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Whipped Cream and Marshmallows

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A little fun takes place

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I looked in the mirror at my black eye and bloody nose. God. I better try and hide it from mom, she'll go crazy. I walked out of the bathroom, and headed to my room. Mikey was lying on the floor reading a comic, I almost tripped over him. Gerard and Robyn were sat on my bed, watching the tv quietly. We'd all been sent home, and given a week long exclusion for fighting. All on the permanent record. Yay. Mom was going to be so pleased. Gerard and Mikey's parents were away all week, they could hide it, luckily for them. I sighed, sitting down on my bed next to Robyn. She patted my shoulder lightly, and muttered,

"It'll be okay. We can go hang around the mall together for a week." She smiled at me, and I smiled back as much as I could. There was a sudden rumbling noise, and we all turned to stare wide-eyed at Mikey, who sat on the floor looking rather surprised himself.

"I think I'm hungry." He said, and we all descended into snorts of laughter. We all skipped down the stairs to the kitchen, our spirits high as we rummaged through the cupboards and the fridge. We ended up with popcorn, chips, marshmallows and a can of whipped cream, and started eating our little lunch quite happily. Unfortunately Mikey became a victim of the can of whipped cream. Gerard dived for the last marshmallow, and hit the table when Mikey swiped it from under his nose. In revenge, he took the can and sprayed Mikey's glasses, leaving the younger Way quite startled.

"Oh my god... Robyn, I dare you to lick his glasses clean!" I laughed, tears in my eyes. Robyn edged over to Mikey, who was now panicking and kocking things over on the table. She stuck her tongue out and saw Mikey blush a deep red under his face mask of food. He yelped, and fell off his chair, and ran, quickly rinsing his glasses off in the sink. Our laughter halted when the front door opened with a click, and my mother walked in to see her messy kitchen full of teenagers. To say she was annoyed was underestimating slightly.
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