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A Long Day

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Luce confides in Jessie.

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Chapter Seven:

I closed the door behind me; my breath caught in my throat, my thoughts a tangled mess. My mind kept flying back and forth, trying to figure out if this morning had been a dream. Would I really be going to Jessie’s birthday party? Or was that all a dream? On the other hand though, my house phone did have a call record of Gerard's phone call.

I have never felt like this, all different emotions flowing though my body at an impossible speed. Just the thought of Gerard would cause me to smile, something I haven't done in years. I’ve known the boy for three days, yet those three days may have been the most reassuring three days of my life.

I knew I shouldn't put all this trust in Gerard, any man that perfect had to have a pretty big issue, like being a murderer or robbing banks. Worst of all, I knew that I'd just get hurt in the end. But I was almost positive that I was ready to take that chance, something beautiful could come out of it. He wasn't like anyone else I've seen; he was so gentle and harsh at the same time, happy and sad, tense and relaxed.

I walked into the kitchen, realizing that I hadn't eaten since this morning; I got something for lunch when I saw a note on the kitchen table. With an eye roll and mutter of curse words, I picked up the note and read it out loud to myself.

"Hello Lucille, I am sorry that your father and I won't be home for a couple more months, we are going to Dallas for a big, company meeting. We've left you more than enough money for whatever you'll need. We love you. Mom and Dad," I read the note aloud, my voice bored and drab. All the notes said the same thing, “Sorry but we won't be back, have fun without a mom and dad for months on end.”

I threw the note into the trash can, just like I did with every single one they left me, and grabbed a container of popcorn, which I tossed into the microwave to cook. While the popcorn was popping, I went into the living room and looked though the DVDs that I owned, finally deciding to watch Shakespeare In Love.

I usually did this when I was upset, watch some romantic movie and try not to sob too much. It was just a way of releasing pent up rage; I never cry in front of anyone, it just makes me look weak and pathetic.

The movie ended about two hours later, I had gone through the whole bowl of popcorn and a box of tissues. How pathetic am I? I put the bowl in the sink and tossed out the millions of damp tissues that were scattered on the floor.

The phone rang, causing me to nearly drop the bowl. I set it carefully in the sink and went to grab the phone, which had been ringing off the hook since I moved to Barlow.
"Hello?" I asked, slightly out of breath. I heard someone cough nervously on the other line.

"Uh Lucille?" Mikey's soft, smooth voice said. "Could you do me a favor?"

"Depends on the favor," I said, confused at what he could possibly want me to do.

"Well, Gerard told me that you'd be coming to Jessie' party tomorrow and I was wondering if you'd take her shopping for something nice to wear. She doesn't really have a fashion sense," Mikey said, rambling on and on. Ah, I should have known, everything was about Jessie with him.

"Sure, would you like me to get her now?" I said, dying to get out of this house, which was my own personal hell, almost like high school.

"Yes, if you don't mind," he said, relief in his voice. I hung up the phone, grabbed my jacket and keys before heading out the door and into Jessie's yard.

I walked up the front steps, which were worn down and broken from old age. I knocked on the door quickly; I knew they'd hear me. Barlow was such a small, quiet town.

"Lucille?" Jessie asked, opening the door with a shocked expression. I saw Mikey mouthing "Thank you" to me behind Jessie's back. I smiled slightly before turning my attention back to Jessie.

"Hello Jessie, want to go shopping?" I asked, putting my hands into my pockets. She looked dazed, was it so hard to understand that I could be a normal person? Or did my question just catch her off guard?

"Uh...," Jessie said, looking back at Mikey.

"You should go Jessie, have some fun," Mikey said, his blue eyes full of humor. She raised an eyebrow at him but agreed to go with me anyways. As she went upstairs to change, I decided to figure out what I was supposed to get Jessie.

"So what am I getting her? Clothing wise," I said quietly, so Jessie wouldn't be able to hear me.

"Nothing too fancy, just something nice," Mikey insisted.

"Any color you fancy?" I asked, knowing if it would be something simple, it would be nice to know what color.

"Dark blue, it looks lovely with her skin..." he said, trailing off. I smirked and choked back a laugh as Jessie came to the door dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a plain white t-shirt. I understood what Mikey meant now, true I was wearing jeans and a navy long sleeve shirt but I made it look good.

"I'll have her back soon," I assured him before almost having to forcefully drag Jessie to the car. After I had her safely buckled in, I pulled out of the driveway ignoring her complaints.

"Why are you taking me shopping?" Jessie whined, pouting like a young child. I resisted an eye roll.

"Because I want to," I replied simply, annoying her even further than she already was. Before she could continue to argue with me, I asked her a question. "Why do you go by Jessie instead of Jessica?"

"Because Jessica is so...old," Jessie said, her face filled with disgust. "Why don't you go by Lucy?"

I shuddered, that was the nickname my parents gave me when I was young, before they started to work long. I never went by it again, always using my full name or Luce, not that I'd tell Jessie that.

"I actually prefer Luce or simply Lucille," I answered simply, hoping she wouldn't be too curious, but it was Jessie and of course she was curious.

"Where are your parents? I've never seen them around," Jessie said, her voice a bit nervous. I sighed; did I want to tell Jessie the truth? Why was I such a baby about this? Lots of kids have parents like mine.

"They won't be home for two to three months," I said, always keeping my eyes on the road. "They love their work more than me, which could explain why you don't see them around at all."

I didn't mean for the last part to come out, I was in a daze. Jessie's eyes were sympathetic, something I wasn't used to seeing.

"So, any places you'd like to go or do you not mind?" I fired off before she could say anything else.

"I don't care," Jessie said her voice still nervous.

This would be a long day.
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