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Blink Back to Let Me Know

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The next chapter will be the final one.... probably. lol

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“Dear God, drive faster!” Ryan cried to Jon. Jon glanced in his rear view at Spencer, who they had just picked up. Spencer had his face in his hands, not moving or making a noise.
“I’m going fast. Just breathe, we’ll be there soon.” Jon tried to reassure Ryan. But Ryan couldn’t breathe. Brendon was unconscious. He saw them load him onto the stretcher, his legs cut open and bleeding everywhere, his right arm twisted all wrong. He wasn’t moving. He didn’t know if he was breathing.
Ryan ran his hands through his hair and cried dry tears, sure he had forced out every last drop.
Jon tried to stay focused on the road. Horrified for Brendon, worried for Ryan, wanting to comfort Spencer. He felt like he was useless, stuck in the middle of a total shit storm. He turned into the hospital parking lot, and went straight to the Emergency Room Entrance.
Ryan opened the passenger side door and ran into the building, before the car had completely stopped. He stood in front of the receptionist, and looked around, trying to find Brendon. The receptionist looked up at him.
“What can I do for you, sir?” She asked quietly, seeing his look of sheer panic.
“Brendon Urie.” was all he could get out. She nodded her head and took a look in her book of records. She searched for an entire minute before Ryan exploded. “Brendon Urie! They just brought him in! He was in a fucking car accident!”
“Sir, please don’t speak that way to me.”
“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Jon’s voice intercepted, “We’re all a little stressed at the moment.”
“A little stressed??” Ryan looked at Jon with disgust.
“I understand. Now they haven’t checked him in yet, but they just brought someone in and brought him straight to the ICU.” The receptionist explained.
“The ICU?” Spencer asked, horror crossing his face.
“The Intensive Care Unit.”
“We know what it means.” Ryan snapped, feeling his knees go weak. Brendon needed surgery. Immediate surgery. Jon put an arm around Ryan’s waist.
“We can wait over here?” He asked the receptionist. She nodded. Jon pulled Ryan over to a couch and sat down next to him. Ryan bent over onto his own lap. He felt nauseous. Jon put a hand on his back. Ryan leaned over, and laid down, his head resting on Jon’s lap. Spencer stood next to the couch, his back against the wall, looking up at the ceiling.
Ryan closed his eyes, but only saw images of Brendon’s mangled body. He had to keep his eyes open. He couldn’t stand to see it anymore.
“Should we call anyone?” Jon asked, still rubbing Ryan’s back.
“Like who? His parents who pretty much disowned him?” Spencer shook his head.
Ryan nodded, knowing who he had to call. He sat up and reached into his jacket pocket. He took out his cell phone, and noticed his two voicemails. He stood from the couch, and walked outside. He dialed his voicemail box and listened. His heart sank as he heard Brendon’s voice on the line... and learning that Sarah had found out. The next voice mail came on.
“And I forgot to say I love you... so yeah, I do. Call me.” Ryan hung up the phone. He took in a deep breath and punched in the number. The phone rang a few times before she picked up.
“What the fuck do you want?” Sarah asked. Ryan’s voice was shaking, but he had to tell her.
“Sarah, Brendon got into a car accident.”
“What?” She was quieter now.
“He got sideswiped, and he rolled his car.” Ryan tried not to think about the scene. The other line went silent. “I don’t know what is wrong with him. But I’m at the hospital, and so are the other guys. They took him into surgery.”
“Was he awake? Did you see the accident?”
“It happened right outside Jon’s place. He was conscious for a little bit, but he was unconscious when they got him into the ambulance.” Ryan fought back his tears.
“I’m on my way.” was all she said before the other line clicked. Ryan put his phone back into his pocket, and walked inside.

Sarah sat on a chair opposite the couch and stared at the floor. Ryan had laid back down on Jon’s lap, and Spencer sat in the other chair next to Sarah. All four were silent, listening to the beeps and buzzes of the ER. The shuffling of shoes, the squeaking of gurney wheels on the tile floors. Ryan tried to steady his breathing, but just found himself holding it for as long as he could, and then slowly letting it go.
“Excuse me.” A female voice called their attention. “Are you all here for Brendon Urie?”
“Yes.” Jon responded, knowing that the others didn’t have the power to.
“Brendon just got out of surgery. He is alive.” She said, with a tone that didn’t seem happy enough. Ryan and Sarah both knew there was a but coming next. “But he does have some significant Spinal Damage.”
“What does that mean?” Spencer asked.
“He’s bruised over 7 of his vertebrae, and we fear that he may be leaking spinal fluid. If that is the case, he could slip into a coma.” The doctor bit her lip as she delivered the bad news.
Sarah’s eyes over flowed, as she cried silently. Ryan simply stared at the doctor, unwilling to believe what she’d said.
“He’s unconscious right now, and he did break his right arm as well. We won’t know about the spine until we receive the results from his CATscan.”
“I want to see him.” Sarah and Ryan said in unison. They looked at each other with empty eyes.
“We can arrange that. But I have to ask you not to touch him, as he is in a very fragile state.”
Ryan and Sarah stood from their seats, and left Jon and Spencer behind. They followed the doctor down the hall, standing side by side. The doctor lead them to a door, and then turned to face them.
“If you need anything, just let the receptionist up front know, and she’ll assist you.”
They nodded. The doctor opened the door and let them pass through.
He was too pale. He was hooked up to IV’s, and a heart monitor. His right arm was in a cast and laid across his chest. There was scars and stitches on his forehead and down the side of his face.
Ryan walked to the side of the bed and stared down. Sarah stayed back toward the door. She watched as Ryan looked down at him and pain consumed him. She hated seeing it. She hated that someone could love him as much as she did. If not more...
Ryan touched the sheets, and let tears paint his face again.
“You love him.” Sarah whispered.
Ryan looked up at her, “Yes.” He confirmed without hesitation.
Sarah bit her lip, and started crying again, “So do I.”
“I know.” Ryan nodded. “He loves you too.”
Sarah shook her head, “He loves you more... and it fucking sucks.” Ryan looked back at Brendon. His heart sank seeing him this way. He couldn’t stand it. He hadn’t noticed that Sarah was so close to him. She put her hand in his, and rested her head on his shoulder.
“I’m scared.” She whispered. Ryan squeezed her hand.
“Me too.”

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