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X is for XOXO

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A/N: So, this is a follow-up to O is for Omen, so Frank is 16 and Gerard is 18. Gerard & Frank are passing notes to each other, just by the way; and Gerard is in bold ^_^

Gerard, this is all your fault.

My fault? How’s it my fault?

YOU decided to randomly kiss me on the grass, dumbass.

You looked HOT, okay? Excuse me for wanting to kiss my own boyfriend.

Yeah, well, you didn’t have to do it ON the grass, where there’s a sign telling us to stay off of it.

I was distracted, okay? God.

You’re lucky we got detention with Ms Thwaite, she pretends not to notice when we pass notes.

I know, right? I like her. She’s my favourite teacher.

Remember that time she caught us making out in the broom-closet?

That was awkward. T-T

Dude, it wasn’t that bad. She just told us that we need a better hiding place.

Yeah, but she looked like she was happy to see us in there. O.o

You’re being paranoid, Gerard. Also, does Mikey know we’re in detention?

Nope. Mom gave us cookies in our lunch, he would have been distracted with them.

Why didn’t you give ME a cookie from your lunch?

Mikey stole all of them.

Oh. He shall die. Nobody steals Frank’s cookies. D:

Of course not, Frankie, ‘cause you’re really intimidating and all.

I don’t appreciate the sarcasm. Also, Gerard?


I like it when you call me ‘love’. XOXO

Then I’ll call you that more often. Also; did you seriously just do the ‘XOXO’ thing?

Yes. Technically you did it too. PLUS, it just means that I want to kiss you right now.

Ohh. Wanna make an excuse to get out of detention?

Thought you’d never ask.

[/A/N: I am so sorry I took so long to update. Ficwad was being fucktarded and not letting me add chapters to anything. o.e
Thank you guys for the comments, they make me really happy
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