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Luce realizes just how lonely she truly is.

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Chapter Five:
After Gerard's unexpected visit, I kept playing on the piano, trying to perfect the song. It was such a lovely tune, and I already had the perfect lyrics in mind to accompany it. The melody had a story behind it, as did the intricately crafted lyrics.

What that story was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. It was like one of those nights where you have a bad dream and can only remember bits of it, not the whole thing. I knew the story was about love, the way the music flowed explained it, but the rest was a mystery to me.
I must have been working for a long time because when I finally decided to stop, the sun was going down, night approaching. I sighed once I realized I'd be alone tonight, again. My parents were probably in Europe or Florida for all I know, they wouldn't be back for another month.

My thoughts started to drift back to Gerard, unable to think of loneliness any longer. Why had he come inside earlier today? Did he like the melody? Did he like me?

No, that's insane, why would anyone as wonderful as Gerard Way like someone as broken as me? He's probably the kind of guy who likes to break hearts or something cruel like that.

No, I shouldn't be thinking like that, he was probably a gentleman, which was the least to expect since he was perfect in every single way. The way his eyes seem to melt into mine...the way his hair blows with the slightest breeze.

"Ugh, snap out of it Lucille," I told myself, shaking my head. "You've known this guy for a day and you can't stop thinking about him? What is wrong with me?"

I realized I probably looked like a freak, talking to myself like that, so I figured I might as well go out, do something proactive instead of fantasize about princes and love and happy endings.

I pushed myself off the piano bench and grabbed my keys, since I'd probably be driving around for most of the time. I grabbed a couple of bills and my coat, just in case I decided to eat or buy something. I walked out of my house, watching as the rain fell softly from the sky; the only good thing about Barlow was the weather.

I glanced over at the trees, darkened from the rain, when I saw something move. I froze, staring back into the dark, uninviting forest. It was too big to be a raccoon or other small animals but too small to be a deer or bear. It had to be a person, but the question was why were they lurking in the woods near my house?

Instead of freaking out like most people would at a time like this, I simply got into my car, too annoyed to stress over something as stupid as what I thought I saw. I'd save that for later.

I sat in my car, listening to the rain as I wondered where I should go, Barlow was pretty boring without a lot of places to go. I had heard of this diner a couple of miles away from school and figured I'd give it a shot, I was open for suggestions.
Jessie's house was dark. I assumed her father, the chief of police in this small town, was at work and Jessie must have been with Mikey, the 24/7 lap dog. I shouldn't make fun of him, after all he just cares for Jessie, and maybe I'm just jealous that I don't have someone like Mikey.

I started to drive down the road, which was wet with rain, watching the rain fall on my windshield. The sound of rain was so calming; I don't know how anyone could hate it. Even big, harsh storms have beauty inside them, but I don't think you'd find anyone else who would agree with me.

The diner wasn't too hard to find, being one of the only sources of light in this rainstorm and small town. I parked my car next to a beat up mini-van, must be a mom's car, and got out almost instantly getting hit by rain.

I hurried inside before I got soaked, which would be quite a sight, make up running and clothes drenched. The diner was cozy. It had a friendly feeling to it, with the smiling waitress and happy families eating their meals. I felt a bit out of place here, no one was alone always with their family or loved one.

"Hello! Welcome to Barlow Diner," A bright, bubbly waitress said, smiling kindly at me. I attempted to smile back but gave up, I felt even more out of place now.

"Table for one?" I asked, ignoring how pathetic and lame that sounded. The waitress, Bettie as her name tag was labeled, grabbed one menu and lead me to a table near the corner, a table meant for two, instead of one.

I took off my coat and slung it over the chair, taking a seat afterwards. I picked up the menu and looked through it, deciding on the pasta.
"Hi! My name is Madison, can I take your order?" A waitress with light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes asked. She was very pretty, she probably had a ton of guys after her but the ring on her left hand finger told me she had found the one for her.

"I'll take the pasta and a glass of water," I said, handing her the menu. She nodded before leaving to ring in my order. I took this time to watch her, not stalking, just observing. She was happy, never frowning. She would look down at her left hand every couple of minutes and her face would light up, as if the thought of the ring giver could make her smile.

I was dying of curiosity to ask her who gave her the ring but I tried to ignore the urge, it would be rude and strange as well. So I sat and watched everyone else, the couples on dates, the fathers having a guys night out, and the countless families eating their food happily.

"Here you go," the waitress, Madison, said putting my plate of pasta on the table, as well as my glass of water.

"Are you engaged?" I blurted out, unable to keep the curiosity in. Madison blushed and smiled down at the floor.

"Yeah, my boyfriend of two years finally asked me a week ago. We are kind of young but once you meet that guy who makes you feel like you, you just want to be with them for the rest of your life," she said, glancing down at her ring ever so often. I was amazed at her speech, she didn't seem like the type of girl to notice these things but she did.

"Congratulations," I replied, smiling slightly. She thanked me before heading back into the kitchen, back to her actual life. Her life that was happy, she had a family who loved her, a man who wanted to marry her, and a couple of good friends I assumed. She had everything she wanted, while I didn't have anything or anyone.
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