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Anger Manegment

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Kicking butt pays

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"Robyn. You really shouldnt be here today" He was very concerned

"Its fine. But yeah, we've got some ass-kicking to do"

Jackson laughed. "Oh pur-lease, baby doll..." Baby doll. That brought back memories. " and your emo army aint gonna stop me"

"Maybe we will" Mikey stepped forward, pushing his glasses up his nose for the billionth time this minute

"Dude. Unless you want 'em broke, I suggest you take 'em off" He laughed again.

"Don't speak to my brother like that" Gerard's turn to get insulted by this humoungous animal

"Aww, diddums" He mimed playing a violin. "Fuck you"

"When?" This was Ray, leaning back with his arms crossed, smirking.

"Ohh! BURN" I couldnt resist shouting out. It was ignored anyway

Jackson sniffed and rolled up his sleeves. I would have been shitting myself, but Ray stayed calm. I turned to Jared to see his reaction and heard the fist-on-skin contact. I swivled round immeaditley, to find JACKSON on the floor. I giggled. Ray dusted his hands off. "We should get to class. Whaddya have next?"

"Not so fast" Our art teacher loomed over us. Uh-oh.

"So you punched him?"

Ray nodded. The principal had put ALL OF US into anger manegment.

"But he didnt do anything to you"

"He did to my friend"

"Your loyality is good, Toro, but I'm afraid you will all have to stay in A.M.D.." Anger Manegment Development "For 6 weeks


"Calm down. Has anything happened recently that might have trigged these issues?"

Well, we all had an answer to that one. But everyone kept their head down.

"Right. I'll dismiss you now. No more punching people" He stared at Ray.

We all shuffled out awkwardly.

"Worst. Thing. Ever" Gerard stated. We all agreed. We were walking peacefully and then Aaron Wilkins, Jackson's best friend, blocked our path

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