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Chapter 2

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Thank you thank you thank you for the good reviews it means a lot really I'm glad you huts liked it and when I started I didn't know where thus story was going to and I didn't want it to take the same story line as everything else so I finally figured out the plot I can't wait to really get into the story so I'll stop babbling and write now

-Mikey's P.O.V.-

Frank's eyes lit up at Mikey's comment.

"Are you sure you didn't just want to take a shower with me you naughty lover boy?"
Asked Frank

Mikey blushed instantly knowing Frankie was right. Frank just smirked mockingly right back at him. Mikey loved that smirk, Mikey loved Frankie smiling in anyway. Especially when Frank smiled against Mikey's lips. Frank felt Mikey's lips on his suddenly and abruptly. His smirk still hanging lightly on his lips. Frank really couldn't wait for that shower. He pulled back earning a disappointed face from Mikey, but he just walked into the bathroom connected to his and Mikey's room. It didn't take Mikey long to show up behind Frank and whisper "Don't turn around I'm stripping off my clothes" inti Frank's ear and then giggling like a school girl. Frank didn't turn but he did think of a good way to get Mikey to undress him.



"My poor wittle arms hurt from playing so hard tonight. Would you is so sweetly help me out of my shirt?"

Mikey just laughed. Laughed that Frankie had really come up with an excuse for this. Mikey stepped forward spinning Frank around to face him. Frank's breath hitched in his throat as Mikey willed him to lift his arms to the ceiling while Mikey peeled off Frank's tight fitting sleeveless shirt. Frank reached into the shower turning it on to the perfectly warm setting they had made for their shower. Mikey then pulled Frankie close kissing him longingly and wrapping his arms around Frank and reaching down to grip Frank's ass.

Frank moaned

"Do your legs hurt too baby?"
Mikey asked seductively.


Frank just wanted more and he'd do what he could to get it. Mikey teasingly toyed with Frank's belt like it was a bra clasp he couldn't get undone.

"Mikey please."

Mikey quickly helped Frank out of his fastly tightening jeans and into the shower.

"Today during the show you were just so so sexy. I was having the hardest time not touching you Mikey. I just wanted to set down my guitar, strip yours off of you and gather you up in my arms. Then I would run straight back to the tour bus and lock all the doors, close all the windows and have you to myself Mikey."

Everything that Frank said confirmed that all the extra hair flips and head bangs had worked on Frank.

"Well you can touch me now, sweet Frankie."

Frank took full advantage and quickly latched lips with Mikey, letting Mikey slip his tounge into his mouth. Frank couldn't hold back a deep moan when Mikey thrust his hips into Frank letting him know that they both had the same problem.

so Ill add more later but I literally fell asleep typing so sorry more will be up later

So um back the story of how I feel asleep and what not is in a reply to a review for this chapter so if you want to know then you can read it there
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