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Chapter 4

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So I've just been busy as fuck school started last Tuesday I went to the Seattle MCR concert on Thursday then I went school shopping and ibjust got time today and it's 330am so here it goes

Mikey slipped his lanky fingers in-between Frank's, smiling nervously and pulling Frankie in for a kiss. One last sweet kiss before either everything was out and they wouldn't have to hide anymore or everything was out and no one accepted them. Mikey didn't notice how long he had been holding Frankie and kissing him until there was a knock at the bedroom door, which they had been locking every night since Disneyland.

"You guys okay? Are you awake? I heard your alarm, but what the fuck we've been waiting forever and Halo is fun and all but if we want to put out a new record anytime soon we need to start writing."

Gerard was outside the door, but if Frank whispered he knew Gerard wouldn't hear him.

"Mikey, I love you, no matter what k?"

"Always." Mikey whispered back and then yelled to Gerard.

"Be out in a sec... We've uh.. Got some uh.. News.."

Gerard was very suspicious at this point, he had absolutely no idea. He just yelled "Okay." back at Mikey and walked back into the living room. He went over to Ray and plopped down next to him on the couch.

"They said they've got news?"

Ray just got a confused look on his face and cocked his head to the side. Then Gerard and Ray both heard two sets of footsteps come closer down the hall. Mikey and Frank emerged, hands tightly intwined.

"Uh hey guys." Ray greeted them.

It was awkward for all of them. Gerard and Ray both kind of figured it out in their heads but it wasn't anything they were expecting. They didn't know what to think. How long? That was the main question they thought, just how long had this been going on.

"Remember Disneyland...?" Mikey's face lit up as Frank said that, and Frank's would've too but he was so damn nervous he just couldn't think. They had to accept them. They're relationship might have been thought to be lust fueled, but deep down it was really much more. They had known eachother since childhood. They didn't need to 'get to know eathother a little more for things to be more serious'. They had always been the closest of the boys. Frank knew things about Mikey Gerard didn't even know. Deep thoughts that Mikey kept very personal. Same for Frank, Mikey knew his deepest darkest secrets. They knew eachother so well they could speak what was on eachother's minds. They were meant together. But, it was up to everyone else to accept them.

"Yeah, yeah of course. The Tower of Terror was so sick. I dunno how that teacup ride was for you guys. Did you get nauseous?"

Frank laughed.

"Well uh a little more happened on there than getting nauseous."

"We.. We kissed and and uh kind of uh noticed we uh really uh strong feeling for eachother. I uh I love Frank and uh he loves me." Mikey added.

"Oh uh okay." Was Gerard's first response.

"That's uh great you guys!" Ray had always tried to be enthusiastic about everything. This was just a bit of a shock.

"So you love my brother, huh Frankie?"

Frank blushed and a small grin made it's way onto his face, then he gave a little up and down nod for yes. Mikey smiled too. It was still awkward but relief had washed over both Mikey and Frank. They were so happy together.

So it's short for now but I'll try and update tomorrow as there is no school but i hope you guys like it
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