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Chapter 9

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"Just... Think about it"

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Okay, I'm going to admit something. This story doesn't seem to be doing as well as I had hoped it would! I need people to review and tell me whether they are actually reading, liking, disliking this story, otherwise, I'm just going to finish it. Please, just let me know guys. Kat xo

Chapter Nine
Fun sat in the middle of the busy lounge in the compound where all the killjoys lived, and stared around at all his old and new friends. He was a bunch of nerves inside. He couldn’t believe he had allowed his self to kiss his best friends girlfriend, and she was pregnant with Party’s child. Secretly, he was glad he’d finally experienced what Diamond’s soft lips felt like against his. But whenever he thought of that, he cringed jnside and felt a wave of anxiety through his stomach. Taking a deep breath, he saw as his friend Jet stood up from the other side of the room, and started walking over to him, a look of concern on his face.

“You alright Fun?” Jet asked, once he was sat down next to him.

“Yeah fine” Fun quietly answered, and he lit up a cig.

“Its about Diamond isn’t it?” Jet softly asked him, running a hand through his massive fro.

“of course its not about Diamond” Fun hissed, then took a deep breath, shaking his head. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that” He almost whispered.

“What’s bothering you about her?” Jet questioned, knowing full well this was what was bugging him.

“I cant talk about it” Fun answered quietly, and Jet just nodded his head softly, and let out a little sigh.

“Not my place to say anything dude…. But just remember, Party is still very much here. He might be in a coma, but he’s still here” And with that, Jet stood up and walked away.

Fun clentched his jaw, and stood up from the room, and stormed out of it quickly. He eventually found his self kicking the door to the outside desert open, and he stood in the cloud of dust he had created, breathing heavily.

What did Jet mean? He knew very well that Party was still alive. In fact, even referring to his best friend not been alive made him feel physically sick. Why did everything have to be so complicated? He knew that letting his self get close to Diamond over the last month whilst Party was in a coma. He had fallen in love with her all over again. It was like when she first came back to Zone 6 and they used to get along. That was before her and Party had become a item. Fun was fairly sure that if Party hadn’t of tried to get with Diamond, she would have been carrying his own child right now. He bit his lip and looked down at the floor. He needed to talk to Diamond about how he was feeling.


Diamond leant against the counter of the kitchen in the compound and looked to the side of her and looked into the pan of pasta she was currently boiling. She sighed and closed her eyes, and opened them suddenly when she heard the door to the kitchen open and slam close quickly, and she now looked into the eyes of Fun who was breathing heavily.

“Fun?” She asked surprised, this was the first time she had seen him since the day before when they had kissed.

“Diamond… I need to speak to you” He said, and slowly walked to in front of her.

Diamond nodded, and looked at him in concern as he had a slightly distressed look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, and reached to touch his arm, but Fun flinched away from her before she could touch him.

Diamond bit her lip, and pulled her hand away from his body, feeling extremely hurt.

“Sorry, I just… I don’t think I can talk to you about whats bothering if you touch me” Fun explained, and Diamond turned to cooker off, and went and sat down on the little table in the kitchen.

“Tell me whats wrong Fun. Its bothering me know” She told him, and Fun nodded, joining her at the table.

“Diamond… I think you’re aware of how I feel towards you?” He asked, and Diamond looked down at her hands, and then softly nodded. “And for the last month and a bit, since Party has been… Asleep. I feel like we’ve gotten close.” Fun slowly told her, and Diamond looked up to meet his eyes.

“We have” She whispered.

“And, my feelings towards you are probably the highest they’ve ever been. I feel… I feel like I need to be around you now, otherwise, I just don’t feel right. When - When I hear your voice, even if you’re not speaking to me, I feel myself drawn to you. I’m completely in love with you Diamond” Fun slowly explained, and he could feel his self shaking softly as he told her all of this.

“You cant say things like this Fun. Party is in a coma, he’s not dead! I still belong to him! I’m having his daughter!” Diamond explained, her voice raising as she said all these things.

“I’m not saying it to be horrible Diamond! I just, I needed to tell you how I feel!” He explained, and he saw a tear fall down Diamond’s cheek.

“But you can’t Fun! You can’t love me! I can’t be with you!” She shouted, standing up from the table and turning her back to him.

Fun frowned, and stood up, walking over to Diamond. He placed his hand on her elbow and softly pulled her around to look at him.

“I want you to know Diamond. That if Party doesn’t wake up… Your baby girl wont be without a dad. If you’ll have me… I’ll be there for you, even if it means leaving you if Party wakes up” He whispered to her, his face close to Diamonds.

“You can’t say that Fun… That’s so unfair to you. You can’t expect me to… Replace Party with you!” Diamond cried, and Fun softly ran his thumb under her eye, wiping the tear away.

“I’m not asking you to replace him. I’m asking you to let yourself be loved” He told her, and Diamond shook slightly.

“I do love you Fun… But I can’t expect you to love me back, and then leave if and when Party wakes up. I couldn’t do that to you” She whispered.

“Just… Think about it” Fun told her, before lowering his lips over hers and kissing her for a few seconds, letting go of her, and walking out of the room.

Diamond just stood there, shook written all over her face.
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