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A New Adventure

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Ok, my second attempt at a fanfic. Please review! I appreciate all constructive critisism! Summary: Sixteen year old Bailey always knew that she was different. She was very strong, very brave, ...

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I tried to write about a new character eventhough this counteracts with the prophecy. Please excuse the fact that I'm not staying 100% true to the Class of the Titans storyline!

Bailey always knew that she was different. She was very strong, very brave, and she had an inexplicable connection to animals. Yet never before had she ever imagined this happening...

Bailey sat outside of a janitor's closet in a school that she had never seen before. She examined the medallion that she held in her hands. It had unusual markings on it, and on the back, there was a large 'B' engraved into it. A janitor from the school had dropped it on the ground, but when she tried to explain to him what happened, he merely smiled at her and moved on. Bailey had no clue what she was supposed to do with the medallion, nor what she was doing in the school. All that the sixteen year old knew was that something extremely wierd and exciting was going on.

Bailey smiled to herself. All her life she had been waiting for an adventure, and she had a feeling that one was waiting for her just beyond the closet doors. Earlier that day, what appeared to be the greek god Hermes approached her door, and he brought her to this school on the back of a griffin! Unfortunately, he didn't explain anything along the way. Bailey sat quietly, imagining what could be in store for her, when suddenly, her train of though was interrupted by a voice.

"Hello. You must be Bailey. Hera told me all about you." The speaker was a boy who looked about Bailey's age. Around his neck was a medalion simmilar to the one that she was holding in her hands. Bailey nodded in response to the boy's question, and he smiled and put his hand out for her to shake it. "Hi, I'm Jay," he said in a polite tone of voice. Bailey shook Jay's hand, and he motioned for her to follow him into the janitor's closet. Bailey wasn't quite sure what to expect, but she did know that her greatest dreams were about to come true...


Bailey sat in awe, staring at all of the people around her. She had been introdueced to the "team", and she had just been told about her ancestor, Bellerophon. Bellerophon had done many heroic things in his lifetime. At the age of sixteen, he had left home to look for adventure. On his way, he tamed Pegasus, saved a kingdom from the Chimera, became king, and sought for help from (and was saved by) Athena. Apparently, Bailey was expected to join a league of descendants of greek heroes, and she was to attend Olympus High School, and train to be a hero like her ancestor.

"So, will you join us?" Hera asked Bailey, looking in her direction. Everyone in the room stared at her, awaiting her response. Bailey smiled broadly, and looked Hera in the eyes. "Any opportuntiy for adventure is good enough for me!" "She's just like Bellerophon," Athena said almost inaudibly. "She'll be easy to mentor."


By the end of the week, Bailey had already 'classified' everyone on the team. Jay was the leader, and everyone in the group listened to him. Theresa was clairvoyant and a fighter, although she was slightly more feminine than Bailey had expected. Archie was a warrior, and he was very competetive... espetially with Atlanta. Atlanta was a huntress, and she was extremely fast and agile. Odie was intelligent, but unfortunatley he didn't seem very strong. Herry was the opposite; he was strong, but not the smartest on the team. Lastly, Neil was annoying. He was handsome and lucky, but mostly annoying. Yet none of these people were like Bailey. Bailey liked adventures, but she wasn't exceptional at one thing like the rest of the group was. She was mediocre at everything except for her ability to tame animals, but that wasn't considered a skill... or so Bailey thought...

Please tell me how I can continue this, and what I should change! I'm planning on adding onto this, but first I want to hear other opinions. Thanks!
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