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How's that for smudging your lipstick?

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2nd part of the Masquerade ball which brings a little more drama. ;) *Edited*

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Pandora’s P.O.V

Scarlette looked a little lost as Gerard abandoned her in the crowd, I gave her hand that I was still holding a little squeeze. Frank shook his head as he watched Gerard leave before wrapping his arm around my waist.
"Now which one of you lovely ladies would like to dance?" He asked, trying to lighten the mood after what just happened. Scarlette let go of my hand and bowed with a flourish to us.
"She's all yours Casanova" Scarlette smiled but I could tell she felt a little bit sad before turning round and disappearing into the crowd in much the same way Gerard had.
He took my hand and led me out onto a large dance floor, there were a few other couples dancing as well. They were so elegant and graceful. I wondered what I must have looked like next to them all. I was a little bit scared of making a complete fool of myself but when Frank wrapped his arm around my waist I forgot everything. He clasped my hand in his and I swear my heart sped up to about 3 times its normal rate. The music was soft and almost lulling, it was like something from a Disney film. I wanted to lean in and kiss him but I was scared he would pull away and be all ‘what the fuck’. Who was I kidding, Frankie could have any girl he wanted. Why would he pick a poor orphaned stripper? It felt like no time at all when the waltz ended. He picked up my hand and brushed his lips across it.

Scarlette’s P.O.V

I don’t like being alone, especially dressed like some show poodle in a room with a whole load of super posh possibly Mafia strangers that I don’t know. I can’t believe he fucked off and left me here! What a bastard!! I was so fucking angry. One minute he was saving me from that psycho nut, then the next he just fucks off. I went over to get myself a drink to try and calm down when I saw him talking to some pretty blonde girl. I felt anger rush through my veins again. It couldn’t be jealousy, could it...? NO! Absolutely not! Well two could play at that game. I spotted a guy I had been chatting to earlier. He was handsome and was genuinely nice, flirty as hell. But what was his name again? John, Jack, James…Josh? Josh! Yes, that was it. Oh but what was his second name…Fran…hmmm…Fran something. Oh well, may as well wing it. I walked over to him using my best innocent smile.
“Hello” I said softly, interrupting his conversation with 2 other guys who I was sure I had met but couldn’t remember.
“So Miss Arizona, you have returned” The 2 other guys looked from me to the guy I was now not entirely sure was called Josh and left.
“Indeed I have. The idiot who came with me has left me for some blonde girl. So I came here seeking better company.” I gave him my flirtiest smile I had and from his slightly stunned look I would say it had worked.
“No better company than Josh Franceschi Ma’am”, He winked. Perfect! Now just for Mr Alpha Male Mafia Man to notice. I twirled a little lock of hair around my finger, which was the oldest trick in the book but this Josh dude seemed almost captivated by me. Silly man. I listened to everything he had to say and laughed at all his jokes. Well when I say listened I mean I nodded along with what he was saying. I’d add in an occasional flirty comment to keep him interested. I could feel someone’s gaze burning into the back of my skull.
“Is that the guy that brought you here?” Josh sounded worried and slightly scared as he looked at someone, who I was assuming was Gerard, over my shoulder. I looked around to see him glaring at us. I gave him a little wave before turning back around.
“Does he look mad?” I asked.
“Yes” Josh replied, looking more worried by the minute.
“Is he jealous do you think?” I’m sure that’s when Josh clicked on to what I had been doing.
“Can’t say I’m not a little hurt but I’ll help you make him long as he won’t kill me”. I laughed at his last statement until I realised he was being serious. I squeezed his arm reassuringly.
“I promise he won’t kill you” Josh smiled slightly before grabbing the back of my head and smashing our lips together. I stood still for a little minute before wrapping my arms around his neck. We stayed like this for a little while before I felt someone’s hand gripping my shoulder and pulling me back. There was the Alpha Male Mafia Man himself, looking particularly pissed off. I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“Yes?” I said, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.
“Can I talk to you?” he hissed, his eyes burning into mine. I sighed dramatically.
“If we must” Gerard gripped my arm tightly and began to essentially drag me outside.
“See ya later Josh, call me!” I shouted to him over the crowd as Gerard kept on marching.
“Any time babe!” came his distant reply.

Eventually we got outside. There were a few stars dotted about in the inky blue sky. I could sort-of see my breath a little and goose bumps rose on my arm. From the cold or from nerves I wasn't sure. Gerard glared at me for a minute before pushing me up against the wall and claiming my lips with his own. He worked his lips hard against my own, prying my lips open with his tongue. His hands gripped my waist making sure I couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t help but kiss back. His tongue tangled with my own, fighting for dominance. When I was sure I wasn't going to move his hands slid up my body, exploring the curves. After what felt like not long enough, he pulled back.
“How’s that for smudging your lipstick?” he smirked. Gerard wiped the back of his mouth on the back of his hand before leaving me alone once again.

Pandora’s P.O.V

I’d never had a night like this before. Not with someone who treated me like Frankie did, or someone that wasn’t trying to get in my pants or at least put a dollar bill in there. It was like something out of a fairy tale if real life stories like that even existed.
“Are you having fun?” asked a voice that definitely wasn’t Frank’s. I jumped a little and turned to see Mikey smirking at me.
“Yepp” I grinned back at him.
“Doesn’t Frankie know it’s dangerous to leave a pretty girl on her own? Someone else might snap her up” he smirked again.
“Who’s this pretty girl you’re talking about Mikey? I might have to pound her” He rolled his eyes and gave me a little push.
“Where is Frankie at anyhow?” Mikey asked, giving the room a quick scan.
“He disappeared to get me a drink” I couldn’t help but smile to myself.
“Ah, cool. Wanna dance?” I looked at Mikey worriedly. He was quite a bit taller than I was, very skinny and lets face it he wasn’t the best coordinated.
“Why not?” I braced myself for the worst as the dance began. He wasn’t actually a half bad dancer, we had a couple of stumbles but that was to be expected.
“Oh shit” he mumbled, his eyes were fixed on something just behind me but he held me tight so that I couldn't look around him to see.
“What's wrong Mikey?”
“Nothing Pandora...we just gotta move from here” He let me go, took hold of my hand and led me away. His face was hard and stony.
"Ow, Mikey! You're really hurting my hand". He looked down, surprised. He lifted up my hand gently and kissed.
"Sorry mon cheré, I just don't want you seeing what's behind me."
"I'm not that pathetic Mikey, I can handle it!"
"Not this, mon cheré"
“Oh for the love of..." Before he had time to react I crouched down quickly and forced my way between his legs, darting back onto my feet to see...Frank...kissing some other girl, who managed to wrap her around
"Pandora, no!" I didn't hear anything else after that. I ducked around Mikey who had made a grab for me, probably knowing what I was about to do and ran. I didn't care who I ran into right now. I just wanted out of here, I wanted to go home, to lock the door and never return. I saw the blury outline of Scarlette who managed to catch my arm briefly.
"Panda, what's happened?!"
"I shouldn't have come here Scar, we should have gone home!" I broke away from her too and ran out into the freezing night air, it has began raining some time after I entered the ball but I didn't care. I wanted to get as far away as possible from the whole damn thing!
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