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The Gangreen Gangbang

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Wendy the Waitress falls in love with one of the members of the Gangreen Gang.Will their love triumph all?

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The shitty city of Townsville!It was a beautiful day,with all the beautiful people walking beautifully in the beautiful streets beautifully thinking of all things beautiful.In the Powerpuff girls' home,two hot chicks named Lily and Robin just got back from saving the day.

-Man,that was hard! said Lily.
I thought we were never gonna stop Mojo Jojo's giant robotic cheerleader with a shark's head!

-I know,right. Robin replied.
And when she fired missiles from her crotch?I thought I was gonna die!

-But luckily,I saved us all using that rope and dead cat.Who knew THAT would come in handy?

-Yeah,and I sent Mojo to prison...but where was Wendy the Waitress in all of this?

-Here I am,gais!

Lily and Robin looked up and saw Wendy the Waitress flying over to them.

-Wendy the Waitress,where the heck have you been? Lily asked.

-I was right behind you,watching you stick it in the behind to that cheerleader. she replied.

-No you weren't,we would have seen you if you were,but you weren't,so we didn't see you beacuse you weren't there!

-But I was!Honest!Cross my heart and hope to die!

-Now you're just lying,Wendy the Waitress.

-I know where she was. Robin interjaculated.
She was with that guy from the Gangreen Gang,weren't you, Wendy the Waitress?

-And what if I was? she replied.

-That is wrong!! Lily said.
He's evil,he's a bad guy,and he's GREEN!!!!

-So?I still love him!He's charming,he's sweet and he makes me feel special.

-BUT Wendy the Waitress, Robini said.
Remember when Buttercrap was in love like you were?He only used her to destroy the PowerPuff girls!

-He promised me his gangmembers won't do that anymore!He's changed!They've all changed!

-NO!!! Lily whispered.
Once a green bad guy,always a green bad guy!I admit,he is kinda hot,but still...

-But nothing!I love him,he loves me,we're a happy family!You just don't understand!!

-We understand. Robin said.
You like him bcuz he's a bad boy. "All girls want bad boys.":

-That's not true!He's sweer and caring.

-He probably has a giant dick. Lily screamed.
Why else would she date him?

-Gah,STFU!! Wendy the Waitress said cryingly.
I'm leavin!!Lol!!

And with that,she flew off.Rubin and Silly simply shrugged it off and went inside the house to watch an episode of the hit TV show Cagney And Lacey and Dalziel and Pascoe and Dharma and Greg and Drake And Josh and Jeeves and Wooster and Kath And Kim and Kenan and Kel and Hope And Faith and Laverne and Shirley and Finn and Jake and Panty and Stocking (with Garterbelt) and Lois and Clark and Melissa And Joey and Beavis and Butthead and Mike and Molly and Mork and Mindy and Scarecrow And Mrs. King and Starsky and Hutch and Will and Grace and Zeke And Luther

Meanwhile, Wendy the Waitress was flying over to the junkyard to her bad beloved boyfriend.They saw each other and instantly rushed into each other's arms and kissed passionately.Finally,Wendy the Waitress said:

-Oh,Billy,how I missed you!

-Duhhhh,Big Billy miss you 2! he replied.

-Oh,Billy,nobody can understand our love.You do love me,don't you?

-Billy love Wendy the Waitress like he loves CAKE!!

-Oh,Billy,that is so sweet.Kiss me one more time.Let your sweet lips lock with mine.


After one more make-out session,Billy said:

-Billy want boobies!!

-Okay,Billy,here you go.Just be gentle!

After she ended that sentence with a giggle,Billy fondled and groped Wendy the Waitress's boobs.
But suddenly--!

-Billy!WTF are you doing you idiot!

-Holy shih-tzu,it's Ace!! Wendy the Waitress said.

Before she could do anything,she was caught by the other memebers of the Gangreen gang.

-Well,well,what do we have here? said Ace.

-Ace,don't!She's my girlfriend and I love her!

-Shut up,stupid!We shall take your girlfreund and give her a time of her life...


But the Gangreen Gang took her to their new luxurious mansion where they tied her up and gagged her.Ace continued:

-Now,Wendy the Waitress,we will torture you!

-Oh noes!Not torture! she said.


Ace put in a Miley Cyrus CD in the radio and let it play.The horrible mutating voice filled the room and Wendy the Waitress was in deep pain.


-I can't be tamed,I can't be saved...

-NOOOO!Someone please help!

Unfortunately,Ace put in another CD,this one by Justin Bieber.

-And I was like baby,baby,baby...


-YES I AM!! Ace said and put in another CD,this one by LMFAO.

-Party rockers in the hosue tonight...



...CD change...

-All my life I've been good,but nao...

-NO!!NOT AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just then,Lily and Robin burst in and said:

-Not so fats,Gangreen gang!

And with that they beat the Gang up,saved Wendy the Waitress and flew off.

-Oh,girls I'm so sorry! said Wendy the Waitress.
I'll never fall in love with an ugly fat guy with yucky skin ever again!

Lily and Robin nodded in approval.

2 weeks later,Wendy the Waitress fell in love with Zack Galifanakis.

And so once again the gay is shaved!Tahnx to the HIMYM girls!!
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