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Chapter 4

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"Hey guys, er... This is Diamond"

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Here is the introduction for the killjoys. Sorry I couldn't do longer ones, but if I did, this chapter would last forever! Kat xo

Chapter Four
“Er, Party, I’ve just thought. What am I going to wear?” Diamond asked, as she held the big fluffy towel around her body whilst Party pulled his usual killjoy jeans on and he grinned over at her.

“Well, your usual clothes will fit you for now. But we’ll have to get you some bigger trouser as your belly gets bigger” He teased her, poking her in the side slightly.

“Please don’t remind me.. I’m going to be a whale” Diamond pouted.

“Just think about what we’re going to have… We’re going to have a little baby. A little baby Diamond” Party told her, his eyes full of excitement.

“I know…” Diamond smiled widely to him, and Party leant down and captured Diamond’s lips with his own, surprising her with a passionate kiss.

“Oh shit! Sorry! I thought you were both out of here” Both Diamond and Party pulled away from each other slightly, and turned to see Fun stood looking uncomfortable in the bathroom, no top on.

“Fun! Its fine” Diamond smiled to him, and walked over to pick up her clothes from the side of the bathroom.

“You could of knocked” Party muttered to Fun, and Fun looked down to the floor.

“I just came for a bath, I thought you were both out of here” He told them, guiltily.

“Fun, its fine. Don’t worry” Diamond smiled to him, walking over to him and placing a hand on his cheek.

Diamond leant forward and kissed Fun softly on the cheek, Fun closing his eyes as he felt her soft lips brush his skin.

“I’ll see you later. We need a catch up” Diamond smiled to him, squeezing his cheek slightly, and walking to the door of the bathroom. ‘Party, will you show me where I can get changed”

“Yeah sure thing sugar” And with that, both Diamond and Party walked out of the bathroom, leaving a silent Fun to his thoughts.


“There not too tight Party” Diamond grinned to Party as they walked down the corridor of the underground base, hands clasped together.

“You have to tell me when they start getting tight. I’ll need to get you some new trousers” He told her and Diamond laughed at the caring side of Party that was coming out, even if it was over a pair of trousers.

“Well, there fine. And I’ll tell you” Diamond continued grinning, and then Party stopped her in front of some double doors that Diamond recognised as the ones they walked out of before they went for a shower.

“Okay, now all the other killjoys are going to be in here. Don’t be overwhelmed” Party told her, squeezing her hand slightly, and then opening the door.

Diamond took a deep breath and then followed Party through the doors, and was shocked by how many other people were sitting in the room.

“Hey guys.. Er, this is Diamond” Party told them, scratching the back of his neck and moving slightly so they could all see her.

Diamond shyly pushed a strand of now dry hair behind her ear and waved shyly at them all. They all smiled at her, and stood up walking over to her. Diamond got a bit of a shock when 3 younger girls came bouncing over to her, one of them more bouncy than the other.

"Hi Diamond its soooo good to finally see you awake" A girl smiled widely to her, almost jumping up and down, and Diamond could not take her eyes off the bunny rabbit ears that were bouncing up and down with her. "I'm Demolition Bunny. And I've been helping look after you for ages!" The girl continued bouncing.

"Well, thank you Demolition" Diamond smiled to her.

"I'm Chasing Pheonix, and this is Midnight Star" Two girls stepped forward and waved slightly.

"Hi" Diamond smiled and waved to them both.

Over the next few minutes, Diamond met a lot of new people such as Time Bomb who was tall and tanned with blonde hair with blue under her fringe that reached to just below her shoulders and her sister Cosmos Kid who was the opposite of her sister with dark brown/black hair which was very long and dark brown eyes that looked slightly reddish. There was also Colourful Shadow. Who had amazing long straight dark brown hair with multi colored streaks. Jet brought over a woman who was called Deathly Avenger, and Diamond instantly saw the look of affection from both of them as they looked at each other.

Artistic Accident was a woman who wore a amazing pair of pink tartan jeans, and Diamond thought she got on quite well with her. There was also a brother and sister Toxic Faith and Toxic Rose, who Diamond knew she would get on with also. Then there was also Disenchanted Destroya, who Diamond felt a instant connection of friendship with her. She was shy at first, but once she started talking, Diamond found her funny and enjoyed speaking to her. The thing that Diamond liked as well, was her accent, it was very different. Another person Diamond instantly knew she would get on with was Neon Sun. She was funny, spoke kindly to Diamond straight away, asked questions, and the thing that fascinated Diamond the most, Sun's eyes changed colour. They just changed, from red to blue, blue to green. Diamond couldn't stop asking her to change them.

"Diamond! Will you sit with me and talk?" Demolition Bunny bounced over to Diamond as she now sat down on a couch, feeling exhausted.

"Is it alright if we talk later? I'm feeling pretty tired" Diamond said to her, wiping her eyes slightly.

"Oh! Pleeeease!" Demolition whined.

"Demolition! Go and play with Chasing. Leave Diamond be for a minute" Fun's voice floated over to them as he walked over to the couch and sat next to Diamond.

"Well your talking to Diamond" Demolition pouted.

"Go. Now" Fun ordered, and Demolition retorted by sticking her tongue out to him and then stomped off, Diamond giggling slightly as she watched her bunny ears bounce off.

"Thanks Fun. She's lovely, but far too hyper for my fatigue right now" Diamond smiled tiredly to him.

"Here. Drink some water" Fun told her, handing her a bottle of water.

"It amazes me that you have all this stuff. I used to be amazed by real food, but now showers, bath, hot tubs and bottled water!" Diamond laughed and took a gulp of the water.

"We were all worried about you Diamond..." Fun sweetly told her, looking down at his lap where his hands were fidgetting there.

"Well, I'm alright now" Diamond told him, reaching over and squeezing his hand reassuringly.

"You are... And your having a baby" Fun quietly answered, and before Diamond could answer him, he had let go of her hand, stood up and walked away.

Diamond frowned, biting her bottom lip as she thought about what had just happened.

"You alright sugar?" Party asked, as he plonked his self down on the couch and pulled Diamond close to him.

"Just tired" Diamond smiled to him.

"Let me feel my baby" Party pecked her on the temple, and placed his hand on her stomach, rubbing his thumb softly over her bump.

Diamond smiled to him, and then looked over the other side of the room, where she saw Fun looking over at Party and Diamond and taking a deep drag of his cigarette. His eyes met Diamond for a moment, and then he blinked and looked away.

Leaving Diamond feeling very confused.
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