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Son of a Marauder

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Harry is the last survivoring Brit after the muggles find out about Voldy, he recieves a visit from Mr. Mxyzptlk

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of which that is from the Harry Potter or the JLA 'verse. If you don't know what is from that whole show, comics and other related stuff yet, I suggest you check it up, before making comments about sueing me.
AN1: A cross between HP, JLA and some other run-ins, flash-throughs and maybe a guest apperance or such

Warning; there will be adult scenes, not suitable for youngens, violence, adult content, character death... maybe a death of one or two of my Muses if they don't help me with the ideas >.<

Mini Prologue

The last battle had been pretty brutal and in the end, when everyone else was dead and burried, Harry was all that was left. Hogwarts fell in the final battle, taking a large portion of the students and teachers, as well as the Aurors, who had finally come at the end of the fight, when they had been recieving floo calls for the last 12hrs.

Apprently Fudge hadn't wanted to believe the word of anyone from Hogwarts, as he still believed that it was a ploy by 'Dumbledore's Army' to take over his job.

Most of Britian had been declaired a war zone and unliveable, with good reason too, as the muggle governments had gotten wind of what was happening and once the Royals were removed from the homeland, the land was hailed upon by a great many missiles. Enough to destroy most of the land, making it unliveable and in some cases, radioactive.

At the end of it all, when Harry felt he couldn't go on any longer and he was the last one to actully be living anywhere in Britian, let alone the ruins of Hogwarts in Scotland, he was visited by a small creature, similar to that of a house elf, though it wore a smart looking suit and hovered off the ground. The strange creature introduced himself as Mr. Mxyzptlk. A fifth Dimensional being.

The strange man offered Harry alittle gift. He said, "I like the way you roll, kid," speaking in an oddly, American voice, "that and the pranks your old man use to get upto with his friends." He looked at Harry thoughtfully, "Tell you what McGurk, I'll gift you with all the knowledge you need, books, partchment, potion ingredients, everything you could need for ten generations. Even things that you proberly wouldn't need," he let out a disturbing chuckle, "Just continue the Marauder's work and spread the mayham, mischief, and down right dirty pranks, and I'll give you a life, somewhere new. Where you can be someone that isn't the 'Boy-Who-Lived-And-Defeated'. What do you say, McGurk?"

Harry did anything, anyone who had been given a chance to live, and said, "Deal." After that, all he knew was bright lights, a searing headache and for some reason, snow that tasted like marmalade.

Ch 01 Joker, I think Not

Harry had woken up groggy and disorientated, in a bed in some city hospital, somewhere he hadn't heared of. He remebered the deal he made and found he now possesed a lot more information in his memory warehouse - something Hermione had said might have been easier to sort his thoughts into, when the pair started to train each other in the mind arts, when they and Ron had been off, finding the parts of old snakelips' soul, it had worked out greatly that way too - more then anyone should be able to remember.

Hell, before Hogwarts fell, he had one warehouse. Now, he had four square blocks, with atleast twelve industrial warehouses, on each block. It was rather mind boggling and if he stayed there too long, he would have the worst headaches, though they had started to ease off for awhile. He even relised at one point, that his magical core had increased, way more than he could remember. Way more than anyone 'living' should have. It had played up with the hospital the first time he was brought in, so he was moved to another clinic and introduced to some form of Mystic, where ever he now lived. Her name was Zatanna.

A few days after he had been at the new clinic for about a week, he started some trainning, mainly because he was bored out of his mind and quite frankly, a bored Marauder, was never a good thing. After a particular memory flashed across his mind, of a talk he had, had with Dumbledore, back in his third year, he remembered that when a Wizard or Witch, had a large magical core, they tended to be able to take more than one animagus form. Usually only upto three. So it was a huge shock to Harry, when he found three of the memory warehouses, full completely of multiple creatures that all hummed to him, like that of his old form - oddly, his old form wasn't that of a buck, like his father, nor a grim-like dog like his godfather, nor a wolf like Remus, but it was that of a yellow and black guard dog.

Waking up early, the next day, he started doing some stretches. Some of the 'files' he had been reading in the animagus sector, had said it was better to stretch ones' body, if they hadn't taken a particular form before. Truth be told, he'd done the same with his guard dog form and had a less jarring experience then he was told that plauged other magicals. It had made him, yet again, question if Wizards and Witchs of his home world, had any sence of the word, 'Sence' at all.

He had figured out he wasn't in his home dimension pretty quickly when Zatanna had introduced him to a man in blue tights, red boots and a red cape, with an 'S' on the front of his clothing and his knickers on the outside. That wasn't the only thing that made him relise he wasn't at home anymore, just the tip of it actully. When the man had hovered over to him, then used what the man called 'X-Ray Vision' on him, he was pretty convinced. Actully, this Superman, wasn't the only one he was introduced too.

Some, he had no liking for right away. The man black, with pointed edges that rose like ears from the top of his mask and cape combo, made him feel like he was an 11 year old firsty again, and infront of Snape in the beaknosed traitors' potion classroom. It was a feeling he would love to have been without for a very very very long time, perhaps never again.

At one stage, he met two men, one with a green suit, with arrows and a bow, Harry couldn't help but laugh when the man introduced himself as 'Green Arrow', and he sure couldn't stop himself making a joke about 'how cupid must be hiring out these days'. The other man was in all red. He said he went by the code name of Flash, but said Harry could call him Wally. Harry and Wally had kicked it off pretty quickly. Both were pranksters and both had that flair that, if they were lights, would attract the moths with their innocent glow.

Looking to his right, he watched as Zatanna walked into his room, a smile on her face, as she seen he was awake and actuly doing stretchs, be they alittle odd looking to her, but she was glad. "G'morning Zatanna," said Harry, he'd taken to the dark haired mystic rather quickly, though he wouldn't do anything with her, if she didn't make any advances, the fact she was his 'nurse' may have been stopping her.

"Good morning Harry. I see you are up and about today. Feeling better then?" she asked. Harry had been kept there longer, as his magical core, what Zatanna had found hard to believe existed at first, had been flucturating every so often, but it had been leveling off since coming to the clinic.

"Yep." He looked to the door and turned back to her. "I want to show you something. It may not work, but it also may." He closed his eyes and focused and before Zatanna opened her mouth to say anything, there was a small shimmer of the air and where once there was Harry, there now stood a brillant white tiger, with his amazing green eyes, looking up at the mystic, with a mischief-filled stare.

"H-Harry?" Zatanna stepped back a few paces and stopped, her back against the, now closed door, as she'd ran into it and closed it with her motion.

The large tiger, looked up at her and tilted its head. Watching her for a time, it started to step forward alittle. Small steps to start with, then in a hurry, it lepped at her, changing back to Harry in mid-leap, landing with one hand on either side of her shoulders and his feet beside her legs, trapping her in her place without actully touching her. "Yes, Zatanna?" his eyes were filled with mirth, as he noticed her blush at the closeness and the sound of his voice.

They stood like that for a long while, just looking into each others' eyes, before someone made a noise as they walked past the room's closed door, breaking the pair apart, both not looking into the other's eyes for while, as they got their breathing under wraps.

Zatanna was the first to speak. "So, I see you are well a-and fit today," she had been looking down at his chest, when she said that, just relising he had only been in a pair of long black pants, since she had come in. She tore her eyes away from his abs, when she noticed a hand pointing upwards.

"My eyes are up here Zatanna," he smirked at her. "And to answer your question, I feel fine. I haven't felt a fluctuation and considering the fact I can change my form, I believe most, if not all my magic, is now stable." He stretched and walked over to some drawers, pulling out a black shirt and pulling it on, missing the pout that graced the mystic's face. Turning back to look at her, he asked, "So, whats the verdict? When can I get out of here, so you can help the next person or get back to your work with the Justice Lague?"

Her eyes widened, almost comicly at the last part, "H-how did you...?"

Harry shrugged, "Wally let it slip the other day when he came round and told me the results of that prank he pulled on Batman."

Zatanna snickered at that. Batman had been in the cafateria talking with Question, when a small capsual was thrown at the dark caped detective. The capsual exploded and where once had been dark blue and black cape, was a mix of neon pink and deep purple, at a time when the cafateria was completely full.

Getting her snickers under control, Zatanna smiled at the young man before her. He told her he wasn't sure of his age, since he hadn't had a birthday that he could ever remember, so she did and age test and found out he was 22 years old. Three years below her age. "Well Harry," she smiled alittle saddly, "You can go today, if you w-want," she looked down at that, and when she turned to leave, she felt a hand on her arm, looking up, she fell into the deep soulful green eyes, that had captured her heart, the first time she had met the young man.

"Would it be wrong of me, if I were to ask you out, Zatanna? Gathered, I'm not going to be your patient soon, ofcause."

Biting her lower lip, trying to stop herself from kissing him in a fit of passion, she nodded her head, "I-I would like t-that Harry," she blushed brightly, as she mentally berated her self. 'Why are you stuttering so much around him. You never did this with any other guy before.' She stared into his carring, emerald eyes and let out a mental sigh, 'thats why,' she thought.

Harry leaned in and lightly kissed her lips, releasing her arm and moving back a step. "Then, after I am released and you are off the clock, how about I spring for lunch?"

Zatanna just nodded her head, smiled and stepped out of the room. He face was on fire. She hadn't been this giddy, since Rick Dawson kissed her in her senior year at highschool. Turning back, she watched through the window, as Harry started unpacking his belongings from the drawers and closet and putting some on. While she watched on, she noticed, with some awe, that he didn't need any incatation or wand-waving, like she once had too, he just looked at the rest of his things and gently, almost without worry, waved his hand at the extra items on the bed and they shrunk, and then he placed them in his pockets.

-A few hours later-
Harry and Zatanna, had been walking down one of the busy streets of Gotham, the only city at the moment that had a clinic that could handle his magical output, that and it was the city he had turned up in as well. Harry had paid for lunch, like he had said he would - apperently, one of the things that Mr. Mxyzptlk, had given him in one of the many magical trunks with connecting pouches, he had with him now, was a trunk that was full to the brim, with ten generations worth of money from all over the universe, and not high units of money, but it was all in pocket change, apperently one of Mr. Mxyzptlk's jokes - and the pair had walked around for awhile, caught a movie, then went to the park and watched the sun set, before they went to a resturant and had a nice meal with red wine and a fish dinner. After which, Harry had offered to walk his date and 'maybe' his new girlfriend - he wasn't too sure yet - home.

As they had started around a corner, there was an explosion that threw rubble their way. Harry, moving quickly, shielded his date, both with his body and a Protego shield, that he didn't even relise he hadn't said of even made the motion for.

After making sure his date was okay, he left the shield up, partly taking note of the fact it had formed a barrier around her that she couldn't get through, he turned to the one responcible and if it hadn't been so serious, he may have laughed his ass off at the circus reject with the geen hair, that stood not far away from him, with what looked like, atleast thirty minions, armed with strange guns that had boxing gloves on the end.

What happened in the next several minutes, turned into such a shock for Zatanna, as she watched as Harry took out the minions, without even a worry in the world, even watching as he changed forms at one time, becoming a huge dragon, as big as train and breathing fire on five of them that were trying to flee. Soon, there was only one green haired jittery clown, and one very worried looking girl with a jester hat, sat on her head.

After the minions were no more, Harry landed in human form, infront of the clown and the woman, who he was pretty sure had wet herself with fear, he snarled and raised his hand. Everyone there, shut there eyes tight, even Zatanna, not wanting to see what happened.

All was quite for a long time, then there was the sound of sloshing and a sqwark, similar to that of what he remembered Umbridge making when the Centaur's dragged her away. Everyone, bar the smirking Wizard, opened their eyes, starring at a now, changed Joker. Though if any one had been expecting some scene of violence, they were very much wrong.

"Joker, I think Not," started Harry, in his best chiding voice, "big baby, more accurate," he grinned as the now, diaper wearing, rattle waving, big bottle drinking, bald big baby, sat and glared over the top of the big bottle, that was stuck in his gob, and muttered something that, if Harry was right with his mumbling speech understanding - and being friends with Ron for years, he proberly was - whatever was said, he was sure, was atomnomticly impossible. Raising his hand again and taking a special kind of pleasure in the fact that the Joker twitched and tried to move away, when he raised his hand, he motioned with his finger and said, "Naughty naughty Mr. Joker," he said in a baby-ish voice, "thats not very nice."

A distinct "SCREW YOU!" was heard, followed by a whimper from the girl with the jester hat, who looked like she would faint at any time.

Harry starred alittle harder at the clown, then smiled wickedly again and clicked his fingers. In a flash of multi-coloured light, Joker squealed like what he now reprosented, when he suddenly found himself over a the knees of large transfigered form of an older woman - their get-away car - that had started spanking him, rather hard. About that time, the jester hat wearing girl had finally had enough, with on last muttered, "Puddin?" she flopped to the ground, like a puppet having its strings cut.

Turning back to his date, he was alittle shocked to see that there were five other people standing there. A few of which was a scrowling Batman, a impassive looking Superman and two other people, he was sure were kids, as they were half Batman's size, who were looking at him in both shock and angry. "What?" Thats when he noticed the shock and horror on Zatanna's face.

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