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Chapter 6

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“This in unbelievable”

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Chapter Six

Diamond anxiously chewed on her thumb, whilst rocking back and forth softly on the couch, her stomach had butterflies.

“When are they due back?” Diamond asked, glancing up at Helena who stood drinking a cup of coffee.

“There isnt a set time when they come back. They get back when they’ve done the job” Helena simply explained, and Diamond nodded.

“The Dracs don’t realise that they are killjoys you know… The Drac’s are programmed to how people dress, that’s why we get away with been with them. They recognise us as Dracs, not humans” Helena explained, coming and sitting next to Diamond on the couch.

“But what do you mean there programmed? I thought they were dead killjoys?” Diamond questioned, not fully understanding.

“They are. And you just said it. There dead. Better Living then awaken them, we’re not completely sure how yet, and they programme them to kill us. We dress differently to the people in the city. There like robots. They get woken up for one reason, and once they have been sent out on a mission, they put them back to sleep….. They’re like zombies I suppose” Helena shrugged as she finished her sentence and Diamond looked at her wide-eyed.

“This in unbelievable” She whispered, and Helena nodded her head whilst gulping her coffee.

“It is… But this is what’s happening. And we’re doing our job” She told her and Diamond nodded.

“I know why your doing it.. It’s still just a bit overwhelming”

Helena put her cup of coffee down and sighed slightly, running a hand through her hair.

“So, how did you and Party meet then?” She asked Diamond, and Diamond smiled at the thought of him.

“Err, I knew him about 3 years ago, and then I moved to live with the killjoys in Zone 7, moved back here a few months ago, and we got together. It was pretty quick, but we both knew what we wanted” Diamond anwered her and Helena smiled slightly.

“I never knew Party to be the settle down type… But I must say, you bring out the best in him” Helena smiled widely to her, and Diamond grinned back.

“He makes me happy…” Diamond said, and rubbed a hand over her belly slightly.

“You thought of any baby names yet?” She asked Diamond, and pointed to the little bump on her stomach, and Diamond shook her head.

“I only found out I was pregnant yesterday… It’s still kind of sinking in” Diamond truthfully answered and let out a soft sigh.

“You know how far gone you are?”

“Err… I think I’m about 10 weeks. I’m surprised I’ve even got a bump yet” Diamond smiled as she looked down at it.

“I think your having a girl… I remember my friend Riley. She got a bump really early and she had a girl. Emma she called her” Helena seemed to space out slightly after talking about her friend.

“Where is she now?” Diamond asked.

“In Battery City. Taking the tablets. She wanted a ‘safe’ upbringing for Emma. They left 2 years ago. Haven’t heard from them since” And with that Helena stood up from the couch, and walked out of the room.

Diamond bit her lip and hoped she hadn’t upset Helena, it wasn’t something she had wanted to do.

“They’re back!” Demolition shouted, and Diamond shot up from the couch, running over to the door and into the hallway.

“Which way?” She cried, desperately wanting to see Party.

“Diamond Sky report to the changing room immediately please!” A woman voice shouted over the speakers and Diamond felt her heart drop.

“Where is it?” She asked, and Helena came running to her side and indicated for her to run down the corridor.

They reached a door quickly, and Helena pushed it open. Diamond glanced at the killjoys that were taking off their masks, sad looks on their faces, and she found Kobra sat on the floor, next to somebody laid on the floor.

“Kobra! Whats happened?” Diamond cried, and ran to his side. She let out a cry when she saw Party laid on the floor, blood stained his white top he was wearing.

“Diamond…” Kobra said, and stood up pulling her close to him.

“No… No, no no” Diamond cried, and sank to her feet.

Had she really just lost Party, after they’d only just been reunited?
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