. Mikey thought a shower sounded good too. Especially a shower with Frank.

Mikey got up and walked up to Frank and quickly pulled Frank's face up to his for a kiss. A kiss with longing but not a longing to continue here and this second. Frank got the message.

"Want to take a shower? I feel kinda gross."

Thought Mikey
I'm getting what i want.

"Of course. I waited for you to come back. I didn't want you to have to shower alone."

i know its short but i loved the cliff hanger factor
if i get good R&R ill continue hope you liked it
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