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When the Doves Cry

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Patrick, along with everyone else, learns that Robyn is pregnant with his child.

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When the Doves Cry:

The silence broke when Robyn bolted from her seat and ran down the hall. Everyone looked on confused.

"What's with her?" Rachel asked. Greg bit his lower lip. I could tell that Robyn made him swear to secrecy about something. "She'll kill me if I talk," his eyes told me. I shuddered as I knew what he thinking with that face. Robyn could kick my ass.

A small nudge brought me back to reality. My eyes shifted over to see Pete looking at me.

"Go check on her," he said. The color drained from my face.

"Me?!?" I asked. "Why me?!?"

"Well..." he said with a shrug. "You are dating her, aren't you?" My face became redder.

"She's not my girlfriend!" I hissed. Vomiting filled the air. Morgan lowered her fork.

"I'm not really hungry anymore," she said.

"Please Patrick, go check on her," Greg pleaded with me. I raised an eyebrow at her. This has to be serious for him to ask me like that.

"Is she sick?" I asked.

"Well... sort of..." Greg mumbled.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Just go check on her!" he shouted. I dropped my shoulders.

"Alright," I said. I got up and walked down the hall. I followed the sound of vomiting to the bathroom. I cautiously knocked on the bathroom.

"Robyn?" I asked. "Are you okay in there?"

"What do you think?!?" she shouted.

I paused for a moment. "Can I help you with anything?"

"Go away!!!"

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sick, can't you tell?!?"

"Yes, but why are you sick?"

"Because I'm pregnant, okay?!? You happy now?!? GO AWAY!!!"

I froze at those words. "What?!?" Suddenly, the bathroom door opened before me. A pale-looking Robyn looked at me with hate in her eyes.

"I said I was pregnant," she replied. I blinked and stared at her at first. Then, I nodded my head.

"Yes, I got that..." I said. "By who?" Robyn shot me an "I want to kill you," glare. My jaw just dropped.

"Oh..." I said. The reality sank in faster than I could grasp it. "Oh!"

"Yes, oh," Robyn said. "And yes I'm going to keep the damn brat." I blinked as I struggled to think of a response.

"But what about me?" was I could ask.

"What about you?" she asked.

"How do I factor into any of this?" I asked. Her eyes gave me a mocking laugh.

"You don't," she said.

"But it's my kid too!"

"I know."

"So what can I do?"

"That's your problem, not mine."

Oh, it became hers when we made it back to the dining room. All eyes rested on us.

"You're pregnant?" Noriko asked. "Congratulations!" Carmen raised her glass.

"A toast! To the new parents!" she called.

"Cheers!" everyone replied as they raised their glasses at us. An applause filled the dining room. I forced myself to smile at this point. I glanced over at my baby mama. Robyn looked like she wanted to kill somebody right now.

The dinner party from Hell didn't end there, however.

We Will, We Will, We Will Rock
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