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Look who we meet again

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"Jared!?" Oh, he was in the stuff now.

"Mom! I-I can explain.."

"Its great you have friends, but why arent you at school?" She looked at his black eye and bloody nose "Oh my God, you got in a FIGHT?!"

Jared nodded

"Mister, this is not acceptable! And look at the mess youve made! The Way's are going have to clean this up when they get back from work"

Gerard interupted "Um, me and Mikeys parents arent gonna be here 'till Wednesday"

Mrs Carter started up again "Well then, Jared can help you clean it all up. Your mother and father would not be proud, young men!" Gerard, Jared and Mikey started getting wipes and mops. "And you Ray!" He also got to work. She looked at me, with a sympathetic face on "And, Robyn, is it, if you made this you better get it tided too"

After the kitchen was spotless, Jared's mom marched him out of the house, and told Ray he should go home. Though she had no right to boss us around, we all did as she commanded. As the door shut, me and the brothers started laughing.

"She got a little worked up!" I giggled

"Understatement of the centuary!" Mikey replied.

The next day we still went to the mall. Even ifeveryone who would be bothered now knew, there was no point lounging around at home all day. Of course, Jared wasnt allowed out though. As we set out on the street, I saw him staring out of the window, longing to be with us.

"Well shoot, I forgot money" Gerard literally face palmed. Mikey copied, realising he forgot some dosh too.

"No worries" Ray took a wad of notes and a credit card out of his pocket. We gazed in awe. "300 bucks and around 800 on the card"

"I didnt know you were so rich!" Mikey punched him in the shoulder.

"Hmm" Ray rolled his eyes. I think he was keeping a little secret of his own. I didnt want to start any drama so I ignored it.

I hadnt been to the mall recentley, and there were loads of new shops. Including Hot Topic. Like a little girl infront of a candy shop, I ran inside. My eyes widened at the rack of t-shirts. Escape the Fate, Black Veil Brides, Paramore, Shane Dawson, CupOfTeam, Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike, Doctor Who, Family Guy....I couldnt choose. "Ray, can I have some mon---" I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Aaron.

"We meet again"
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