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ಠ-ಠ Don't be gay,save the day

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Lily,Robin and Wendy the Waitress defeat their first monster.

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FicWad account...

These were the ingredients chosen to create the pefect fanfic.
But,Flash-Flood13 purposely added a ridicoulous ingredient to the concoction;his mind!

Thus this fic was born!Using the characters from How I Met Your Mother:

And Wendy the Waitress!

The Author has dedicated the next two weeks to writing crap and giving readers headaches!!


The city of Townsville.

A beautiful city,but you wouldn't know that because it gets trashed,destoryed and/or mugged every friggin' 15 minutes.Srsly these losers would be better off in that crappy town feautured in episode #28.
Anyways,the city's heroes,the Powerpuff girls were out in New York for an exchange programme and were replaced by three fine ladies(who,for the purposes of this story,gained the girls' powers):Lily Aldrin,radical raunchy redhead, Robin Scherbatsky,naughty northern newsreporter and Wendy the Waitress,busty brainy bar-lady.

They were in their room talking about their boyfriends(and husband).
Lily was wearing a red United Colors of Benetton shirt with long sleeves,a dark-blue jean skirt that went down to her tighs,black silk stockings that went well past her knees,brown leather boots with a 2-inch heel and a purple hair pin.
Robin was wearing a black V-cut shirt with long sleeves,a pearl-white blouse underneath it with the collars popped off,long blue jeans and black Converse sneakers.
Wendy the Waitress was wearing a black T-shirt with elbow long sleeves,a white apron that said MacLaren's:Come for the drinks,stay for the glory-hole sex in the bathrooms on it,long blue jeans and white Adidas shoes with red stripes.



-Holy crap! Lily exclaimed.
It's da hotline!

-I'll get it! Wendy the Waitress said and picked up the phone.
Madame Rosmerta's brothel:you lay 'em,you pay 'em.

-ZOMFG! the mayor said from the other side of the phone.
The city is being attacked by a giant man-eating sofa!Help us!

-We're on it!

Lily said:
-Come on girls!Lez go!

And with that,they flew off and flew in a V-formation to the city.They saw the giant man-eating sofa.
The sofa was approximately 54 kilometres high (which is 5400 metres or 5400000 centimetres or 54000000 milimetres or 54000000000 micrometres), which in American metrics would be 177165.354331 feet high (which is 33.554044 miles or 2125984.251969 inches or 29527.559055 fathoms). It was a highly unusual; it had a simple grey-greenish color to it,with red-blue-black-yellow-purple stripes forming a checkered pattern, combined with daisy flowers of various sizes covering it,also combined with motifs of sheep, rabbits, cows, dinosaurs, the Osmond family and the enire cast of this year's Big Brother, not to mention pink bows hanging around attached to various places around the sofa. Right in the center of the humongous piece of furniture was a picture of a little girl with a round nose,freckles, green oval-shaped eyes,thin smiling lips, waist-long blonde hair tied into pigtails with blue bows the size of her fists in a purple T-shirt, light-blue overalls and pink sneakers holding three balloons in one hand(one was red with a yellow Honda on it, the other was pink with Hello Kitty covering it and the third one was white with a light-brown rabbit o it eating a carrot) and the other hand was holding onto a banana-yellow leash with a cute black and white husky puppy with blue eyes on it.The girl's shoe size was 9.5.



The sofa was crashing and destroying the city.The girls flew to it and started discussing strategy plans:

-Maybe Marshall and should just adopt a baby! Lily said.

-Not THOSE strategy plans! Wendy the Waitress pointed out.
How do we defeat the giant sofa????

-Let's carry it into space and drop into a black hole! Robin suggested.

-Great idea! Lily responded and the 3 used their super strenght to carry the supersized sofa into outer space and they dropped it into a neraby black hole.

-YAY!!! they said with great joy.
We saved the day!

And as a reward for saving the city,the mayor gave them chocolate,and Robin and Wendy the Waitress had a threeway with him.

And so once again,your time on the Internet is wasted,thanks to Flash-Flood13!
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