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Chapter 3

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"We have a chick in the house but none of us can have her."

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The next morning Kayley woke up to the sound of Ryan's guitar. It seemed to drift straight in to her bedroom from his. She figured it was another perk of having her room right next to his and she closed her eyes, remaining in bed as she listened to the sweet music he made.

Unfortunately he didn't play for long and soon enough her morning melody stopped and she sat up in discontent, not sure what the day had in store for her. She definitely didn't want to sit around though, she hated being bored and there was no reason for it.

She sluggishly started getting ready, having to go through multiple bags since she hadn't unpacked the night before. As she looked for what she wanted to wear she started unpacking, hanging clothes in the closet and putting clothes in the dresser that was in the room. Finally she found what she wanted to wear and left to the bathroom so that she could shower first. Warm water was always a great start to any day.

As she walked in to the hallway, heading to the bathroom she ran in to Ryan who paused just inches from her which is what had stopped them from colliding. He looked frightened of physically running in to her. "Oh, I'm sorry." He said quickly, moving around her.

"Because touching me would be so bad?" Kayley asked, rolling her eyes.

Ryan opened his mouth to respond but didn't know what to say and didn't say anything in time because Kayley left him standing there looking like an idiot with his mouth open as she left to the bathroom.


Kayley finally stepped out of the shower as the water started turning cold, the knocking on the bathroom door growing louder. "I need to shower!" Brendon yelled from the other side of the door.

She took her time drying off and getting dressed, letting Brendon continue to knock on the door. She got amused when he got annoyed, it was somewhat cute and extremely fun to get him riled up. She still remembered the look on his face when she had thrown the beer at him.

Kayley threw the door open and watched Brendon's face change dramatically. He went from angry to eyes widened in amazement as he stared down at her chest shamelessly. She had chosen some tight light blue jeans which were ripped for style and a form fitting black top that laced up revealing some cleavage. She was pleased with Brendon's response.

"You... um... water? You have breasts." Brendon said, still staring. He was a player but that didn't mean he didn't go all googly eyes, tongue tied when he ran in to someone he found physically pleasing. And Jon had asked him to make no moves. He impatiently stared, wanting Kayley to make a move on him.

"Yep, I do. And yeah there's water but it's cold." Kayley replied, brushing past Brendon to go back to her bedroom.

Brendon just stood in yearning, upset that he couldn't turn his charm on all the way. It would make him feel too guilty. Ryan walked in to the hallway after Kayley's door shut and he found Brendon standing next to the bathroom looking like he just got his prized possession stolen, "What's wrong man?"

"This sucks." Brendon complained. "We have a chick in the house but none of us can have her." He whined to Ryan.

Ryan glared at him, "Dude that's Jon's sister. Don't do anything stupid. Or anything at all actually." Ryan didn't want to think about Brendon getting with Kayley. He was glad that Jon had asked both of them to lay off because he knew Brendon would be able to get Kayley's attention before he would be able to. Brendon had stolen plenty of possible girlfriends from Ryan with his charm. Ryan never got the hang of romance like Brendon had.

Brendon nodded and held up his hands in exasperation. "This isn't natural. Men and women are meant to be together." He muttered bitterly as he shut the bathroom door in Ryan's face.


Ryan was sitting at the kitchen table eating when Kayley came in and earned all of his attention. He stared in amazement at her. What was she wearing? Good god, that was enough to make any man burst.

"Hey Ryan." Kayley said with a smirk, sitting next to him with a pop-tart in her hand. "Any plans tonight?"

Ryan shrugged, "Not really. I was thinking of watching a movie tonight but that's about as exciting as it gets for me." Why did he always down himself in front of women? He was cursing himself silently as Brendon walked in to the room, having overheard them.

"Movies are fun, does that mean we are invited to watch with you Ross?" Brendon asked, sitting at the table as well. He figured fun could be had in a dimly lit room with Ryan as his back up man. Ryan seemed reluctant but Brendon was set on getting him to help with Kayley, somehow. Even if he had to be sneaky. The fact that it was Jon's sister just made it a little more... exciting.

"Sure." Ryan said, standing up to leave. He had a feeling that this would end badly. Brendon, Kayley, and himself trapped in a dark room. Suddenly watching a movie sounded like the worst idea he had ever come up with...
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