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Part 6: Stuffed Animal

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Gerard's fate is decided.

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Part Six: Stuffed Animal

"He's okay, guys."

Mikey, Ray, and Frank all gave audible sighs of relief. Ray gave Mikey a small hug as the doctor continued to talk.

"He is very weak. But the surgery we just preformed should stabilize him after this. Your brother is a very lucky man, Mr. Way." the physician smiled at Mikey.

"When can we see him?" asked Frank.

"Hes should be back in his room in an hour." the physician replied.

"Alright, thanks." Frank nodded. The physician left, and the boys turned to each other.

"The last time we talked, I kind of ended up yelling at him." Frank admitted, "And I know you guys aren't on the best terms with him right now either."

Mikey looked away guiltily.

"We need to plan how we're going to approach him when he gets back."


When Gerard awoke next, he nearly forgot he was in a hospital room. His vision was blurry, but he still was managing to see quite a lot of the color pink surrounding him. He blinked repeatedly, trying to bring himself to focus more.

Once he could see properly, he saw that he was surrounded by what looked like various objects appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Teddy bears holding hearts with the words "I Love You" sewn into them, bouquets of roses, and chocolate Hershey's kisses scattered everywhere.

A confused Gerard looked directly next to him, and saw a card had been set on his bedside table. It had two monkeys embracing each other on its cover. He picked it up and read it, but nothing was written in it besides the pre-written words "I'm Sorry."


Gerard looked up to see Frank standing by the door, giving him a small, embarrassed looking grin.

"I um, tried to get you stuff from the hospital gift shop, but everything there is for like, lovers and stuff, hence..."

Frank looked around, indicating the various Valentines gifts. Gerard only stared at him, looking uncertain.

"I do mean it though." Frank continued on, looking down at his feet, "I am sorry. For getting mad at you."

"…It's okay." Gerard rasped out finally, "I'm sorry for getting mad at you too. I know you guys didn't really have anything to do with the rape. It's just... it's hard to trust anyone right now, ya know?"

Frank walked over to Gerard's bedside, now perhaps feeling safer to come near. He gently laced Gerard's IV ridden hand.

"I know Gerard. But people like Lindsey and Bert don't make the world. What those assholes did to you was out of line and uncalled for. Still, you can always count on people like me and Ray and Mikey to be there for you. We love you, and that will never change, no matter what."

"Thanks Frankie. I'll try to remember that." Gerard smiled slightly.

Frank looked around and got a stuffed toy that was two stuffed dogs merged together. “I liked this one particularly.” He said.

“Of course you would.” Gerard laughed.

Frank got out a sharpie marker he had in his pocket and drew large X’s across the eyes of one of the dogs. Then he drew somewhat of a blindfold around the other one’s eyes.

“There. It’s us.” Frank grinned and handed it to Gerard, who held it to himself tightly.

“They’re adorable.” Said Gerard.

“Well we should tell the others you’re awake. They’re at lunch right now but Mikey’s been dying from worry.” Frank told him.

Gerard nodded. Frank turned to leave, but right before he did, Gerard stopped him.

“Frank, wait.”

“Hmm?” Frank turned around. Gerard beckoned him to come close again, and so he did.

“Before anyone else comes back…” Gerard leaned over and planted a small, tender kiss on Frank’s lips. He pulled away from a shocked Frank and said, “Thank you for the gifts. I love them, I really do.”

Frank said nothing more. He only smiled and turned away, leaving to go find Mikey and Ray.


6 months later.

They were at the after party for the MTV Video Music Awards. Mikey, Frank, Gerard, and Ray sat at their table happily chatting away. However Frank’s smiles were forced, as he knew who sat only a few tables away from them.

Bert McCracken.

They had not pressed charges. Gerard had simply wanted to forget about the ordeal, and he had done a great job of recovering. Thankfully, Gerard had yet to realize that Bert was even here, and the other boys intended to keep it that way.

However, a run in was inevitable.

Ray had been looking over the bar selection, when Bert snaked his way towards him. Ray tensed, and tried not to look in his direction.

“Ray, buddy, how ya been?” Bert grinned at him slyly.

Ray was silent, doing his best to ignore the man’s presence.

“Oh don’t be like that.” Bert pouted mockingly.

Ray’s blood boiled.

“You put Gerard through a terrible ordeal.” Ray said under his breath, “You’re lucky we didn’t have you thrown in jail. Had it been up to me, I would have done it in an instant.”

“Liar.” Bert scoffed, “You didn’t push the matter of pressing charges because that would have led to an investigation. An investigation that would have led to Gerard finding out that you did, in fact, have more to do with that night than you let on.”

Ray turned to face Bert, who met his gaze with a smirk. Ray glared, grabbed his drink and walked away. He could hear Bert snickering almost all the way back to their table.

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