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Chapter 4

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Maybe he's not even interested in girls...

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“Want a drink boys?” asked Kayley as she walked out of the lounge room and into the small kitchen, swaying her hips from side to side.

“Yes please!” yelled Brendon. Ryan stayed quiet.

“Ryan?” she asked, poking her head out from the kitchen to look at the beautiful boy. He looked up at her under long, thick eyelashes and nodded slightly. Kayley quickly got three bottles of beer and brought them out to the boys who were waiting for her on the couch. She threw one to Brendon, who actually caught it this time and handed one to Ryan, making sure her fingers brushed his. He was unresponsive.

Kayley squeezed herself in between the two boys on the large couch making sure that they both had a good view of her barely covered cleavage. Ryan looked away shyly, trying to be respectful, Brendon however, had absolutely no problem with staring open mouthed at Kayley’s chest.

“See something you like?” asked Kayley in a low, husky voice. Brendon quickly nodded his head, Ryan just let out a huff of frustration, they weren’t meant to be trying anything with her! Yet here was Brendon staring at her breasts like a teenager with a boner for his teacher! By the look on Brendon’s face, Ryan wouldn’t be surprized if Brendon actually did have a boner by the end of the movie.

As angry as Ryan was with Brendon for ignoring Jon’s wishes, he was also jealous, why couldn’t he just have the guts to do something? Sure, Brendon’s attempts at flirting with her were quite pathetic, but at least he had the guts to do something!

“What about you Ryan?” she asked, leaning towards him.

“I-uh… well… I-I,” he stammered as his attention moved downwards to her chest. Ryan’s face blushed bright red as he quickly looked down at his shoes, “A-are we gonna start the movie?”

Kayley didn’t know what she was doing wrong. Brendon seemed to be into her, even if he was being a complete dork about it, but Ryan, he just looked away and went all quiet… What was she doing wrong? Usually she could twist any guy she wanted around her little finger, it had always been so easy for her, no matter what she tried, she could not get Ryan to make a move on her.

Kayley crossed her arms and sighed. Why wasn’t this working? Kayley refused to make the first move, she would be suggestive as hell, but he had to make the first move!

“Well what movie are we watching?” she asked with a huff.

“Either Saw or Paranormal Activity, you choose Kayley,” said Brendon, once he finally regained the ability to speak, although he was still staring shamelessly at Kayley’s chest.

“Uh, Paranormal Activity, I haven’t seen that… and I can’t stand Saw! All the gore and stuff makes me feel sick,” said Kayley as she grimaced.

“Awesome, I don’t think Ryan has seen that either,” said Brendon, “have you Ry?”

“I-uh- sorry, what?” he asked.

“Spacing out a bit?” laughed Kayley.

“Hmm yeah kinda,” he mumbled as his eyes wandered down to her chest and quickly back up to her face, Ryan blushed bright red as he realized he had been checking her out… again. No! He thought, he couldn’t do this! He wanted to, but he knew that he’d just get all tongue tied and awkward, plus, Jon asked them not to, so he would try not to, Brendon however, seemed to feel absolutely no shame as he went against his word to his other band mates.

Brendon got up to put the movie on, leaving Kayley and Ryan sitting in an uncomfortable silence. Ryan’s face was still bright red and his entire body was tense. Kayley stayed silent for the rest of the movie, except for the few times she laughed at the badness of the movie, was this really meant to be scary?

Once she was safely back in her room she got her phone out.

This isn’t working! I don’t think he’s interested in me at all! – Kayley

Kayley tapped her fingers across her arm as she waited for her best friend to reply. She jumped as her phone vibrated, not expecting such a quick reply.

You said that Brendon was trying to hit on you before, yeah? Maybe you could try making him jealous? If that doesn’t work, I would start to think that maybe he doesn’t even like girls – Anna

Kayley smiled at that, Anna had always known exactly what Kayley should do, the two girls always thought alike, during high school they basically ran the school, they could both wrap any guy around their little finger. Ryan was the first guy she had ever had any trouble with, so of course, she went to Anna, and as she knew she would, Anna delivered.

Kayley pushed her fingers through her hair, messing it up a little before she walked out of her room and right into Brendon, who had just walked out of the shower, with only a towel wrapping around his lower body. Kayley smirked as she looked him up and down, from his still wet, ruffled hair, over the dopey grin on his face, over his naked chest, down to the towel covering his hips and back up again.

“Hey Brendon,” she drew out his name in a low voice as she ran her finger down his naked chest.

“Why hello there,” he said as he shivered under her touch and stepped closer to her.

That was all the encouragement she needed. Kayley grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into her room. Ryan stood motionless at the stairs, he saw the whole thing.

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