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Y is for Yes

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Y is for Yes
A/N: Frank is 25 and Gerard is 27 (which makes Mikey 24.) Okay, you guys should read my one-shot, Shopping, to fully understand this chapter.

Frank woke from his nap to find himself alone in the queen-sized bed. This was really suspicious, because when he fell asleep Gerard was asleep already, and Gerard always slept longer than Frank. Always.

When Frank finally decided to sit up (he was lazy, okay?), he noticed a folded up piece of paper on Gerard’s pillow. His heart started beating a little faster. What if Gerard was kidnapped and that was a ransom note? Because, Frank was pretty sure that Gerard’s mom (teamed up with Mikey, who could really throw a punch despite his looks, seriously) would kill him if he didn’t notice his own boyfriend being kidnapped from the very bed they were napping in.

He grabbed the note off the pillow, opened it up and stared at it, confused for a while, before realising that he was holding it upside down. He just woke up from a nap, okay, don’t judge him. He turned it the right way round and began to read.

I’m fine, stop worrying that I’ve been kidnapped or some other stupid shit that only you would think of. Breathe.
You’re going on a treasure hunt. You’ll find your first clue attached to my favourite thing in this house.
Good luck, sugar.

xoxo, Gee

Frank stared at the letter a little longer than necessary, attempting to come up with Gerard’s favourite thing in the house. It finally struck him, and he made an “aha!” sound that was kind of pointless because nobody could hear it, and jumped out of bed. He bounced down the hallway and into a kitchen, coming to a stop in front of the coffee maker. He stared at it, confused, for a while, before picking it up and checking the bottom. There was no note on it. How could there be no note? Gerard practically worshipped the coffee maker. It was his fucking baby.

He was sitting on the couch, staring into the distance and thinking hard when he decided to scratch his head absent-mindedly. His hand came into contact with something that was definitely not hair. He grabbed it, wincing as it pulled out a few strands of hair. Gerard had sticky-taped a note to Frank’s head. As cute as it was, it hurt.

Your first clue, Frankie! Wait, no, second clue? Does the one on the pillow count?
Okay, anyway, here it is. Don’t judge my horrific riddle-making skills. I’m trying.

Remember when you were young and had that specific craving?
You’ll find your next clue in a tower of them in the place where Mikey is saving.

xoxo, Gee

Frank snorted a little at the riddle, it was so cheesy, but it worked, and Frank fucking loves when things rhyme. Frank wasn’t really sure what this ‘craving’ was, but he knew where to find Mikey at 3pm on a Friday afternoon. Mikey worked at the mall near Gerard’s old house. He was trying to save up money to buy a car because Mrs Way was getting tired of Mikey borrowing her's to get to college.

Frank ran out of the door and was halfway across the lawn when he heard a gasp. He turned to check what it was and found the teenage daughter of their neighbours, Kelly or something, staring at him with wide eyes and a creepy smile. Well, she wasn’t really looking at him, exactly. Her eyes were pretty much aimed below his waist, which was really fucking weird. And creepy. Really, really creepy.

She whipped out her phone and there was a flash. Frank was momentarily blinded, and he ducked his head to shield his eyes. That was when he noticed that he was still wearing one of Gerard’s old Batman shirts and his briefs with yellow ducks on them that Mikey had bought as a joke. Frank never actually planned on wearing them, but when Mikey and Gerard made him try them on they were really comfortable, and Frank slept in them occasionally. Okay, every third night, God.

The girl squealed, holding her phone in the air and doing a little victory twirl before smiling creepily at Frank again and sidling back inside her house like the fucking weirdo she was.

Frank scrambled back inside, mortified to be caught in that underwear. It was going to end up on some porn site, he just knew it. Frank’s stupid brain took that opportunity to snowball into a big story about how Gerard was going to be looking up porn one day and find that picture, and then he’ll be all “what the fuck were you posting pictures of yourself on porn sites for?” and then Gerard wouldn’t want Frank anymore and then Frank would have to spend all of his money on ice-cream and skittles and he’d have to get a job at the stupid store Mikey works at and it’ll be awkward because Mikey reminds him of Gerard and everything will be ruined. After some consideration while he was putting his pants and shoes on, he figured that maybe, just maybe, Gerard would still want him.

Frank double-checked that he had all important items of clothing on before exiting the house again. Once deeming himself presentable, he got into their car, which was still there even though Gerard wasn’t in the house (Frank checked everywhere, twice), and he drove to the mall.

He walked into the food store and instantly saw Mikey leaning against a cash register, chucking skittles in the air and attempting to catch them in his mouth. He failed, of course, but it made something click inside Frank’s head. Okay, it was not a craving. It was more of a... love he had for skittles. Totally different.

He made his way to the skittle-tower and, sure enough, a little note was sticky-taped to the tower. There was one problem, though. The note was stuck to the top of the tower, and the tower was pretty big. There was no way Frank could reach it. He made a cranky-face and waved enthusiastically in Mikey’s direction, trying to get his attention. Mikey was scowling at the skittles packet, but when he looked up and saw Frank he grinned sheepishly and walked over.

“Hey, Frankie. Remember when you used to be obsessed with these?” Mikey asked, with more emphasis than necessary, waving the packet around and swearing under his breath when a couple of skittles fell out.

“It was love, Micheal James Way. Love,” Frank corrected, folding his arms across his chest.

“Whatever you say, Frank Anthony Iero. Do you need help finding your next note or...?” Mikey trailed off, eyebrows raised.

“I know where it is,” Frank mumbled, his eyes on the floor.

“So then why haven’t you got it?”

“I can’t fucking reach it,” Frank whined, pouting and pointing at the note accusingly. Mikey giggled, the bastard.

“Oh! Here you go, squirt,” Mikey said, taking the note easily and handing it to Frank. “I didn’t realise you were that short when Gerard asked me to put it up there.”

“I am not short. I am fun-sized. Now you have to tell me what this treasure hunt is about,” Frank demanded.

“Gerard said that it’s a secret. Not much of a secret, really, because practically everyone could see it coming and it’s blatantly obvious, but whatever,” Mikey waved it off, popping more sweets in his mouth.

“Just read your fucking note. I have to get back to work,” Mikey added before stalking off to go help some old lady who seemed to be glaring daggers at Frank. Frank shrugged and took a look at the note.

Second or third clue, whatever. Here’s your next riddle.

You’ll find your next clue where we had our first kiss
I was so nervous that I nearly missed.

Don’t laugh, it’s true.
xoxo, Gee

Frank fought the urge to squee in public, and flashed the peace sign at Mikey, and Mikey flipped him off behind the old lady’s back.

When Frank arrived at the Way household, he saw Gerard’s mom’s face peek out of the front window before disappearing. After a couple of seconds, the door opened and Donna Way gave Frank a big hug.

“OhmyGOD, this all happened so soon. I’m so happy,” Donna said tearfully, and Frank’s eyes widened.

“Are you crying? What’s going on?” Frank asked, half-panicking because Gerard’s mom was crying and Frank was always bad at comforting people when they cried. He always felt really awkward.

“Oh! This is all a surprise. I forgot! I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Sorry, honey. Here’s your clue,” Donna announced, wiping at her eyes and handing Frank a piece of paper.

“Um, thanks Donna,” Frank said, taking the paper and patting her back awkwardly.

“Open it in the car or I’m going to die from not being able to tell you,” she commanded, and Frank grinned. He knew exactly where Gerard got his dramatic flair from.

He hugged her again before she made her way back inside and he got into the car again.

This is your last and final clue. Mostly because I can’t think of any more riddles, but y’know.

One Valentines Day I was feeling pretty romantic
But you thought I got hurt and you became frantic
I climbed on Mikey and he called me fat
Then you hit me with a baseball bat
(I did not appreciate that.)

I’m proud of that one. So many rhymes. I’ve got so much talent, right?
xoxo, Gee

Frank giggled at the poem, turned the key in the ignition, and drove to his parent’s house. His parents were already standing in the yard when he arrived, and they both had huge smiles on their faces. Frank thought this was very, very weird. His parents didn’t like the sun, and here they were, standing in broad daylight, smiling happily. Very weird indeed.

“Go on upstairs, dear,” his mom said as she enveloped him into a hug. Frank gave his father a hug, too, before running up the stairs and into his old room.

“Down here, Frankie,” Gerard’s voice floated from outside his window. Frank looked out, and found Gerard smiling up at him right below his window.

“What’s with the treasure hunt, Gee? Is this, like, a really early birthday present?” Frank asked, leaning out the window a little.

“Yes. No. I had a whole speech and everything but now I forgot it! Damnitfuck,” Gerard mumbled. Frank raised his eyebrows. “Damnitfuck” was what Gerard said whenever he was nervous.

“Can you just tell me what this is all about?” Frank asked, using his best puppy-dog face.

Gerard dropped to one knee without a word, and brought a box out of the pocket of one of his many jackets. Yes, Gerard was a jacket-whore. Frank stared disbelievingly, his eyes getting wider and wider.

Gerard began to open the box, but the box then decided to refuse to open, because the world hates Gerard. After a brief struggle with the small box (which he swore was glued together, God), it opened to reveal a small gold ring.

“Frankie, will you marry me?” Gerard asked hopefully, smiling up at him.

Frank stared at Gerard in disbelief.

“Frank?” Gerard asked, voice shaking slightly, and his smile faltered a little.

Frank snapped out of his state of shock and squealed. He dived out of the window and onto Gerard, who fell onto his back, and kissed all over his face.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. So much!” Frank said in between kisses.

“I’ll take that as a yes?” Gerard giggled, the box squished between them. At that moment Mikey, Ray, Bob, Frank’s parents and Gerard’s parents all came out from their hiding places (behind the house), grins on their faces.

“Yes! Yes! OhmyGOD, yes!” Frank half-screamed, grabbing the box and handing it to Gerard.

“Now be a gentleman and put the ring on my finger.”

A/N: Got back from The Used two days ago. Best night of my entire existence. I didn’t get to meet the band, but I made friends with a security guard and he managed to get my friend and I strings from Quinn’s guitar, and during the show Quinn blew a kiss at me. I can die happy now. Seriously.
Hope you guys enjoyed this chappie. C:
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