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Chapter 7

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"I thought you were dead"

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Chapter 7
Diamond sat shaking slightly, as Kobra held her body close to his chest. Both of them looked sadly at Party’s body on the table, his bare chest moving up and down slowly.

“When do you think he’ll wake up?” Kobra whispered, his face stained with tears.

Diamond shook her head and sniffed slightly, her hands still continuing to shake.

“What the hell happened out there? I thought the Drac’s didn’t recognise you?” Diamond harshly asked, not able to look at Party’s wound on the side of his chest.

“It wasn’t Dracs. It was killjoys…. They weren’t to know. We were dressed as Dracs” Kobra calmly answered her, and rested his chin on his hands.

“Kobra, Diamond. We’ve picked up one of the killjoys with the group. Think you should come see her” Toxic Rose told them both, and then she turned and left the room.

Diamond and Kobra frowned at each other before slowly standing up and leaving the room. Diamond followed Kobra down the hallway, their steps clinking on the floor.

“She’s just in here. She won’t speak to any of us” Toxic Rose told them, and they both nodded.

Kobra walked into the room first, and Diamond quickly pushed passed him when she heard a shocked cry.

“Kobra?!” Diamond’s eyes widened when she heard the voice of her best friend, Toxic Revenge.

She found her friends, sat on the floor of the room, dressed in her usual killjoy outfit, but covered in dirt. Her bright red hair looked wild, and her face was drawn, as if she hadn’t slept for a while.

“Diamond?” Toxic whispered, as she released the hold off Kobra’s neck, her eyes glazing over when she saw Diamond stood in front of her.

“Toxic?” Diamond whispered, and then was suddenly pulled into a tight embrace by her friend, which she cuddled her back just as tightly.

“I thought you were dead” Toxic whimpered into Diamond’s ear, and she could feel tears fall onto her bare shoulder, as her vest strap had fallen down. “I thought you were both dead?! What the fuck happened?” She cried out, now looking at both Kobra and Diamond.

“I’ll let Kobra explain it to you. I’m going to go and check on Party” Diamond whispered, desperately wanting to be beside her love.

“Why, whats wrong with Party?” Toxic asked, her eyes wide.

“One of the killjoys you were with shot him… He’s unconscious now” And with that Diamond turned and left the room.

She silently walked back to the room, and opened the door quietly, and was shocked when she found Fun sat next to Party.

“Are you ok?” Diamond asked him quietly, as she came and sat on the bench next to him, looking at Party who was bare chested, and bottom half covered with a white sheet. The wound on his side looked nasty.

“Just sitting with him. I didn’t want him to be alone” Fun quietly answered, looking down at his tattooed hands.

Diamond nodded, and let out a sigh.

“This is fucking ridiculous. I just got him back…” She whispered, and Fun bit his lip.

“He’ll wake up soon” Fun told her, reaching over and squeezing her hands softly.

Diamond gripped his hand tightly, and it reminded her of the car journey to Battery City before they had all ‘died’.

“I hope he does… The medic here said she didn’t know when he would wake up. His body needs time to heal, and it’ll shut down until its healed. How long does it take a gun wound to the side of the chest to heal?” She wondered to herself.

“He’s strong Diamond. I’m sure he’ll wake up soon enough” Fun whispered to her, and Diamond sighed, then leant her head onto Fun’s shoulder.

“He told me your name today. Frank, it suits you” She told him, gently tracing a new tattoo on his hand that said Hopeless Romantic.

“You think?” He asked, watching her as she traced her soft fingers over his hands.

“Yeah… It really suits you, Frank” She answered.

Fun nodded his head softly, and let out a deep breath, looking at his best friend, still unconscious on the table and then gently let his head rest on Diamonds.
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