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A true testament to ennui (along with a good deal of fatigue), it's crappy, banal and rather dumb, if you ask me. All in all, it's just a random ArchiexAtlanta fic.

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A true testament to ennui (along with a good deal of fatigue), it's crappy, banal and rather dumb, if you ask me. Flames, criticism and whatever else you can dish out are quite welcome, so burn me with your incredible insight and wit.

Disclaimer: What the hell gave you the idea that I could possibly own COTT?

Light(e)ning(Of a burden that would be)

Atop the rooftop, Atlanta hugged her knees to her chest and stared at the ring of clouds painted brightly by the fading sun as they crossed the horizon, the wind teasing her vibrant hair and warning of impending rains. It was her favorite place to go and rest after a particularly intense workout or battle, where she could think things over or simply forget the world for a while. Slowly, the light faded and the temperature began to drop as fierce gray clouds roiled in and commenced to thunder at a distance, but still menacingly enough that she flicked off her MP3 decided to head back in.

Just as she let go of the roof tiles above her window, it began to pour heavily, a steady deluge that cascaded off of the ledge of the roof and surged to the ground, along with the invariable flashes of lightening. Atlanta closed the window and walked across her room to the door, which she pushed open slightly and peered out, checking the hallway to see if anyone was there. Seeing it was empty, she opened the door the rest of the way and jogged lightly down the hall towards the gym, where she planned to release some of the pent up energy and emotions she felt were trying to break loose. As she drew nearer, she sped up steadily until she would have seemed a blur, and then passed through the gym doors and on impulse pulled a couple flips before landing inside.

Only after she was nearly through a basic exercise pattern did she realize that she wasn't the only one blowing off restless energy. Completly absorbed in the obstacle training he was doing, Archie darted along the course, dodging the occasional obstacle and making for the climbing wall. Smirking, Atlanta raced towards the track and sprinted past Archie to lounge indolently on the top edge of the wall just before he began climbing the knotted rope.

"Hey, Arch," panting, he climbed up the knotted rope, hauled himself over the wall and flipped his legs over the side and slid down to the floor before collapsing, rubbing his ankle absent mindedly as he caught his breath. Slipping down from her perch, Atlanta sat down beside him and waited until he could speak.

"You sure it's decaffeinated you're drinking?" pouting, she leaned back against the wall and crossed her arms, pretending to be offended, Archie nudged her elbow playfully, "you know I'm just teasing,"

"Yeah, I know," Atlanta nudged him back and leaned to one side, stretching, "want to do some sparring or something?" Archie finally stood up and stretched himself, rolling his head on his neck casually, a hint of a smile on his face.

"I figured you'd be too tired after your race, just watching you nearly wore me out," springing nimbly to her feet, she pushed him back with one hand against his shoulder, a feisty light in her eyes. Halfheartedly, he lifted her hand off of himself gently, his smiling becoming strained for a moment, his inner battle leaving him unaware that he was still, if loosely, holding her hand.

"Well...I suppose if you're not up to it," as a particularly loud clap of thunder shook the building, she jumped and without thinking, twined her fingers around his, "we can do something else, I-" unconsciously, he tucked a strand of her hair delicately behind her ear, reassuring Atlanta while studying her carefully, tracing her face with his eyes.

Shyly, she turned her face away from his, a faint blush reddening her features, while he worked up his nerve, he caressed her cheek awkwardly with his calloused fingers and tilted her head up to look him; he stroked her cheek one last time before resting his forehead gently on hers.

"Archie..." feeling the fear of rejection slowly start rising up to try and choke off his words, he checked Atlanta's face for refusal and forced out the words that had been threatening to slip free easily every other time

"I love you," tentatively, he pulled her closer, feeling her tremble slightly as she raised her face slowly towards his until their noses brushed, her breath hot on his skin. As he closed the distance between them, she lifted her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair, her eyes partially closed while their lips met.

When they broke apart, she laid her head against his chest and held him tight, while he drew her still closer and buried his face in the crook of her neck. The thunder outside continued to roll threateningly, but was unnoticed by either of them, as they both stood secure within each other's arms, trying to remember every thought and feeling of that moment, so that they would always have it, no matter what Fate dealt them.

Author's note: It's a one-shot thing, and it will not be continued, so you're kind of out of luck, unless you can come up with any suggestions for any other fiction.
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