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W is for Window

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W is for Window

Gerard is 19, Frank is 17 and Mikey is 16.

Gerard entered the lounge, a juice box in his hand, to find Mikey sitting on the floor, right in front of the TV. He was staring at the screen and sniffling quietly to himself.

"Dude, what's wrong?" Gerard asked, getting a look at what Mikey was watching. Romeo and Juliet.

"It's... It's just sad, okay? I mean, they die! They fucking die!" Mikey yelled tearfully, pointing an accusing finger at the TV. Gerard blinked.

"Why're you watching Romeo and Juliet in the first place?" Gerard asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's for, uh, school. And stuff. We're reading it," Mikey sniffled, avoiding Gerard's gaze.

"Mikey, you read it in school last year."

"Yeah, so? We're reading it again, okay?" Mikey replied, huffing a little before blowing his nose into a tissue from the box next to him.

And that was when Gerard got the brilliant idea on what to do for Valentines Day with Frank.

~In Gerard's Weird Little Head~

Gerard would stride into the Iero's yard gracefully in the moonlight; not tripping or stumbling at all. He would stop underneath Frank's bedroom window, where Frank would be looking out for him.

"Gerard, Gerard. Wherefore art thou Gerard?" Frank would whisper to himself, staring into the distance with a faraway look in his eyes.

"I am right here, my darling Frankie," Gerard would call, and Frank would glance down and smile at him.

Gerard would return the smile and climb up the strategically-placed ladder into Frank's room. Frank would then greet Gerard with a sweet kiss, and they would have a picnic under the moon and stars, in the nearby park.

~End Of Gerard's Little Vision~

"Gerard, this is no time to be smiling; it isn't funny!" Mikey snapped, before flouncing out of the room. Gerard just shook his head at his brother and walked up to his room to plan it.

13th of February; 11:45pm.

Gerard shook his brother awake urgently.

"Wha? No. NO. Mine," Mikey grumbled into his pillow, kicking out a little.

"Mikey, wake the fuck up. I need your help," Gerard whispered, and Mikey's eyes blinked open.

"What d'you want? M'sleepin'," Mikey muttered, glaring at Gerard with as much hate as he could muster; which wasn't very much.

"I need you to drive me to Frank's place, so then you can drive it back here," Gerard explained, poking Mikey in the ribs to get him going.


"I'll tell all your friends that you cried at Romeo and Juliet," Gerard said hurriedly, and Mikey growled a little.

"I hate you sometimes," Mikey mumbled before dragging himself out of the bed and down to their mother's car, not bothering to get out of his Star Wars pyjamas.

Gerard grinned to himself and followed him. Gerard was wearing black jeans and a smart red shirt he stole from his dad. Well, technically, he didn't really steal it. He just borrowed it without asking.

The drive to Frank's place was quiet, as Mikey was still half-asleep and even less talkative than usual. When they arrived, Gerard kissed his brother on the cheek (Mikey grimaced threateningly) and bounced out of the car, holding a picnic basket filled with skittles and leftovers that he found in the fridge.

Gerard glanced at Frank's window before cursing inwardly at himself. He didn't think to bring that 'strategically placed ladder'. He looked around, trying to think of an idea. He grinned when he saw that Mikey hadn't left yet. Actually, his brother seemed to be asleep in the car, his face smushed against the glass.

"Mikey! I need to use your back," Gerard said when he opened the car door.

Mikey stumbled out of the car and almost fell over, but Gerard steadied him before pulling him to the spot under Frank's window. Gerard set the picnic basked on the ground before turning to his brother.

"Okay, I need you to get on your hands and knees."

"What? Dude, that sounds so bad."

"Mikey, not that way, Jesus. Just do it." And so Mikey did, right in the flower bed. He let out a loud curse when Gerard stepped onto his back, and Gerard shushed him venomously.

"How much do you weigh, God," Mikey snapped, grinding his teeth.

"Micheal James Way, are you calling me fat?"

"Just hurry up."

"Fine," Gerard huffed, grabbing onto Frank's window ledge and attempting to pull himself up. After three tries, he managed to get himself onto the ledge. Mikey stood up and groaned, clicking his back.

"See? Fat guys can't do that," Gerard spat before lifting the window a little.

He climbed through the window and glanced at Frank's bed. There was one little problem. Frank wasn't in his bed. Why must everyone ruin Gerard's romantic plans? Seriously. He heard a shuffling coming from the closet. Gerard's head whipped around, and he stared at Frank's closet for, like, five minutes. What if a monster from the closet ate his boyfriend or something?

Gerard walked slowly towards the closet. Taking a deep breath, he threw open the door, and heard a shriek. Something solid connected with his stomach, making him double over. He stumbled backwards. Unfortunately, the world hated him and fate had something against him, because Gerard then proceeded to fall out of the fucking window. He landed in the flower bed, thank God, with an oomph, and he waited with his eyes closed for Mikey to check on him. Mikey chose that particular moment to snore loudly. Gerard cracked his eyes open, and saw Mikey curled up by a tree, fast asleep.

"Get out of here, motherfucker. I'm gonna call the police on you, I will. I totally will," Frank's shaky voice shouted from his room.

"What the fuck, Frank?" Gerard asked, attempting to stand up. He could vaguely make out Frank's silhouette leaning out of the window in the dark.

"Oh my God, you have my boyfriend? Don't worry, Gee, I'm coming!" Frank yelled before his silhouette disappeared. Before long, Frank was running across the lawn, holding a baseball bat high in the air.

He stopped when he saw that Gerard and Mikey were the only two in the yard.

"Did he get away?" Frank asked, looking around.

"No, you fucktard. It was me," Gerard groaned, rubbing his stomach. He was gonna have a huge bruise there.

"Oh. Oh. Gee, you shouldn't really climb into people's rooms. It's kind of creepy," Frank stated, putting the bat down and walking the rest of the way, to where Gerard was standing.

"I was trying to be romantic. Last time I ever do that. Happy fucking Valentines Day," Gerard said sassily, still rubbing his stomach.

"Oh God, I'm sorry, Gee," Frank said, disguising a giggle with a cough. It would have gone unnoticed if Gerard hadn't known Frank for so long.

"Okay, this is not funny," Gerard growled, pouting a little.

"It's kinda funny. You're stupid," Frank replied, grinning up at Gerard.

"And you hit hard for such a little guy."

And Gerard and Frank spent the first few hours of Valentines Day eating skittles and leftovers on Frank's lawn, while Mikey lay sleeping under the tree.

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