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Chapter 3

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Omg guys I'm so sorry it's just that I had a bunch oh shit pop up the last two weeks and I'm so so sorry I want to spend a day writing soon and get the story on track so this might be short but it's an update right?

-Mikey's P.O.V.-

I loved waking to Frankie. He made me blush and smile just after waking up. He was so amazing it couldn't even be put into words. Mikey loved him so much.

"I live for your smile Mikey." Frank whispered.
"I live for your laughs and your eyelash bats, your headbangs and awkward knees, your sleeping face and all your little things. I live for you Mikey. I love you Mikey."

Mikey couldn't even express his thoughts in his thoughts(if that makes any sense). He just smiled and held Frank tight to him, never wanting to let go. Frank didn't want to let go either. They loved eachothers body warmth and just having eachother close.

After about 15 minutes Frank giggled.

"Y'know Mikey I love you and all but really Gee and Ray are probably wondering what the fuck we're doing. We are supposed to start writing more music today."

Mikey knew they had to get up but that didn't mean he wanted to. Frank was so perfect to hold. He was warm and he smelled of cigarettes, body wash and Mikey's favorite coffee.

"Speaking of Gee and Ray maybe we should tell them about Y'know us." Mikey knew they had to at some point so why not suggest it now?

"Uhm... Yeah I guess we should but I mean how?"

"We'll walk out holding hands."

Frank kissed Mikey then grinned into the kiss. Mikey was just so sweet and romantic and perfect and just so so amazing.

"Okay, Mikey we will."

Both the boys got dressed. Well they put on clothes but not clothes they would wear anywhere. Mikey just threw on some starwars pj pants and his old well-loved anthrax t-shirt. Frank looked through his drawers and laughed when he saw what Mikey had put on. Mikey was just so cute, so fucking overly cute. Frank grabbed some jeans that were so tight it was torturous to Mikey and one of his few sleeveless shirts. Mikey knew what Frank was doing. So he just walked up behind him and grabbed his ass. Frank had an amazing ass. Frank thought Mikey's ass was much better then his but isn't that how every couple goes?

"You have such a great ass Frankie."

"I dunno Mikes yours is pretty fucking great."

"Well I'd love to fight over whose ass is better all day but we have to tell Gee and Ray soon or they'll get even more suspicious."
Sorry it's short but here you are
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