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Chapter 5

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“And your friends now. Not even the end of the world that we knew could stop that”

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Chapter 5
Diamond opened her eyes, and frowned, blinking a few times as the only thing she could actually see at the moment was bunny ears.

“Diamond, your awake!” She heard a girls hyper voice and she focused her eyes, letting them rest on Demolition Bunny.

“Oh hi Demolition” Diamond sleepily said, wiping her eyes and sitting up, she looked around the room and found it was empty apart from herself and Demolition.

“I’ve been making sure you’ve been alright the whole time you’ve been asleep, and that’s been a loooong time” Demolition grinned to her.

“Oh well, thank you sweetheart” Diamond yawned to her. “Where has everyone gone?” Diamond asked, frowning around the silent room.

“Gone to get some food!” Demolition sighed, flinging herself back on the couch next to Diamond.

Diamond laughed at her slightly, and rubbed her legs.

“You not feeling to hungry then?”

“Nope. I’ve already eaten. Party was going to sit with you but I said I would watch over you and take you there when you woke up” The younger girl told her.

“Aww, well thank you. I’m pretty hungry, so shall we set off?” Diamond asked, standing up.

“Yeah, sure follow me” Demolition smiled and began walking but almost bouncing over to the door.

Once they got out in the hallway, Diamond reconised a room as the one she had a shower in with Party, and they walked straight by it. They turned to a long corridor, and Diamond saw a single door at the end of it, it must have been where they were heading.

“How old are you Diamond?” Demolition suddenly answered, looking from Diamond’s face to her bump on her stomach.

“Err, I’m 2. I’ll be 21 soon I think. I’ll just choose a date again and decide when I’m 22” Diamond told her and put a hand on her stomach as she could feel little butterflies.

“Wow. Well, I’m 14” Demolition told her.

“You seem younger” Diamond honestly told her.

“I don’t wanna grow up” Demolition simply answered, and then Diamond realised they were now at the door at the end of the corridor.

Diamond saw as Demolition pushed the door open and they walked into a deep red coloured room, with a few tables set around that were all full by the killjoys she had met earlier.

“Diamond! Your awake” Party smiled widely and walked over to her, passionately kissing her quickly.

“Thanks for bringing me here Demolition” Diamond smiled to the younger girl.

“Your welcome, and Diamond, you can call me Tanner you know” The girl smiled to her, her big brown eyes shimmering.

“Where’s Tanner from?” Diamond frowned. She was sure the girl was just Demolition Bunny.

“Its my real name silly” And with that Demolition skipped over to where Fun was sitting and Fun smiled up at her, patting the seat next to him.

“Come on. I’ll get you some chicken casserole” Party pulled her over to a seat, and then walked away, coming back with a plate of food.

“There is no way I’ll eat all that” Diamond laughed, looking at all the food pilled on the plate.

“Well try. You’ve got baby to feed as well” Party sat next to her, pecking her on the head and stroking her cheek.

Diamond grinned to him, and then began eating her food, Party continuing with his meal as well. After a short while, Diamond stopped eating so fast, and began poking around on her plate.

“Party?” Diamond asked him, and he looked to her with questioning eyes. ‘Do you remember your real name?”

Party gulped down the food that was in his mouth, and set him fork on his now empty plate.

“Yeah… Why?” He asked, his hazel eyes searching hers.

“I just… I forgot that we were all named by our parents. That we even had parents…. What was your name?” She asked him.

“Gerard” He said quietly, and Diamond smiled. He looked like a Gerard.

“Do you remember your last name?”

“Gerard Arthur Way. That was my name” He told her, his eyes looking sad. “What was yours?”

“Jaime” She told him, looking down to the table. ‘But I don’t remember my last name” She sadly smiled.

“You don’t need a last name. Jaime is beautiful enough on you. But Diamond Sky is you” He told her, looking deep into her bright blue eyes which had a tear slowly sliding out of them and he brushed it away with his thumb.

“I love you” She whispered, and pressed her lips to his.

“I love you too” He mumbled back against her lips.

“So, what were the others names?” She asked, looking around the room and Party pulled her close to him.

“Well, Kobra was Mikey. Mikey Way’ He said, pointing over to his brother who was sat talking to Artistic Accident. ‘Jet was Ray Toro’ And Diamond saw that he was sitting with Deathly Avenger, they were ‘secretly’ holding hands under the table they were at. ‘And Fun was Frank. Frank Iero”

Diamond’s breath was nearly taken out of her body as she looked at Fun as Frank Iero, and she couldn’t believe how much it suited him.

“It suits him” She whispered, and looked away quickly when she saw Fun gaze over at her.

“We were all friends before everything happened” Party smiled sadly and Diamond ran her hand through his hair.

“And your friends now. Not even the end of the world that we knew could stop that”

“Attention killjoys. Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid, Artistic Accident, Deathly Avenger, Toxic Faith, Toxic Rose. Report to the training room. Your going out with a set of Dracs in 15 minutes” Diamond looked up at the speakers that spoke to them all and looked at Party with confused eyes.

“Where are you going?” Diamond asked, as Party stood up from the table.

“We’re been sent out. A group of Dracs must be coming to the desert. I’ll be back soon” Party pecked her on the lips and started to walk off but was stopped by Diamond’s hand on his wrist.

“What do you mean? Let me come with you, atleast to the training room” Diamond begged him.

“You can’t… You have to, to stay here Diamond” And with that, Party took his arms from Diamond, leaving her to watch, as they all walked through a door, it closing behind them.

“Don’t worry Diamond. They’ll be alright” Helena told her from her side.

Diamond nodded, and took a shaky breath. She hoped they were going to be.
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