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V is for Victory

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Gerard stared at his brother, who was grinning and setting up Guitar Hero. Mikey had bet him twenty dollars that he could beat Gerard at Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce. Gerard was well aware that he could kick Mikey’s ass at Guitar Hero. Gerard couldn’t say no to bets. It wasn’t for the money, but Gerard wanted to keep his pride intact.

Frank ‘ooh-ed’ from his perch on Gerard’s lap as the intro for the game played.

“Yo, Frank? Can I talk to you in there?” Mikey asked suddenly, motioning towards the kitchen.

“But I’m comfy,” Frank protested, pouting slightly and shifting on Gerard’s lap.

“Pleeaase?” Mikey whined, looking like he was about to start stomping his foot if he didn’t get his own way.

“Fiiiine,” Frank relented, mumbling under his breath about how inconsiderate Mikey is while following him out of the lounge and into the kitchen.

Gerard attempted to hear what they were saying – because he may have been a little suspicious – but all he heard was soft mumbling.

When the other two boys walked back into the room (Okay, Frank skipped more than walked) Gerard jumped back and tried to look as casual as possible. Frank smirked at him, while Mikey shook his head.

“You look like a fucktard, Gee.”

Gerard huffed to himself and sent Mikey his dirtiest look, but Mikey just pulled a tongue at him and selected the song. Frank and Gerard both watched Mikey play the song, but each had completely different expressions on their faces at the end. Frank was grinning – in what looked like anticipation – and Gerard had a total ‘what the fucking fuck?’ look on his face. He knew he could beat that, and he was pretty sure Mikey knew that, too.

“Dude, this is your last chance to back out of the bet,” Gerard said to his brother, raising his eyebrows.

“Nope. I’m definitely gonna win this one,” Mikey replied, handing Gerard the guitar and taking a seat next to Frank on the couch.

“Fine by me, but you aren’t allowed to tell mom that I tricked you into giving me money again. Frank’s my witness this time,” Gerard warned, putting the strap around his neck and re-selecting the song.

When Gerard was half-way through the song, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth in concentration, he saw Frank stand up in his peripheral vision. Gerard smiled to himself. Frank was totally getting a better look at Gerard’s totally awesome score.

Suddenly, Frank popped up to the side of him, and blew a kiss at him. Gerard shot a suspicious look at Frank, but managed to carry on playing. Frank then began to sway his hips from side to side with the music. It should look ridiculous, because it was fucking Dragonforce that Frank was dancing to, but Frank somehow made it work. This, obviously, was not good news for Gerard, who was having a very hard time paying attention to the game.

It was when Frank started to take his shirt off that Gerard started missing more than one note at a time. Mikey’s giggling could be heard from the couch, and Frank wore a smirk on his face.

Frank’s shirt was thrown to the ground, and Frank started reaching for his belt buckle when Gerard was booed off the stage in the game.

“YES! Victory is mine, motherfucker!” Mikey yelled, jumping up and doing an awkward little victory dance that only Mikey could pull off.

Gerard turned to look at Frank, to find that he had remained shirtless, and was giving Mikey the thumbs up sign. As soon as he saw Gerard looking, though, he dropped his hands to his sides.

“You helped my brother to beat me? Seriously? You’re my boyfriend. We’re supposed to stick together and shit,” Gerard asked dramatically, placing a hand over his heart.

“We made a deal, Gee. A deal that I’m pretty sure you’d be happy with,” Frank said, licking his lips and smiling.

“What’s the deal?” Gerard asked, putting his hands on his hips. Frank turned to look pointedly at Mikey.

“What? Oh. That’s totally my cue to leave the room. Sorry,” Mikey said, getting up and half-running out of the room.

“Frankie, the deal?” Gerard asked again, putting the guitar on the couch and raising an eyebrow.

“Mikey’s going to a friend’s place,” Frank said triumphantly.

“So?” Gerard asked, looking confused as hell.

“So,” Frank said softly, walking to Gerard and standing up on his tippy toes so he could whisper into Gerard’s ear. “We have the house to ourselves.”

‘Ha, Mikey,’ Gerard thought as he followed his boyfriend up the stairs. ‘Victory is mine.’

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