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Chapter 8

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"And there's your baby"

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Hi there. Right, I am incredibly proud of this chapter. I don't know why, but it was just so easy to write, and I feel like it's probably the best thing I've ever written on here. Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And please please please review if you liked/disliked it. I love hearing what you all have to say :) Kat xoxo

Chapter Eight
Diamond walked aimlessly around Party's room, watching him with sad eyes as she silently begged him to wake up soon. He'd been asleep for 4 weeks now. And Diamond was showing more prominently on her stomach from their baby growing inside her. She was going for a scan today. Or rather, the scanning machine was coming to her. Kobra, Toxic Revenge, and Jet were going to Battery City to pinch a machine, and they were hoping that Ethel Harte would be in a good enough mood today to scan her, as none of the others would know what they were looking at.

This scan was going to show them exactly how far gone Diamond was, and maybe a chance to find out what they were having. Diamond was debating with herself as to whether find out, and was wondering whether Party would want to know or not.

“What do you think then Party?” She asked him, standing next to his bed and holding his cold hand softly. ‘Shall I find out what we’re having? Or do you want a surprise?” She knew she wasn’t going to get a answer from him, but she could of sworn that she felt the tiniest little grip from his hand on hers as she asked him if she should find out what they were having. A smile came across her face, and a small tear escaped her eye. “We’ll find out what we’re having then” She whispered.

“Diamond, you alright?” Kobra now entered the room, his killjoy outfit back on, but his hair was wet, and he had a towel wrapped around his shoulders.

“Yea.. Just asking Party whether we should find out what we were having” She told him, lifting Party’s hand to her mouth, she softly kissed it and then set his hand back on the bed gently.

“What you going to do?” He asked, coming and standing next to his brother, looking down at the sleeping red head with sad eyes.

“I think, he gripped my hand the smallest amount when I said find out… So I’m going to find out” Diamond smiled to him, and Kobra grinned, and pulled Diamond in for a hug.

“He’ll be glad to know” He told her, whispering into her hair.

“You guys better hurry up. Don’t think my sister will hang around all day waiting for you” Nora Harte harshly told them, then quickly left the room.

“She doesn’t sound to happy. I think she’s got a problem with you and Toxic been back together you know” Diamond told him, as the now walked out of Party’s room and down the corridor to the main room.

“Yeah… She was hoping for something to happen between me and her. Once I had gotten over loosing Toxic… But, she came back to me… I’ve told Nora that we can be friends.. But she lost her trust in me, and she doesn’t trust people very easily” Kobra explained, and Diamond looked slightly shocked at him as she thought about him moving on and not been with her best friend anymore.

She couldn’t really say anything though. Her and Fun had become a lot closer in their friendship over the last 2 weeks. Even to the point where for the last 4 nights, Fun had slept in the same bed as her, as Diamond kept having bad dreams and waking up shaking. She noticed in her self that she was starting to look at Fun differently, now that Party wasn’t around her all the time. It was a horrible feeling that she always desperately tried to shake away. She didn’t want to look at Fun in a way other than friends, but she knew that if he carried on been as sweet to her, and looking after her as he was, she wasn’t going to have a choice. And this caused a pain in her chest as she thought about what this would do to Party if he was awake.

“Diamond, are you going to find out what your having?” Chasing Phoenix now popped up next to her as they entered the main room in the compound, and Diamond smiled widely at the younger girl.

“I am. But, I don’t know if I’ll tell you all” Diamond teased to her, and Chasing pouted to her, and was about to say something else, when she was interrupted from saying anything back to Diamond.

“Chasing, go play with Demolition. And go in your room. All you younger ones are noisy and this is a important moment for Diamond” Fun now piped up, stepping next to Diamond.

Chasing frowned at Fun and then stuck her tongue out at him, before walking over to Demolition and Midnight. Diamond grinned as she saw both of the younger girls turn around and look directly at Fun, each of them sticking their tongue out at him, and Demolition flipped him off before leaving the room and going to play.

“Your in the shit there Fun” Diamond laughed, and walked over to the machine where Ethel now stood, fiddling around with some knobs on it.

“I’m not ready for you yet. I’m just working something out” Ethel told her, not bothering to look up and Diamond nodded, taking a seat on the couch next to Fun.

“Are you wanting everyone in here whilst you get it done?” He asked her quietly, and Diamond felt a small shiver down her spine as she looked into his intense eyes.

She couldn’t get over the fact that they held the same intensity as Party’s. Fun’s eyes were different, but so much alike.

“Not really… Kinda wanted a bit private” She quietly answered, looking down at her hands that laid in her lap.

“Hey, Helena?’ Fun turned around, and looked at the killjoy who Diamond had become very fond of. ‘Think you could ask people to move out of here, Diamond is getting her scan done, and it’s a pretty private thing” He told her and Helena nodded, smiling at Diamond.

“I bet your excited” She grinned to her and Diamond nodded. “Good luck babe, I’ll see you after” And Helena leant down and softly kissed Diamond on the cheek before walking off and having words with the killjoys spread around the room.

“Did.. Did Helena just give you a kiss on the cheek?” Fun asked in disbelief.

“She did’ Diamond laughed. ‘We’re really good friends now!” Diamond told him.

“Diamond, I’m ready for you” Diamond turned her head and found Ethel stood with a jar of gel.

“I’ll see you in a bit” Fun told her, and stood up with Diamond, turning to walk out of the room.

“Err, Fun’ Diamond reached out and grabbed Fun’s hand softly, he turned and looked at her, biting his lip. ‘Will - Will you - Will you stay with me?” She asked, and Fun responded with a wide grin.

“Really? You want me to stay with you? Not Toxic, or Kobra?” He asked, looking at Kobra and Toxic who were now the last 2 killjoys to leave the room.

“I need somebody with me! I don’t think I can look and find out on my own” Diamond told him, grinning back.

“Are you coming Diamond?” Ethel asked, smirking at her.

“I’m coming now. Come on” She turned to Fun and dragged him over to the machine, holding his hand tightly.

“What do I do?” Diamond asked, confused.

“Lay down for me’ Ethel told her, a soft smile on her face. Diamond laid down on the chair that Ethel used for stitching people up. ‘And lift up your top for me. Just show your bump” Diamond did what she was told, and looked to Fun with a nervous smile as he moved a chair to sit next to her.

“Feel how much I’m shaking” She told him, reaching out and gripping his hand again.

“Its exciting” He told her, a excited smile on his own face.

“Right, going to feel a little bit cold Diamond. This gel helps the pictures transmit the pictures’ Diamond felt goose bumps on her arms as she felt Ethel spread the gel over her bump. ‘I think your about 21 weeks from your, but we’ll have a look and see” Ethel told her, Diamond could tell she was just as excited as herself.

“Okay, I’ve been feeling quite a bit of movement” Diamond smiled to her, and watched as Ethel now moved something over the top of the gel, and she turned the machine on.

Diamond looked at the screen anxiously as she waiting to see the pictures been transmitted to it. She felt her heart beat increase as a black and white picture now came through the screen, and Diamond could quite clearly see, the small outline of a baby.

“And there’s your baby” Ethel grinned, and Diamond could tell she was pleased she’d been able to work out how to use the machine. Even if Ethel was a medic, using a scanning machine for a ultrasound was a very new thing. She turned her head slightly and looked at Fun, who was silently mesmerized by the screen.

“Are they alright?” Diamond asked, as she looked at Ethel’s face which was frowning at the screen.

“Oh they look healthy enough. And I was a week out, your 20 weeks. They are 9 inches long. Which is a good size for them to be. Be careful what your saying in front of your stomach, they are picking up on hearing now” Ethel told her, still smiling widely at the image on the screen.

“They- They can hear us?” Fun asked, as Diamond looked confused.

“Yeah, course they can. They’ve got little ears. They’ve got most things now.. Fingernails, fingers, mouth, teeth are slowly starting to grow under the gum” Ethel explained.

“They have, fingernails?” Diamond asked, amazed whilst looking at her baby on the screen.

“Yup. You wanting to know what your having?” The older killjoy asked, and Diamond smiled and looked quickly at Fun, who was still frowning at the screen.

“Yes, please” She answered, and then bit her lip in excitement.

“You’re having a girl” Ethel told her, her smile still present on her face.

Diamond looked opened mouth at the screen, and could feel her heartbeat in her chest. She was having a girl. She was going to have a baby girl. She couldn’t function enough to say anything.

“Diamond, you hear that, you’re having a girl” Fun softly told her, gripping her hand slightly tighter.

“I heard… I’m having a girl…” She smiled to him. ‘It all feels real now” She told them, and Ethel grinned to her.

“Now usually at these things. You get a picture to take home… But we don’t have a machine to print any out” Ethel told her, and Diamond nodded.

“Its fine Ethel… I’ll never forget this”

“I’ll scan you again in 4 weeks, see how baby girl is… But I think your going to sail through this… So, next thing on the list is pain relief” Ethel said, and then removed the transmitter from Diamond’s belly, turning the machine off.

“Pain relief?” Diamond asked, confused as Ethel now wiped the gel off her stomach.

“Yeah, pain relief, unless you want to give birth naturally… But women scream when given pain relief, so I dread to think what you’d be like without it” Ethel answered her truthfully, and then turned, and started wheeling the machine out of the room.

“Oh great… I’m shitting myself now” Diamond muttered, sitting up and putting her vest right again over her bump.

“Don’t worry about it. Think about that baby girl your going to have after you’ve gone through it. You’ll forget all about it” Fun told her, grinning widely at her.

“Thank you for been here with me Fun… I really appreciate it” She softly told him, looking down at their entwined hands and then started playing with them with her spare hand.

“You welcome… I wouldn’t off missed it for the world” He answered her just as softly.

Diamond continued smiling at him, and looked at his smiling mouth, and that’s when she noticed just how close his face was to hers now. She thought to herself that if she moved her head slightly, she would be able to feel how soft Fun’s lips looked on her own. She frowned to herself as she noticed that Fun was now moving his head closer to hers, to the point where she could even feel his breath on her lips.

She bit her lip slightly, and then closed her eyes as she saw Fun’s mouth come closer to hers. As she closed her eyes, she felt his lips meet hers, kissing her softly. The kiss felt like it lasted a lifetime, but really Fun pulled away after a few seconds, breathing slightly heavier.

“I’m sorry” He muttered, letting go off her hand and moving backwards on the chair, away from her.

Diamond opened her eyes, and looked down at her now empty hands and saw that they were shaking slightly. She couldn’t believe she’d just allowed that.

“I have to go see Party.. Tell him the news” Diamond whispered, and then quickly stood up from the chair, picking up her jacket and walking out of the room.

The walk to Party’s room was silent, there was nobody in the hallways, there was no noise from anywhere. She quickly entered his room, and stood next to him, tears falling down her cheeks as she looked at his pale face.

She leant her head down, and softly pressed her lips to his, shaking as she did so. After a few seconds, she pulled away and looked into his closed eyes, pushing a strand of his hair from his face and she saw one of her tears fall on to his cheek before whispering something so soft to him, that somebody would have to really strain to hear.

“Please wake up…. Please don’t let me fall out of love with you”
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