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Grieving Problems.

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Gerard's odd dreams continue...

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I just laid in bed thinking about everything that had happened today, as I do everyday. Does Frank know how I feel? Did Maisy tell him? Maybe he feels the same way? Why would he feel the same way he's not gay! What is it with all these weird dreams I keep having? Why is the dream carrying on each night? While I wrapped my mind in all these questions, I hadn't notice Mikey walk in until he sat on the end of my bed, hitting my leg.
'What? Oh sorry, I was too busy thinking' I apologized for sounding angry.
'That's okay. But I really need to talk to you..about Frank?' I sighed and propped myself on my elbows.
'It's really not a good time. I'm trying to make sure everything going on in my life makes sense. I mean the other night I had this dream and then last night it carried on. That shouldn't happen should it?' Mikey looked curious. He brought his legs up on to the end of my bed and crossed them.
'Tell me what the dream was about?' Mikey asked innocently. I hesitated to tell him, but he's my brother, I've never kept secrets from him.
'Well, I was in school and everybody was staring at me, weirdly--'
'Are you sure that was a dream, because people do that now.' I ignored his remark and carried on.
'Like I had done something to insult everyone. Then this girl, I'd never seen before she had blonde hair came up to me and hugged me--'
'Score! Dude, you've pulled..well in your dream that was.' Mikey just cracked up at his own joke, that's not a good sign, but again I ignored his comment.
'She whispered into my ear, "To stay strong". She walked away and then I turned around to see Dylan just looking at me. He didn't say anything, he was just looking at me with a sympathetic look. Then Maisy came up behind me and gave me a huge hug, she was in tears and she kept asking me why I wasn't sad but I didn't have a clue what had happened, then she told me Frank had died.' Mikey's face had so much emotion on it. He was scared and shocked at the same time, but still smiling over his joke.
'Then I ran, then you woke me up. Then the next dream was that I was still running, and someone was coming after me, but I lost them. I stopped running when my legs started hurting and I came to a big tree. I looked at it for a couple of minutes and saw a something engraved into it. "Maisy + Frank 4eva" Then I broke down crying. That's when Frank woke me up. Do you think it means anything?' Mikey still looking shocked stuttered to say something but he couldn't manage anything.
'What if my dreams are trying to say something. What if Frank is going to die and that's what's going to happen!' I couldn't live with myself if Frank does die. I mean I would of known all this time and didn't tell him.
'I need to Frank. What if this is going to happen, I can't just stand there and watch him die!'
'Gerard! Calm down! Look go to sleep and if you have another one of these dreams then we'll go from there.' I laid back down on to my bed, and closed my eyes.

I was sitting in front of the tree crying, tears dropping on to the tops of my knees, staining them and making them wet. I could still feel his presence. He can't be dead! He just can't be! I heard someone calling my name. I looked up and it was Dylan, he was by the school building. He saw me and pelted over to me. He sat down beside me. I didn't want to talk to anyone and definitely NOT him. He was the last person I'd ever want to talk to.
'Look, I know what your going through.' I picked my head up from my knees and quietly spoke.
'How could you possibly know what I'm going through?' I waited for his answer.
'I've been in your position once before.' I just wanted to get rid of him. I didn't want to talk to anyone.
'What? How? Did you feel guilty? So you felt like you had to fuckin comfort me?' It sounded harsh but it was true.
'No Gerard. Just listen. I was 10 years of age when this happened. I was at school and I came home one afternoon. There I found my mother, my own flesh and blood, Dead on the floor. No-one knows how she died. But I didn't have any parent's to look after me, I didn't even have relatives who lived close enough. You see my dad left me and my mum when I was 6. I haven't spoken to him since. I don't even know where the fuck he is. To be honest I wouldn't care if he was dead. They way he treated my mum way horrid. He abused her when he got drunk or angry. I got put into care at the age of 10. That's why I am the way I am. I take my anger over my dad leaving me and my mum's death on other people.' I felt horrible the way I responded to him earlier.
'But that doesn't explain why your being so nice to me all of a sudden. Your a prick to me, to everyone.' I felt even worse, but someone had to say it.
'Look the only reason why I'm telling you all this because I have never grieved for my mother's death. If you don't for Frank, you'll get angry like me all the time. I mean it's already happening the way your acting towards me.' Dylan had a point. I mean he's a prick, but actually deep down he's a good guy, just suffering with some grieving problems. I was woken by the sound of my alarm. Great. School. I jumped out of my bed and ran straight into Mikey's room.
'Mikey! Wake up!' Mikey woke up straight away. He's not a deep sleeper so you could wake him up by one tiny cough.
'Dude! Did you have another dream again?' He answered rather sleepily.
'Yeah! I'll tell you about it on the way to school, hurry the fuck up!'

So, you've gotten two chapter's in one day. It's my way of apologizing for updating so late recently. But anyways you still get your cookies. I'll be updating again soon. Hope you liked it so far :)
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