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Chapter 2 continued

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Mikey nipped at Frank's neck, slowly kissing and sucking on the scorpion tattoo enjoying the fact that Frank had his head flipped back. While Mikey did so Frank's hads traveled over Mikey's body, stopping to tease him when he reached his thighs. Mikey moaned into Frank's collarbone which he was now nipping and licking and lightly kissing. They could've let the foreplay last for days but both Mikey and Frank knew what they wanted and they really wanted it now. Mikey's hands found Frank's cock and he pleasures Frank until they were both spent and ready to take the real shower.

"Remember that body wash we were going to use Mikey?"

"Mmhhm. It's actually right here." Mikey picked up the body wash. "I think we should get clean now after getting so dirty."

Frank giggled at Mikey's clever comment. The boys washed up and walked into their bedroom. Mikey put on some simple black baggy boxers and got under the covers of his bed. Frank put on his snuggly fitting white boxers and snuggled in next to Mikey, slipping into the crook under Mikey's arm. Mikey sweetly kissed Frankie's head, hugging their bodies together. Frank quickly drifted to sleep as Mikey hummed Summertime to him.

Frankie drempt of the Disneyland scene again. Playing it over in his mind for the millionth time.
They had just kissed and now they pulled back from the kiss remembering that they weren't alone and paparazzi could've easily got a shot of the quick kiss they had just shared. Mikey waited for a spin to push him closer to Frank so it would look like he was forced to lean in. Once he had been pushed close to Frank he whispered "I love you Frankie" into Frank's ear. Frank smiled from ear to ear his precious smile Mikey loved. Not only had he seen the love in Mikey's eyes he had had it confirmed it with words straight from Mikey's lips.

"Pinch me so I know this isn't a dream."

Frank had said. Mikey had then very gently pinched Frank's smiling cheek and giggled. "I-i love you too Mikey." Frank had stuttered out.


The start of 'I'm Not Okay' started to play loudly as it was Mikey and Franks' alarm. Frank's eyes shot open and it hit him that the whole Disneyland thing must've been a dream and Mikey couldn't actually love him. But then he noticed the arms wrapped around him and the sweet lightly sleeping face of Mikey infront of him. It wasn't just a dream. It was a dream of a memory. This is how Frankie had woken up everyday since Disneyland. Frankie loved his life so much more now that he had Mikey. Mikey too loved having Frankie. Frank placed cute kisses and lash bats over Mikey's face and then whispered his love for him into Mikey's ear, waking up Mikey sweetly. Mikey's lips quickly spread to a smile. Just that simple smile would make Frank's day.

So guys sorry I fell asleep and sorry it took so long I hope you like and I haven't had anyone rate the story yet so that would be awesome and don't forget reviews
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