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Is it really pedophilia if the children involved aren't EXACTLY children????

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"Kids,there's something you need to know about your old man and his friends,back in the time before I met your mother.It was the time the Internet became a household item and gained popularity every second.One of the many perks of the Internet at the time was this thing called fanficton.Basically,it's when wannabe writers write stories about their favourite characters and shows,movies,celebrities,etc. Some of them can be very good and be true to the original source,some can be very silly and irrevelant,and some are mostly really bad crap.Unsurprisingly(I guess) me and my friends had fanfics written about us.I'm not gonna lie to you,kids,it was pretty messed up.Some of those stories paired me with your aunt Lily,or aunt Lily with uncle Barney,or uncle Barney with uncle Marshall,or uncle Barney with me,or aunt Robin with get the picture.
Back in the fall of 2011 I was a part of a very......interesting fanfic,to say the least.It was a crossover with a girl's cartoon called The Powerpuff Girls.It was written by some wannabe troll named Flash-Flood13.And kids,it was really interesting..."

In the pub MacLaren's,Ted Mosby,Maršall Eriksen and Barney Stinson were having a conversation with three superpowered animated girls;Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup Utonium.

-And then I glued the macaroni to the frame,added some purple glitter and Miss Keanu gave me an A! said the always enthusiastic Bubbles.

-Wow,Bubbles,that's really neat. Marshall replied.

-So,Mr. Stinson Buttercup asked.
Pick up any hot chicks,lately?

-Why yes,in fact I did,Butterscotch. Barney replied.
Yesterday I was at a bar,and this really hot girl named Lu Gibst came over to me and said;"Hey sexy,you're hot,wanna come over to my place and fu"------I mean "make fudge?".Naturally I said yes,and the next minute we were in her apartment,where we....made fudge,and then she let me do her anal-I MEAN annual sales figures for her company.CoughThen she gave me a blowjo-I MEAN blow up beach ball as a present,to which I licked her pussy--I MEAN cleaned her pussycat.It was very hairy and knotty.But just then,her husband came,but we managed to work it all out,because I let him screw me in the ass--I MEAN I screwed the loose nuts in his Asperger's syndrome son's closet.Cough cough

-That must've been some night. Butterclop replied.
You fucked and got fucked!

-Buttercup!! Ted said in astonishment.

-0h please,Mr. Mosby. Blossom said.
Today's kids are more developed and mature than adults take us for.We swear like sailors,talk about sex and even have sex at least at the age of 13!

-But that is so wrong! Marsall said.

-Whatever,that's how it is.Now if you excuse us,we need to go the little ladies' room to crank out some shit.

-All three of you? Ted asked.

-Yeah! Babbles replied.
We hang out so much we started so synch up!We can't wait to have our periods together!

And with that the girls left,and the story suddenly turned into a script fic:

Barney:Gentlemen,I propose a challenge!All 3 of us shall have sex with the 3 of them!

Marshall:Dude,wtf is wrong w/ u?!?!

Ted:Siriusly,I knew you have sex with anything that has legs,but come on!They're six years old!

Marshall:And that's illegal!

Barney:OH PLEASE,it's perfectly O.K. to have sex with the Powerpuff Girls!


Barney:I'll give you 2 reasons:

1.They are artifical.They may look and act like they're six,but they're still genetically modified organic matter made to look like girls.Technically,they're not really children,but ARTIFICIAL children.

2.Even if they are six,that was in 1999.Which means they are 18 now,which is the legal age to have sex.

Ted:Wow...that actually makes sense!

Barney:Of course it does.

Ted:Okay,now I'm totally gonna have sex with one of them!I call dibs on the blackhaired one!

Barney:I call blondie!I could teach her to give me a pigtailjob.

Ted:What's that.

Barney:It's like a handjob or a footjob,but with pigtails.


Marshall:You guys do what you want.I'm staying faithfull to Lily.

Barney:No you're not.


"Now kids,I'm not gonna go further into deatils of what we did next.Otherwise,this story would have to be rated NC-17!I'll just say we all had sex witht the Powerpuff Girls,and it was amazing I must say."

Back in 2011...

Blossom:Whew!That was awesome!

Buttercup:Fuck yeah,it was great!

Bubbles:Does anybody want a pigtailjob?

Buttercup:Now we can have sex with anybody we want,now that we're not virgins anymore!

Bubbles:Let's do it with that 40-year old bald guy in the trenchcoat that's alway showing us his dick and balls in the kindergarden!

Blossom:Yeah!And then we could do it with Mojo Jojo!Maybe then he will get rid of his sexual frustration and stop trying to rule the world!

Buttercup:I always wanted to do it with a monkey!

Bubbles:And when we grow up,we could be prostitutes!!

All three:ALRIGHT!!!

[*"Kids,I have told you many stories of how I got laid.Most of them had something to do with meeting your mother,but this one doesn't.I just told you that to understand that fanfiction is a really messed up thing.Really.No,really."
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