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I noticed your eyes are always glued to me.

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NOT THE LAST CHAPTER O.o Yayaya part 3...funny how this started as a one shot written at like midnight because I was loopy from sleep deprivation.

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I stared at him for a moment, this was it, I knew he loved me!

“Yes, yes what is it baby?” I asked hastily.

“F-first..wa-ater” He almost choked.

I nearly outright sprinted to the on suite bathroom, no time to get a cup so I just emptied the cup I kept my toothbrush in and filled it up.

When I reached him I held the cup to his lips patiently, I needed to treat him carefully, he was the only thing that kept me clinging on.

He quickly sipped at the liquid, with a little help of course, until his lips were moist. I couldn’t help but stare at them, they were so beautiful.

“Frank..I...want to...tell you. I..know you’re in there...Frank...You’re just delusional...with grief” He said statically, I’m guessing it was because he hadn’t spoken in a while, I wasn’t gonna let it ruin our moment though, even though I had no idea what he was talking about, I think he saw I didn’t because he paused a while before carrying on.”I...really you Frank...I live...with you.”

My heart was pounding and my head was spinning. I was going to live with my true love, my sweetheart, my best friend for years.

“I knew you loved me Gerard! I just knew it! We’re gonna be together forever! Wait let me untie you and then we can be together properly.” I cried, tears of joy running down my excited face.

I bent down and dragged him out of the cupboard, having to stop and apologise every time he made a pained noise, I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

The rope tied up on his wrists were fairly easy to take out but the difficult part was the knots around his ankles, they just wouldn’t budge.

“Just wait here, GeeGee I’m just going to get a knife okay.” I said before skipping into the kitchen. Opening the drawer, I jumed as a loud thud echoed across the hall, poor Gee he must have fallen over trying to get to me.

Another thud...what was happening in there? I grabbed the knife and ran back down the hall through my door.

“Gerard......Wha-....why?” I said softly. He was standing bent over having just open the window. He was trying to run away!

“Frank..please” He said “This isn’t you.I can get you help”

“You said you loved me.” I said, this isn’t real.
“I do, I do! But not like this Frank please. You’re my best friend and you’ve never snapped like this before. I’m not mad, I’m not I swear. Everyone has breakdowns when they love someone who doesn’t love them back the way they want them to, like when I tried to swallow all those pills after Eliza but-“

“SHUT UP. You didn’t Love Eliza, you didn’t! You were just trying to make me jealous! “I cried with disbelief. “I’m not having a fucking breakdown Gerard. I LOVE YOU. I’ve loved you for so long!”

“I wasn’t Frank, I...I...I’m sorry.” He held his head in his now free hands and sobbed uncontrollably.

“No you’re not, you’re not sorry. But you will be.” I said.

He looked up in shock but all he would see is the glimmer of the knife in my hands.

He would be sorry.
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