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Z is for Zombies

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Z is for Zombies
A/N: Frank is 8, Gerard is 10 and Mikey is 7.

Gerard and Mikey shuffled sneakily into the video store. Their mom was in the store next door, and after their merciless begging, she had caved in and given them enough money to get a 'nice Disney movie' to watch. Gerard and Mikey, being the sneaky little children they were, weren't planning on watching 'nice Disney movies'. No. It was Frank's birthday today; and Frank deserved something awesome. Something like watching his first ever horror movie. It is Halloween, after all.

It was actually Mikey's birthday present to Frank. Mikey had watched his first horror movie on TV when he was five, and he found them hilarious. Gerard had watched his first horror movie at eight (he found them weirdly fascinating), so therefore Frank should also watch his first movie at that age, too, according to Mikey. Mikey wouldn't give a reason though, he just kept insisting that this was 'how it was all supposed to go!'.

So, that was what brought them to the video store. They had come up with a plan to bribe the store owner with candy, seeing as they weren't exactly allowed to watch horror movies at this age, but Mikey left the candy at home so the whole plan was ruined and they had to do some quick thinking and urgent whispering on the way to the shopping mall.

Their new idea, which they both preferred because it was more devious and fool-proof, was for Gerard to put a horror movie into the cover of a Disney movie while Mikey distracted the owner. It. Was. Brilliant.

"Operation: Get Horror Movie For Frankie is a go!" Gerard whispered loudly to Mikey, who made a face at the name. He had complained about the name earlier, because apparently it wasn't 'hardcore enough'. Gerard didn't know where Mikey came up with half of his vocabulary. Gerard blamed that Pete kid that Mikey had been hanging around with lately. He kind of looked like a monkey (not that Gerard had anything against monkeys, he just didn't like that Pete kid, that's all.)

"Okay!" Mikey announced rather loudly before running up to the owner. While Mikey got to work, distracting her with his new wiggly-tooth, Gerard grabbed the first Disney movie he could find, which happened to be The Lion King. He then walked casually to the Horror aisle and stared at all the movies for a while. There were tons. There were ghost ones, demon ones, vampire ones, but best of all, zombie ones. Frank talked about zombies a lot. Frank would love a zombie movie. Gerard just knew it.

Gerard grabbed Dawn Of The Dead, and swapped the two discs around, so that the Dawn Of The Dead disc was in the box of The Lion King. Gerard grinned in triumph and walked over to Mikey, who was now showing off his amazing talent of making fart-sounds with his armpit. The woman didn't look very impressed, and Gerard briefly wondered why, because Mikey made the best armpit fart-sounds.

He smiled up at the women, who looked relieved to have some excuse to stop paying attention to Mikey.

"Hi," Gerard said brightly, handing her the DVD box. The woman just nodded at him, told him the price, took his money and handed him the DVD again. He shot her one last smile and held in an excited squeal, before grabbing Mikey's hand (not the one that he had used for the armpit-farts) and pulling him away.

"Yes! We did it!" Gerard half-yelled as they re-entered the store that their mom was in.

"I know! We're awesome! But mostly me, 'cause my job was harder than yours," Mikey yelled back, waving his hands around.

"What'd you get, honey?" Mrs. Way asked as the boys approached her.

"The Lion King," Gerard and Mikey said in unison, as if practiced. Gerard waved the box around a little, just to prove that they had gotten The Lion King. Mrs. Way smiled at her two boys before buying her groceries and taking the boys home.

When they arrived home, Gerard and Mikey each got their presents for Frank ready, and before they knew it, it was time to go to Frank's house. Mrs. Iero had invited the Way boys to sleep over for Frank's birthday. They had both accepted the invites with shrieks, bouncing and grins.

They got to Frank's house quickly, they only lived a couple of roads away, and Gerard was out the car like a rocket. His mother and Mikey followed at a much slower pace.

He didn't bother to knock on the door, he just let himself in and bounded up the stairs to see Frankie.

"Happy birthday, Frankie!" Gerard announced as he entered Frank's room. Frank was sitting on his bed, playing with the new Barbie he got. A lot of the kids at school made fun of Frank's barbies, but Gerard didn't care. He loved Frank the way he was. Plus, it was cool because Gerard's transformers always got married to Frank's barbies whenever they played together.

Frank jumped off of his bed when he heard Gerard's voice, and wrapped his arms around him. Gerard returned the hug before thrusting the present into Frank's hands.

Frank grinned at Gerard and opened the wrapping paper carefully, trying his best not to rip it. He always saved his wrapping paper from Gerard, because Gerard always wrapped Frank's presents himself. Frank opened the book slowly and let out a small gasp when he saw what was inside.

"It's pictures of us as babies!" Frank exclaimed, pointing down at the book.

Gerard nodded. "Do you like it? I pasted them all in there myself."

"I don't like it. I love it!" Frank yelled, hugging Gerard again for good measure.

Gerard and Frank were playing with Frank's barbies by the time Mikey entered the room, holding a flash-light under his chin.

"Mikey, you know that it would be a lot scarier if the bedroom light wasn't on, right?" Gerard asked his little brother, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh. Right," Mikey said, flicking the light-switch so that the room was plunged into darkness. His face was illuminated by the flash-light. "How do you like me now?"

"Wow. You're so terrifying, Mikey," Frank said sarcastically. He was picking sarcasm up from his father, who used it all the time. Mikey just pulled a tongue at Frank, switched the light back on and held up the DVD.

"We're gonna watch a movie," Mikey said in a creepy voice.

"The Lion King? I love that movie!" Frank exclaimed, dropping the Barbie. Mikey sighed.

"No, Frank," Mikey said in exasperation. "It is not The Lion King."

"But the cover says-" Frank started, but was interrupted when Mikey opened the DVD case.

"Zombies, Frank. Zombies," Mikey said.

"You like zombies, right?" Gerard asked Frank, suddenly nervous.

"I love zombies! They're so cool!" Frank yelled, and he got shushed by the Way brothers fiercely.

The three boys waited for Gerard's mom to leave and Mr and Mrs Iero to go to bed before sneaking down to the lounge. Mikey gave the movie to Frank before settling upside-down on the couch, his feet in the air. Gerard took a seat next to him on the couch, the right way up though, and snuggled down into the blanket. Frank put the movie in, put the volume a little lower so that his parents wouldn't hear, and bounced down onto the couch next to Gerard. Gerard opened his blanket-cocoon and Frank smiled at him and shuffled in, resting his head on Gerard's shoulder and selecting 'Play' from the starting menu.

The movie was going totally fine until the little girl attacked the other dude. That was when Frank realised that no, he didn't like zombies all that much when they were attacking and trying to bite people. Mikey burst into hysterics, because the little girl walked ridiculously, and Gerard stared, transfixed. Frank hid his face into Gerard's shoulder.

"Is it over yet?" Frank asked, and Gerard seemed to notice his fear for the first time.

"Don't you like it, Frankie?" He asked, a hand coming up to pat Frank's arm.

"No. It's scary," Frank mumbled, glancing back at the TV and realising that it was a mistake when he saw more people being bitten.

"That's the point. It is a horror movie, Frank. Man up and don't be a girl," Mikey said, not taking his eyes off the screen, creepy smile in place.

"There's nothing wrong with being a girl, Mikey. Can we go upstairs, please?" Frank asked, giving Gerard a pitiful look.

"Sure, Frankie," Gerard said, right at the same time that Mikey exclaimed, "No, never!"

Gerard gave his brother a glare before offering, "How about Frankie and I carry on playing Barbies, and you can watch the movie?"

"Okay. Go away. You're ruining the best part," Mikey said, waving a hand in his brother's direction.

And so the rest of Frank's birthday was spent playing Barbies with his best friend, with the screaming of the movie and the creepy laughing of Mikey as their soundtrack.

A/N: First thing's first, this isn't the end of the story. There is going to be another chapter for 'Z'. :)
Second, it was my birthday yesterday. I accept comments as birthday presents, you guys. c;
Thank you for the comments. :)
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