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Chapter 5

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"Need?" Kayley asked, breathing in sharply. She didn't need anyone.

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"Well this is a pleasant surprise." Brendon said, smirking. He dropped the towel as soon as Kayley's door shut and she giggled at how straight forward he was.

Brendon raised an eyebrow, "That's not particularly encouraging. You're lucky I don't need encouragement." He said, stepping closer to Kayley.

Kayley smiled and pressed her lips against Brendon's. His breath smelled minty fresh. Just another reason she found herself suppressing giggles.

Brendon smirked and pushed Kayley back against her bed, running his fingers under her shirt. "How about you take this pesky clothing off?" He suggested.

"Wishful thinking can only get you so far." Kayley responded, a playful smile playing on her lips as she watched Brendon's desire burn brightly in his eyes. He looked about ready to devour her. She loved how wanted that made her feel. She imagined seeing that in Ryan's eyes... She would see that in Ryan's eyes. She wasn't one to give up. And if Anna was right? Well then the world was about to watch a gay man turn straight because she wanted Ryan.

As Kayley wiggled underneath Brendon's body she felt his hard erection press against her and that only made her smile bigger. "Tell me how much you want me." She instructed, awaiting his words. If she told Jon about how she made every guy she'd ever been with say this to her... he'd probably psycho-analyze it. He'd say that due to their parents constant fighting and lack of attention towards her that she had come to crave these words of affection from men she barely knew. He'd be right. That's why Jon didn't know this side of her.

Brendon was somewhat surprised by the request but he was down for anything, even openly praising the beautiful girl underneath him. He had his sights set on her. "I want you so badly Kayley. You're so damn beautiful. So damn fuckable. And I know you want to fuck me." Brendon said, grinning. "I can tell that you need me inside of you." Wrong words.

"Need?" Kayley asked, breathing in sharply. She didn't need anyone.

As harmless as Brendon's line had been meant to be Brendon instantly knew that he had fucked up. Kayley was shoving him off of her. He stumbled and fell, almost falling on to her bedroom door. "That's not what I meant." Brendon attempted to fix whatever mistake he had made.

Kayley shrugged, "I think it's time for you to go. Take your towel." Kayley said, suddenly feeling small. She hated when she was playing with men and they made her feel as if they were playing with her. She absolutely hated it. No one was playing with her. She didn't need anyone.

Brendon didn't say another word as he grabbed his towel and left her bedroom, slamming the door behind him. What the fuck was her problem? As he walked to his bedroom he found the door cracked open.

Brendon pushed the door open the rest of the way and walked in just as he heard music start to blast from Kayley's room. He had most definitely pissed her off. And someone else to. Ryan was sitting on his bed, staring off in to space but as soon as he'd opened his door the rest of the way Ryan's eyes snapped to him, an angry hint evident.

"Whats up man?" Brendon asked, running his fingers through his slowly drying hair. He closed his door and made his way to his closet so that he could put some clothes on. Being naked with Kayley was a lot different, and a lot more erotic than being naked with Ryan.

Ryan stood up, planning on confronting Brendon about his behavior. The last straw had been broken in to pieces when he saw Brendon go in to Kayley's bedroom in nothing other than a towel. "I'm calling Jon." Ryan threatened, finding that it sounded lamer now that he'd spoken it out loud.

"That's great dude." Brendon said, not catching that he had meant it as a threat. He started pulling on some jeans as Ryan stared down at his cell phone, finger lingering above Jon's number. "Tell him to bring home some food." Brendon added, now fully dressed.

"If he knows it's for you he might poison it." Ryan said, darkly.

"Is he mad at me for something?" Brendon asked, ignoring the fact that he had been relentlessly hitting on Kayley since she'd arrived. He didn't plan to stop at any point.

"He will be when I tell him how you've been acting with Kayley. He'll be irate when I tell him you just came out of her bedroom naked." Ryan muttered.

"Have you been watching her dude?" Brendon asked, sounding disgusted.

Ryan glared. "It's not hard to see what you guys are doing. It's not like either of you hide it."

Brendon shrugged, "We shouldn't have to hide anything. People have sex. How do you think you got here?"

"Did you at least use protection?" Ryan asked, sounding torn.

"That's none of your business." Brendon felt a little guilty at lying about sleeping with Kayley. He just didn't like people telling him what he couldn't do and who he couldn't have.

"Brendon, come on dude... She's younger than us. Don't let her get stuck with some mistake." Ryan begged, hoping that his friend had the sense to be careful with Kayley.

"Would it be such a big mistake for her to get stuck with me?" Brendon asked, insulted. "At least it would put her whoring to good use." He was a bit ticked off that Kayley teased him just to throw him out.

"She's worth so much more than you." Ryan said, shaking his head. "And she's not a whore." He added, now even angrier with Brendon. It wasn't like his friend to be this much of a jack ass.

"Just give it a shot Ry." Brendon said, a sinister tone apparent with each word he spoke. "Give her just a little attention and watch her fall all over you. If that's not a whore then what is?"

Ryan shook his head. "You're wrong about her Brendon." He said, forcing confidence in to his tone. Brendon just chuckled. He knew his friend lacked the confidence he so desperately attempted to portray.

"This isn't a music video Ryan. You aren't fooling anyone." Brendon joked.

The joke wasn't much of a joke however and Ryan failed to see the humor as he exited Brendon's room.

He was about to go to his own room when he found himself pausing at Kayley's door. His light knocking on her door startled him. What was he doing? He couldn't walk away though. He knew Kayley was better than this. Kayley was better than Brendon.
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