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performing, bob's home-made cookies and CHRISTMAS! R&R!

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Mikey’s POV
I woke up to the sound of people laughing. Kirrah and Bob. I got up and sleepily walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch.
“Hey Mikey,” Kirrah said, “Were Meg and Gerard making out in the hall way?”
She started laughing with Bob, and I just looked at them, confused.
“No?” I said, and rested my head on Kirrah’s leg. She stroked my head gently.
“Meow!” she said suddenly, and I looked at her, wondering what the hell she meant by ‘meow’.
“Meow…like a cat?” she said, but it didn’t help my confusion. “Never mind.”
She looked back to the TV, and I saw Total Drama Island was on.
“Total Drama Island? Really?” I laughed, and she blushed.
“It’s a good show!” she protested, I just shook my head and closed my eyes. Pretty soon, I had drifted to sleep.

Bob’s POV
“It’s a good show!” she protested, and Mikey shook his head.
We continued to watch Total Drama Island until it ended. I stretched and got up, deciding to go eat something.
“Uhh, Bob?” said Kirrah, “I have a problem…”
“Hmm?” I turned around to see Mikey softly snoring on Kirrah’s knee. I laughed and decided it would be funny to leave her there. “Oh, I’m sure you can manage.”
“Bob!” she complained, and I wandered into the kitchen. I found Frank rummaging around the kitchen.
“Hey, I didn’t realise you were up! What you looking for?” I asked.
“Looking for something to eat, don’t really feel like anything that’s here though,” he frowned.
“Bob! Come help me!” Kirrah yelled. I laughed and Frank looked at me, then the door, then back at me.
“Oh, right, Mikey fell asleep on Kirrah so she can’t get up,”
“Really?” he asked and started laughing with me.
“Bob! Are you laughing? This is sooo not funny!” she complained, which only made Frank and I laugh harder.
“Huh? What’s not funny?” I heard a startled-sounding Mikey say, and Kirrah stormed around the corner.
“Uh oh,” I cowered behind Frank, who was still laughing.
“Frankie, you’re up!” she said excitedly, then her face fell, “And you’re laughing.”
“I’m sorry, it was kinda funny though,” he said, and he walked up to her and kissed her.
“Get a room,” I said, then went to find some breakfast.

Kirrah’s POV
The next week went by extremely slowly. Frank and I were counting down the days until Christmas, Gerard was trying to find a good time to go Christmas shopping and the band was still touring. I was dying to give Frank his Christmas present, but I couldn’t get it until Christmas Day.
“Hey Frank,” I called; I was decorating the tree while he was eating some of Bob’s home-made gingerbread cookies.
“Tomorrow’s Christmas!” I said excitedly, and he started to bounce around the room.
“I know! I’m so excited! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!”
Everyone laughed at him, and we continued to decorate the tree until there was no room left.
“Okay, what now?” asked Gerard, and I put my hand up. “Kirrah, why did you put your hand up?”
“I dunno, but I know what we can do!”
“And what’s that?”
“You guys can perform the cover of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ that you did,”
“That’s an awesome idea!” said Meg, clapping.
“Really?” asked Ray and Meg nodded, which caused Ray’s face to light up, “Okay then!”
They set up, and performed it. Meg and I ended up “helping” Gerard sing halfway through, and by the end we were all just giggling and messing around.
“Wow you’re voice is amazing, Gerard.” I said when we were all settled down on the couch.
“Aw thanks, Frank’s and Ray’s are better,”
“You’re all equally good,” said Meg, and everyone nodded in agreement.
I woke up to realise that we had all fallen asleep on the couch. Meg was lying on Ray (AWKWARD) Frank was lying on Gerard who was lying on Bob, and I was lying on Mikey who was awake.
“Oh hey Mikey, sorry about lying on you,” I giggled, then got up and stretched. I was in a fair bit of pain, it was a small couch.
“Oh my god, it’s Christmas!” I said, trying not to be too loud.
“Yeah, it is. Merry Christmas.” Mikey smiled. “Do you think we should wake them up?”
“I dunno, I’d feel bad…”
We looked at each other and smiled. I crept up to Frank and went to tickle him.
“Aw, he’s so cute when he sleeps!” I said, and Mikey came over and tickled him. He squealed and fell off the couch.
“Hey, Frankie. Merry Christmas, beautiful,” I smiled, and his eyes shot open.
“It’s Christmas!” he jumped up and wrapped his arms around me. “Merry Christmas!”
I giggled and nodded. The smile on his face got bigger and he turned around and jump on the others.
“I’ll go cook breakfast,” I laughed, just as everyone started complaining. I was almost done when Meg bounded around the corner.
“KIRRAH!” she yelled, and crash tackled me to the ground.
“Meg!” I complained, “What is it?”
“IT’S CHRISTMAS!” she yelled and ran back outside.
“You don’t say,” I mumbled to myself.
“Kirrah, that was AWESOME!” said Ray, leaning back and sighing
“I know! And I am so full now!” complained Meg, “Screw lunch.”
Her last comment made everyone laugh.
“Okay, what now?” asked Bob
“PRESENTS!” yelled Meg and Frank at the same time. I felt my eyes go wide as I realised I had to go pick up Frank’s present.
“Uh… You guys start without me, I’ll be right back,” I said, and I ran out the door.
I turned to see Frank running towards me, and I swore under my breath.
“We aren’t going to start without you, where are you going? I’ll come!”
“NO! I mean, you really shouldn’t,”
“Why?” he said, looking a little hurt
“Because I’m picking up YOUR present, silly!” I laughed
“OH!” he said, nodding, “Okay, be quick!”
“I will,” I said, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before rushing towards the shopping centre.

Frank’s POV
“OH! Okay, be quick!”
I returned back to the house to see Meg had already opened one of her presents.
“Meg!” I complained, I didn’t want to start without Kirrah.
“Sorry, I couldn’t help it…” she mumbled.
“What did you get?” I asked excitedly, the Christmas spirit taking over me.
“Drumsticks from Bob, and they’re the really expensive ones!”
Bob grinned as Meg handed them over for me to see.
“Woah!” I whispered, turning them in my hands, “My present better be this good,”
“Why don’t you find out,” he said passing over a present, and I shook my head.
“I’m waiting for Kirrah,” I said, handing the drumsticks back to Meg. “She shouldn’t be too long.”
Eventually, the door opened and Kirrah came into the room. My eyes went wide at what she was holding.
“OHMYGOSHLOOKATTHELITTLEPUPPYHEISSOCUTEAWWWWWW,” I ran up to Kirrah and she handed me the puppy, “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So did you get the present?”
“Frank!” laughed Kirrah, “Merry Christmas! This IS your present,”
“What? REALLY?!” I asked and she nodded. I couldn’t believe it. My own puppy?!
“Okay, so now that Kirrah’s here, can we start?” asked Mikey, and we all nodded.
“Mine isn’t as good as yours,” I said to Kirrah, handing over a small box to her. She opened it and gasped. It was a beautiful silver locket with ‘Kirrah Louise’ engraved in it. She looked at me, and I showed her the one I was wearing. It was exactly the same, the only difference being that my locket said ‘Franklin Anthony’.
“Frankie… It’s gorgeous!” She smiled, and hugged me.
“Really? You like it,” I asked, and she nodded.
Hours later, we were all sitting on the couch and we watched the Doctor Who Box Set Meg had given Gerard until we fell asleep.

hey guys! i am so sorry, i know this took a while :S but it's christmas! i wanted to give it at least a little bit of time-structure (or whatever). again, i apologise for the lateness -gives everyone cookies-
meg's chapter next, i hope you like the story! feedback would be awesome? :3
- kirrah xx
p.s. i wanna find out more about you guys! let me know your 5 favourite songs :)
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