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Dreams don't come true. Right?

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Frank's not having a very good start to the morning and Gerard and Mikey don't make it any better.

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I slung my bag on to one shoulder and walked over to the mirror by the front door. I looked at myself.
'MIKEY HURRY UP!' I shouted out. Mikey walked out from the living room door, then directly looked into the mirror when he walked past. I rolled my eyes and reached for the front door handle.
'Bye Mum!' Mikey shouted for the both of us every morning. Mum was the last to leave the house to go to work. We got to the end of our little path and approached the sidewalk.
'Tell me everything that happened in your dream!' I took a few minutes to try and remember every little detail, then it all came flooding back.
'It ended with you running away from someone and you came across the tree.' I nodded at Mikey in agreement.
'I looked up and it was Dylan. He sat down beside me and started telling me about his life, how his dad left him when he was 6 and his mum died when he was 10. He said that if I didn't grieve for Frank then I'd be angry all the time taking it out on others, like him.' Mikey looked concerned, he didn't really know what to say. We approached the huge metal gates that separates the real world to the place we call "school". We saw the big tree, that appeared in my dream, and saw a small black figure sitting next to it. I curiously start to walk over to it, with Mikey dragging behind.
'Hi guys' It was Frank, but it wasn't the normal happy Frank. He was sad, it looked like he had been crying or he had make up on.
'Hey Frank. What's wrong?' I sat down beside Frank and Mikey sat on the other side of him, I could tell by the expression on Mikey's face he was still trying to figure out the dream.
'Maisy broke up with me. I thought everything was going so well. Then last night she said she couldn't be with me anymore. I mean what the hell is all that about' Mikey shot me a look, I looked down into my lap. I can't of been the one to break them up, could I? I hope I didn't. I mean it would kill Frank if he found out that it was because of me.
'Maybe it's a premonition?' Mikey blurted out breaking the silence. I looked up. I saw Frank's face and he was more confused than I was.
'A what now?' I asked Mikey.
'A premonition. You dream about something and it come true. Maybe that's what your having? It carries on every night, but no-one of it has happened yet.' Mikey looked at both of us. Frank looked at Mikey like he was going crazy.
'Okay. I'm lost, Gerard's having premonitions? About what? When did Gerard start dreaming?' Frank started giggling at his last comment, then Mikey cracked and started laughing as well. I just glared at them both.
'I think we should say..' I looked at Mikey.
'We can't tell him, it's too soon. I don't even know if any of this is going to happen.' I looked back down into my lap, I felt guilty keeping it a secret so Frank couldn't know.
'Guys just tell me! I don't care what it is.' I nodded at Mikey. I couldn't be the one who told him.
'Well, recently Gerard's been having these dreams and they're about you.' I looked up at Frank to see his expression.
'Mikey thinks there premonitions of what will happen in the future, or maybe soon.' I said trying to hide my face as much as I could.
'Well what where they about?' I could see Frank getting nervous, I just wanted to hold him in my arms.
'Your dead, and Dylan was trying to comfort me, telling me about his mum dying when he was 10, his dad leaving him when he was 6.' Frank couldn't say a word. I wish Mikey didn't say anything now. I feel bad.
'Of course it won't happen, it's a dream right? Do you know how I die?' I shook my head.
'No sorry Frank, I don't. I wish I did. But listen don't worry about it, It's a dream. Dreams don't come real.' We've scared Frank, big time. I want to go back when he didn't know. I mean he's got enough on his plate, with Maisy breaking up with him for no reason and now us telling him that in my dream he died.
I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I pulled it out and it said I had a text from Mikey. I was sat next to him.
We need to find out why Maisy broke up with Frank!! M x Mikey was right, we have to. That's when I realized he text me, seeing we was still sat with Frank. I nodded at him, telling him I agree. The bell went. Time to start the day.

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