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I let my heart go, it's somewhere down at the bottom.

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Ummmm part two, Crazy Little Frankie ;) Part two of three maybe? :3

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These stupid police sirens! They’re giving me such a massive headache. I slouched further into the sofa crossing my arms in annoyance. Next to me, Mikey turned and gave me a tired look, a what’s wrong with you now look.

“I’m just worried.” I retorted hastily. “And annoyed that Gerard hasn’t rung us yet, he usually does when he’s gone off on one.”

Mikey raised his eyebrows at me and I felt a clench in the pit of my stomach but then he reached over and wrapped me in a massive hug. I hadn’t been rattled...yet.

“You need to keep it together Frank, he will come back, he’ll be home soon, he always does.” He said patting my back soothingly. “He’s....tough.”

“But then again, it’s been a week! we’ve never had to get the police involved before, oh Mikey what if something horrible’s happened to him?” I broke down into tears then because I needed Mikey to know how much I loved him, maybe then later he would understand.

“Frank, Look at me.” He suddenly pulled back and grabbed me by the sholders, he digged his nails into me and it would have hurt if I wasn’t wearing my long black sweater. “We cannot think like that, he will come home, he will fucking come home!” He broke down on the last words and almost ran into his bedroom.

Okay well that got rid of him anyways, getting up I saw Ray, who was on the other sofa talking to two police men, glance at me from the corner of my eye. Now what to do?

“I’m...gonna go talk to him.” I said gravely motioning to Mikey’s room. “Do you mind if we have a little privacy?”

“Of course, we know this must be hard for you all.” Said one of the policemen. “Mr Toro, if we could carry this on down at the station?”

Ray nodded solemnly getting up from the couch. I turned back towards the rooms, pretending to walk towards Mikey’s until I heard the front door slam.

“Mikey!” I cried. “I’m gonna break the door down unless you talk to me!”

No answer. I smiled to myself, Mikey always climbed out his window to ‘go for a walk’ when he was upset, otherwise I would have heard him crying.

“Damn, everyone’s out and I’m all alone” I cried out.

Quickly I walked to my room, pulling open the door and carefully locking it behind me. I inspected the room, nothing seemed to have been moved, good, they didn’t suspect me.

I yanked the cupboard door open and the smell of stale air and unwashed human filled my nose.
“Hello Gerard.” I said cautiously looking down at him, he looked so small now, I’ve never seen him so small. “ are you?”

He looked up at me on the last words his eyes weren’t hateful anymore, they were empty, completely empty. It made me step back, it was too wrong, I don’t understand, he was meant to be happy! We were together and he won’t ever find anyone who loves him more than I do. I just don’t understand. What’s wrong with him?

“You know, sometimes it’s like this never happened, that you really are on a drunk trip and that you’ll come back and things will be normal.” I said. “I love you Gerard, you’re my prince, I know you’ll love me and when you do we can live together, get our own house, how about that?”
He mumbled against the red cloth in his mouth.

“What was that Gee baby?” I asked nervously, my palms sweating like crazy. He mumbled again, what harm could it do to take the cloth out, I mean no one was here s what would it matter really?

I untied it and he spat it out hastily. Looking up at me I saw a new glint in his eyes, I couldn’t place what it was though or what it meant.

“Fr-a-a-nk.” He croaked weakly.

“Yes my love” I replied. “what is it?”

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