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Oh No, He Called In

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It's a short one. The second half should be up later tonight.

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He was happy there. He was wrapped up in a blanket, warm, and with someone else. Their fingers ran through his hair slowly, putting his worries to rest. He would never move from this spot, in the arms of this person he loved.

“Brendon!” Ryan screamed, forcing his feet to move faster.
“We’re on Oak Park rd, and 72. It’s the Oak Park Apartments.” Jon explained to the operator on the 911 line.
Ryan reached the crash, glancing at the other car down the street. It was banged up pretty bad, but nothing compared to the black sports car that Brendon always bragged about. The car was completely flipped upside down, glass spewed across the pavement.
“Brendon?” Ryan called into the car. No response. “Brendon?!” he called again, falling to his knees, and trying to look into the windows.
“Holy fuck.” Ryan cried as he saw him. Brendon was still strapped into his seat, and hanging upside down. The top of his head was gracing the roof of the car, his arms hanging loosely onto the ground. And he was bloody. He was bleeding from his ears, his nose, and it was dripping down from somewhere else on his body onto the floor.
Ryan put a hand on his mouth to hold back from throwing up. Tears were spilling all over his face as he stared at his Brendon, not knowing if he was alive.
“Brendon.” Ryan sobbed.

He was happy there. The whole place had a feeling of home. He was wrapped up in a blanket, warm, and with Ryan. Ryan was there now. Saying his name. He would never move from this spot, in the arms of the person he loved.
“Ryan?” Brendon whispered, surprised by how much it hurt his throat to speak. He coughed a little, and a horrible taste came into his mouth. Like he had been chewing on pennies. He coughed again and watched as red spilled out onto his pure white blanket. It hurt so bad. Why did everything hurt so badly? He closed his eyes and tried to forget the pain. He was with Ryan, wrapped up in a warm blanket. He was happy here, he didn’t want to leave here. He didn’t want to leave here.

“Brendon!” Ryan called watching as he coughed up blood. Brendon’s eyes fluttered open, and he glanced around him. Where was he? He tried to turn his neck, but let out a pain filled scream as he realized that every muscle in his body was roaring with pain.
“I’m right here, Brendon. It’s me. It’s Ryan. We’re going to get you out of here.” Ryan tried to soothe. He glanced up to see the flashing blue and red lights as the ambulance and cop cars drew near. Brendon was crying, his tears mixing into the blood that stained his cheeks.
Ryan felt as though he was going to either faint, or hurl. He just watched with tear filled eyes as Brendon cried out in pain. He hated that he had no idea how to help him.
“Ryan.” Brendon cried. Ryan put his hand against the frame of the window.
“I’m right here, baby.” Ryan tried to hide the sobs in his voice, but failed. Brendon continued crying, wishing Ryan could touch him and make all of this horrible pain go away.
“Ryan. Hold me.” Brendon begged. Ryan shook his head and cried a little harder.
“I can’t.” He whispered. Brendon squeezed his eyes closed, and tried to go back to the warm place where he was before. Where Ryan was holding him. But nothing worked. He still felt the searing pain all over his body. His head was spinning. He wanted to move, but couldn’t. He let out another scream as he tried to move his legs. All he felt was burning, all around him. Where was Ryan? Where was Ryan? His head kept spinning, and spinning, until finally he gave up.
“Brendon?” Ryan asked, noticing that Brendon had stopped moving. He got no response.
“Sir, I need you to back away from the car.” A Paramedic said from behind Ryan. Ryan didn’t budge.
“Brendon?!” He called again. A Pair of hands came down on his shoulders, hurling him away from the car. “BRENDON!”

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