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Nut House, to Base

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Arkham, Harry learns things here...

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Ch 02 Nut House, to Base

Batman walked towards Harry, a snasty smirk on his face, as he pulled out a set of shackles that had runes covering their surface. Harry could feel the magic-numbing effects from several feet away. There was no way he was going to let that sadistic vigalanty get them on him. All of a sudden, there was a brillant flash of green light, and Harry was replaced by the largest crearure, he had in the animagus warehouses. It stood atleast 70 stories high, looked similar built to that of Superman, but looked closer to what Aquaman looked like, but with gills and... as the after image disappeared, super-speed like the Flash.

After the mad dash toward the shoreline of the city, Harry dove into the harbour and as quickly as he could - the speed at which he had been going, hadn't actuly accured to him, all he knew was he wanted away - he dove down low, finding a ship down low, where, after an expansion bubble that was big enough for his large form, he returned to his human form and placed everything on him, into one of the areas on the down ship, before transfiguring some seaweed, into new clothing and some rocks and the like, into his other belongings, then adorning said clothing. He set up a few charms and wards on the ship, like a strong notice-me-not and a Fidelius charm - that he had learnt to cast, a year after Hogwarts, thanks to the tutalige of Dumbledore's portrait - and some charms to ward off rot of the ship. Said ship was in working order, besides the being under water part. There was huge rooms with air still within. Just a doer-upper.

With that done, he resumed his huge form and as fast as he could, he swam out of the bay and into the deep ocean. Breaking the surface of the ocean he was now in, he wasn't surprised that only a few minutes later, Superman was hovering a few feet above him. Holding his hands up in the surrender form, mostlty because he was overly tired and felt like he might pass out at any minute, he changed back to his human form and did infact slip under the surface for a few moments, before Superman pulled him up and out.

-7hrs later, after a trial shorter then any the MoM could make-
Harry awoke to a strange sound of someone right next to his left ear, wheazing. Looking that way, he had to look twice more, before he relised it was a man with a mask that looked like a scarecrow. Slowly moving to a sitting postion, as he looked at the strange man, he asked, "And who are you ment to be?" Harry vaguely noted he had runes on his knuckles.

The masked man tilted his head and held out his hand. "Scarecrow," he removed his mask, as one of the guards tapped on the cell window and motioned him to do so, "but this time 'round, I'm inmate 1027. Also known as Scott Wagner. A pleasure, Mr.?"

"Potter. Harry Potter." Harry shook the offered hand, not sencing any danger from the man. Alittle sadness, but no danger. "Though, I guess I should have a name, since that sadistic bastard Batman, seems to think that just because I can do his job better than him, that I should be locked away."

Scott looked at him, his head tilted, then his eyes widened and he let out a loud bark of laughter. "You're the one who changed Joker and made him be spanked by his get away car!" Harry nodded, chuckling at the memory. "Well, Mr. Potter," said Scott, "Welcome to Arkham." 'I think you will fit right in,' he finished in his mind.

-2wks, 3 days later-
Harry aka 'Morph', Scott and a man that had a question mark, shaved into his head, were in the rec-room, chatting away about anything and nothing at all. Morph had found out, that besides being criminals, Riddler and Scarecrow, were rather smart and knew alot about a great list of things. Gathered, Morph wasn't very high up on the whole, 'science scene' thanks to most of his youth being in a magical school of learning, but it wasn't a problem, as the pair of criminals - even though the pair were bad guys - were seeing Morph as a challange and were teaching him everything they knew. So far, they had covered subjects in bio-chemestry, basic chemestry, basic medical and mathimatics, as well as a heap of others. One that Harry seemed to like alot, was to do with engerneering.

Looking up, the three smirked as Joker walked past on the otherside of the room. He still had the rattle stuck in his right hand and was still rather bald, though there were a few puffs of green hair popping out here and there. The Joker stopped and stared at them, or more correctly, at the bane of his current existance. Harry. Who smirked and snickered, watching as the man-baby turned and continued on his trek.

Riddler spoke quietly to Scarecrow and Morph. "His little girlfriend, Harleyquin gets out today, so that bastard clown will proberly be broken out soon. When it happens, be ready." The pair nodded and went back to what they were doing... which was trying to teach Morph about electronics and why it wasn't good to let too much charge go through wiring. Riddler had told him about how he ended up in the nut house known as Arkham, and since he had been teaching Morph the finer points of the subject now, said magical was taking it all in, not wanting to be around something that exploded like it did for his friend.

-2 days later-
On the east side, where the rec-room was, there was an explosion, exactly what Riddler said would happen, happened, as the Joker ran out of the hole. Before the guards had a chance to do anything to stop them, Morph, Riddler and Scarecrow, made a brake for it, disabled Harleyquinn and stole the Joker's ride, leaving the clown, swearing up a storm, on the shore or Arkham's island.

Their get away, was surprisingly not stopped. They hadn't even seen one ioter of Batman nor had they seen anyone else for that matter. Though they could hear many in the distance of the prison nut house, as it seemed that many people had gotten free.

Pulling the boat up at a dock near some abandoned warehouses - something that Harry had heard that Gotham, had an alful lot of, since when Batman first showed up, the import industry started to take a dive for the worst. The three entered the last of the warehouses, Morph, carrying the knocked out jester hat wearing woman, just following the others at the moment.

"Freeze, you in?" called out Riddler.

A booming voice from over to the left of the room they had walked into, spoke up. "Yeah Riddle, hello Scarecrow. Who is your friend?"

The group moved into the room with a man in a freeze suit. "This is Morph," said Scarecrow, with a flurish of his hands, as the young wizard placed the still knocked out young woman, on a bench he was directed too. "Morph, meet Mr. Freeze."

Morph nodded to the man. "A pleasure I am sure."

"Likewise son." He turned to Riddler. "Alittle young to be running with you, isn't he?"

Riddler smirked. "I take it you heard what happened to Joker?" at the nod, he continued, placing a hand on Morph's shoulder, "he is the one who caused it!" he broke down in to chuckles at that.

The chuckles of all died down, when another voice was heard, saying, "Well, well, well McGurk." They all looked over at a 3ft tall, suit wearing 5th dimensional being - that Harry still thought was a house elf - and raised a collective eyebrow. "Not exactly what I would have called what your new life could turn out like, but I must say, congrats. You have alot of talent kid." He floated over toward Harry and waved his hand over the runes on the young man's knuckles, which glowed once, and then vanished. "There, that should help." He looked up at the kid, seeing the question on his face. "I'm helping you because you remind me of myself." With that, he faded from view.

"Well, Mr. Potter," started Riddler, "you do have some interesting friends, don't you."

Everyone stared at Harry, with different degrees of awe and shock. Harry just did a very James Potter thing and ran his hand through his hair, with a sheepish expression on his face. Somehow, he was sure he could hear and feel the old Marauders, the good ones anyway, laughing their arses off.

Awhile later, after Riddler and Scarecrow had found somewhere to take a kip, Morph and Freeze were the only ones still awake. Harry was looking into a large cryo-tube, at a face that was so very similar to that of Lavander Brown. Though she was much older, around what he estimated was Mr. Freeze's age. 'A wife or girlfriend maybe,' Harry thought.

"I see you found my wife," said Freeze, as he came to stand next to the young man.

There was a silence between them, only broken by the steady beeps, clanks or gears turning over, from random machinery that was scattered throughout the room.

"You know, I started out exactly like you did. I picked one of the Bats enemies because said enemy had been the one to infect my wife and because the Batman," Harry could hear the distaste in his voice and could agree with it fully, "didn't like the way I handled things, he classed me as a villan and well, here we are. Though I will say, I have sort of lived up to it." He looked to Harry. "Its a harsh life this. If you do come into the villan fold, do take care of yourself and remember who your true friends are, Mr. Potter." That said, he turned and headed over to a chair in the corner, tinkering with some gizmo that kept spitting out multiple coloured snow.

A few days later, Harry bid the three farewell, with promises of looking them up again, when he had gotten himself settled into where ever he was going. Slipping away from the warehouses was easy when he could do magic again. A simple notice-me-not and a few glamors for those that could see through the N.M.N. charm and away he went.

Coming to one of more secluded jetties in the harbour, he waved a hand over him, creating a bubble head charm and waterproofing his clothing, also placing a 'non-stick' charm on them, as he remembered the gunk that had been in the harbour the last time. Oddly though, he never breathed any of that gunk in when he was the giant creature.

Walking along alittle, he desided to climb down the ladder, for two reasons too, one, there was a ship coming toward the jetty, he'd just noticed and two, there was people moving up behind him. Climbing down the ladder, he settled into the water and dipped under, swimming down toward the bottom, then homing in on his belongings, glad to see that nothing had changed, though he was shocked that the bubble he had placed for the giant creature form of his, was still inplace.

"Well," he muttered, as he came to rest on the seafloor, looking up at the ship that was going to become his base of operations and home, "I guess I should get sta..." he started saying, before a voice came from his left and he let out a squeel.

"Right you are McGurk." Mr. Mxyzptlk was sitting in a rather plush chair, sipping away at a drink in a coconut with a little pink unbrella.

"Um, not to be rude, but what are you doing here?" asked Harry, trying his best to ignore the whole, 'he pops in when ever he wants, just to scare the crap out of you,' little voice inside his head.

Mr. Mxyzptlk sat there for awhile, showing a surprisingly human atmosphere, as he stared down at his folded hands. Looking back up again, he smiled a smile that would make any goblin of Harry's homeworld, proud. "I wasn't lying before, when I said that you remind me of myself. You see, we both come from places where we were the only ones left after a huge blood battle. Though I have to admit, I never got the name of the boy who lived stuck anywhere on me. I just got the pain who stayed." He sighed and looked around at the boat and the sea floor, before turning back to Harry. "What say we start getting this place upto liveable standards, shall we." Without waiting for a responce, the 5th dimensional being, went about removing the nasty smell and changing the ocean floor around the ship, into grasslands and a forest. A forest its seems, didn't need light to survive. There were even insects traveling from flower to flower.

Shaking himself out of his shock, Harry did the same thing, though he started with the ship, that turned out to be a rather large cruise ship. On the side of it, the ships' name was the May Flower. This worlds version of a ship as large as the largest muggle ship back in his old world.

The ship had four hundered rooms, another 80 rooms for staff and the Captain. 3 huge ballrooms, a large casino that took up one whole level, just below the sealine mark - which was why the ship sank, as the water got into the space there and down she went - as well as other recreational areas; indoor pool, sunning deck, an actul reserch lab - which left Harry alittle wondering, though it was big enough and he dubbed it his 'Prank Experiment Room' - and then the Captain's block and a kitchen that made him wish Dobby was still alive, as it was huge and would have brought a smile to his old friends' face.

All up, the cleanup job, with Mr. Mxyzptlk's help, took the pair, just over 3hrs and ended up becoming a compition. So what if there happened to be lights at odd angles, sprouting out of the ships hual, like plants. So what if there were transfugured crabs, running around the forest that had expanded the size of Hogwarts ground, inclueding the mounatin range, with large cutting shears where their pincers use to be. So what if there was a lake... under the water... that held a whole host of strange creatures that would put even his old world to shame. Though Harry was glad that there was now a whole heap of Gillyweed growing in the lake now, he didn't want to have just a bubble head charm all the time, he always felt squishy afterwards, like someone had been stuffing him through a straw, then through a meat grinder.

When the pair had finished - Mr. Mxyzptlk had filled the kitchen with some of his own favorite drink, mamarlaid products of all kinds - they set themselves out on one of the decks, looking out over the forest, that now had an errie light, shinning from around some of the plants. Oddly, none of the light reflected or even left the bubble, that was now perminate.

Harry turned to his right. "Thankyou for the help Mr. Mxyzptlk. And, well, I seen that you stocked the kitchen," he smiled, "you are welcome any time."

Mr. Mxyzptlk nodded his thanks, sitting back and sipping his drink. Seeing this, Harry did the same.

-3wks later-
Harry had been working in one of the rooms, he'd extanded the Prank Experiment Room, and added on a Prank Research Room. The second room had targets that would be good to hit. Hell, it had a wall with where abouts labled all over the screen, something that Mr. Mxyzptlk and Harry had worked on together. Then it was just a point of going oit under a glamour and pinning the tartgets with a non-tracable tracking charm. With the 5th deminsional being's help, the pair had tagged more than 60 people, be they from the villan or super villan kind, hero or super hero or just plain civvis, minus his friends on both side, though they had both managed to tag Batman, and changed his clothing pink again, this time with neon flashing on two seporate occasions.

"So McGurk," said a formiliar voice, one that oddly brought a smile to Harry's face, "Who shall be the next target?"

Harry smirked, "I was thinking the Man of Steel himself, though I am having trouble with the delivery system a tad." He pointed to a large machine to the right of the wall monitor. It was something that looked similar to a paintgun, but would look right at home on a tank, thats to say, it weren't small.

Mxyzptlk looked the device over, as he floated around in the air. After awhile, he tapped the device, which shrank down to a handheld size, shrinking it futher than what Harry could, as the device had already been shrank down, as before it was as large as the Watch Tower that was already in orbit.

Starring in surprise, as he was handed the now, handsize paintbal gun, he looked up at his partner in pranking and shared a wicked smile, fighting off the ergue to laugh insanely. Nodding to his friend, he headed towards his room, to get changed, dousing himself in glamours as well, then apparated to the surface.

-1hr later-
Harry had been walking for an hour and he was starting to get alittle annoied. Usally, the Man Of Steel, would have been called out by now, hell, there were enough disasters going aorund right now, 'You'd think the extraterestial would be here in a flash, but nooo, he isn't.' Turning his head to the side, he caught the blur of a formiliar shape. 'Speaking of Flash,' he smirked to himself, apparating to The Flashs' stopping point. Alittle cafe on the east side of town, something Wally had told Harry, about ages ago.

Walking into the cafe, Harry noticed Wally was sitting off to the side in civvies, taking a sip at a double expresso, that appreared to have no effect at all on the crime fighter, who was sitting down and reading a newspaper, at a slower rate, trying to blend in. It brought a chuckle from Harry's lips. Which was all it took to gain the super hero's attention.

"Hello Wally," said Harry, as he released his glamour for a few seconds, enough time he knew, for the speedster to be able to see who he was, and sat down at the seat across from him. Oddly, it was facing the doorway, while Wally's seat faced the backdoor.

"Harry?" asked Wally, shock on his face. "Damn man, you shouldn't be around here. If Supes finds you, he'll put you away for sure."

Harry rolled his eyes. "What I don't get is the fact that I did the right thing to protect my date and I get thrown in jail, because that bloody vigilanty Batman, doesn't like the fact that I did his job better then he did." He watched as Wally looked around quickly and understood right away. "Don't worry, I have a silence dome and notice-me-not charm up on our table. Speak your mind, its between friends here."

Wally nodded. "I heard about that. Hell, I even watched the footage, as did Supes, but the bastard of Steel, seems to think that because its part of Gotham, he can't interfere. I mean really, there has been more new crims because of what Batman calls his 'right of way' since he started the whole caped detective stitch. He is getting out of control." Looking down at the paper, he folded the page over and handed it to Harry, "You made the paper."

Looking down at the page, Harry smirked. Someone - most likely Batman - had given the inscription; armed and extremely dangerous, if this young deviant is seen, contact Gotham Police Station, do not engage, as he can be unpredictible, as he is mentally unstable. Harry rolled his eyes. "And to think," he muttered, "I left my old dimension where I was a hero, only to come here and be marked a villan." Hearing the gasp, he looked up at Wally, relising he hadn't said it quiet enough. Sighing, he pulled out his wand and before the Speedster could move, muttered an Oath, and started telling the Speedster about his life before coming to this realm.

After Harry was done, almost 2hrs later, where the pair had left the cafe and walked down to a park, sitting near a couple of fish and chips stores - and ended up having lunch together - Wally just stared at Harry, thoughtfully. "You know, you aren't the only one that has gotten something like this to happen, only to be shot down by one of the heros around the globe. Bats, I admit, has gotten darker these days. We may have to put him down soon," he said the last part, alittle sorrow filled. "Hell, he has started using explosives, like they are the only way to get the job done." He looked into Harry's eyes, a scrowl on his face, "An older lady was hurt on one of his outings the other night. She was an innocent that copped one of his explosive pellets, in the side, and recieved broken ribs. The bastard had the nerve to say it was the old womans' fault for being out there. The old lady was walking from a all night food store at the time. Hell, even Supes was peeved at that, but for some reason, he is scared of Bats."

Harry nodded, listening to all this. "It could be because Batman still had a large chunk of Kryptonite that he keeps on him at all times."

Wally's eyes widened at that. "How do you know that?"

"I met Mr. Freeze after I broke out with Scarecrow and Riddler," he smirked at the small upward twitch on his friends' lips at the pairs names, "and he showed me footage of the pair meetting on a rooftop, some weeks before I came here. It showed that Superman was acting agressive towards Batman and when the Man Of Steel stepped towards the non-powered Detective, Bats pressed something on his belt and a huge chunk of that green rock, dropped into his hand and Supes was reduced to a withering mass on the rooftop."

Wally looked extremely pissed at this. Looking up at his friend, he asked, "Could you get me a copy of the footage? It may be time for Bruce Wayne to be outed."

Harry raised an eyebrow at that, having been the first time he had heard Bats' identity. 'Truth be told, I shouldn't be shocked, as he looks the damn same, with or without the suit,' he thought. "Sure, I can get it for you when Freeze comes back from his little trip," he said, not telling him where he was, just that he was away.

Wally smirked at that, nodding his thanks.

They sat in silence for awhile, hearing the chirp of birds off to the right, and a distance explosion and rumble of the ground. Wally just rolled his eyes. "I'm proberly going to get called to that soon."

Harry nodded, but had to ask, if alittle sadly. "H-hows Zatanna?" he didn't look up, he could feel the emotions from his friend without a problem.

"She has been worried sick mate. She misses you, even though people have been trying to convince her that you are a lost cause, mostly those of Bats' friends I should say, but she misses you." Just then a chirping like a cricket went off. "The Flash here. Okay, I'll be there shortly." He clicked off the comms link that Harry had just noticed was in his right ear. Standing up, Wally went to move, but stopped and pulled a business card and letter out of his pocket. "Here. Zatanna told me, if I ever was to see you, to give you this letter. Also, she is playing in Vagas for the next 3wks, so should stop by. the address is on the card."

Harry took them, then looked up. "It'd be a bit risky, wouldn't it?"

Wally smirked. "Its not like you couldn't go in descise Harry." He pattered his friend on the shoulder. "Take care of yourself, okay. I'll see you round." With that, there was a woosh and The Flash was gone. Leaving Harry to open the letter and smile alittle smile as he read on.

I've been trying to write this letter for the last 2hrs.
I miss you and don't care what that bastard Batman thinks about you. I know that you were only protecting me. I must admit, at the time, I was scared out of my mind. Its not everyday that one's date, turns into the scariest looking dragon that one has ever seen, in both stories, movies or real life.
Listen, I'm playing in Vagas for awhile, I am sure Flash has told you that, so if its over that time, well, I'll find away to contact you myself.
I miss you Harry. Come back to me please.
Love always,

Harry smiled, feeling humbled. Standing up, he focuced on his base and with hardly any effort at all, he vanished, leaving hardly a pop in his wake.

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- P.P.
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