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Young Smile

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A brief look into Lulu's background, and Auron found another reason to defeat Sin.

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Besaid had never changed since the day she left, it would probably be the only place in Spira that would forever remained the same. Lulu had often wondered if it was a good thing or a bad one, since it had allowed them to remember far too many happy and sad memories.

After she almost got squashed to death from the bear hugs of both Wakka and Chappu for welcoming her back to the island, she chased the boys off gently and proceeded back to her hut with the reason of being tired from the long trip.

She stood in front of her long mirror that she had not seen in a year, a present from her parents many years ago, which was meant to be part of the dowry if she ever get engaged.

/Red eyes, pale skin/.

The adults had always wondered about her abnormal complexion and eye color, being born and raised in a tropical island like Besaid, one was unlikely to be that pale with all the exposure in the sun every single day.

Lulu had inherited almost all of her mother's look and was nothing like her father, who was tall and tanned like any Besaid natives. She remembered when she was very young, she had once ran home crying to her mother after being teased and insulted by the other kids in the village because of her unique appearance.

Her mother would then pat her gently on her head as she began to sing songs that she had never heard any other natives sing before. She was told that those were ancient songs passed down verbally among their tribe which was erased and forgotten from the long history of Spira.

/Lulu, you are born of a special and unique bloodline. But people tend to forget that we are no different from them other than our natural born pale skin and red eyes. Be proud of who you are/.

Lulu began to pick up the art of black magic when a black mage visited the island some years ago after the death of her parents, and with her natural born talent due to her unique lineage, she was recommended to join the school in Bevelle. She had agreed almost immediately with some intention of getting away from the island and to see the world out there.

The teasing and insults were never better in Bevelle though.

The kids who had studied with her made fun of her looks. Lulu had learnt in the years that the best way to deal with idiots, was to keep quiet and be patient, till they ran out of interest in her.

She buried herself in the study and had successfully completed the course earlier than any students in the school, and was allowed to go home after a year of study.

She had tried to hide her complexion before by wearing colorful clothing in hope that it would distract people, however as time went by, she found herself snorting at the way the colorful clothing looked on her. It was the day before she left the school; she went out and bought herself a gift.

A black dress that complimented her complexion and red garnet eyes.

She turned around and observed the dress on her, feeling pleased with her accomplishments in black magic and finally accepting who she was all the time. She smiled into the mirror reflection of her face that was maturing into her mother's day by day.

~ * ~

Being an obscure island, Besaid did not get a lot of ships coming in to bring merchants and traders.

Braska and his guardians found themselves stuck in this place after they found that the next ship to come would probably take a few days.

"Maybe we could all swim over if you're so anxious about leaving, Mr. Grouchy Warrior Monk." Jecht said as he scratched his head and massaged his neck.

Auron snorted, "How about maybe we tie a raft on you, and YOU swim us over?"

"That sounds retarded."

"You were stupid enough to even suggest swimming across the ocean."

"Does that means you can't swim? Hur hur?" Jecht laughed.

"That's none of your business." Auron frowned and looked towards Braska for instructions.

Braska smiled patiently at his squabbling guardians, "Well, I guess we can afford to take a few days' break before proceeding, I heard from the villagers that there will be a grand celebration or some sort tonight for a tradition. And besides.... I can't swim." He smiled towards Jecht as he said that.

Auron sighed, "As you wish, my lord."

"Oh yeah! Celebration means party! I love parties!" Jecht yelled happily as he jumped off the pier.

Auron seated himself on the pier as he watched Jecht intruded a blitzball game by the local kids and went on to show off his skills in front of them.

"Auron, I'm going to take a walk."

He looked up at his summoner and quickly stood himself up, with his sword held firmly, "Let me go with you, my lord."

Braska lifted his palm in front of the young swordsman with a smile, "It's alright, I would like some time alone today. I won't stray into the jungle where the fiends are, don't worry."

He nodded as Braska turned away and walked towards the village. Decided that maybe he should take a walk as well to avoid the possible deliberate blitzball assault from Jecht, he grabbed onto his sword and marched towards the other end of the beach.

He wandered endlessly and with no direction, thoughts running through the plans that was made for the next few days, he soon found himself strolling in the forest and had approached a lake near a cliff.

The water was still and glittered brightly with the sunlight reflected on its surface. Feeling warm, Auron removed his heavy leather breastplate and seated himself beside the lake, scooping some water for a wash. He felt his muscles relaxed, as if he was melting into the sunlight and serenity of the forest.

It was then he noticed ripples began to form on the surface of the water, bubbles emerging from within, he snapped out and kept his guard up and reached for his sword that he had settled near a tree. His eyes fixed on the ripples; hands tightened round his sword, all ready to strike the possible fiend emerging from within the lake.

The water surface broke with a loud splash, A wave of black streaks of hair swung to the back, exposing the familiar pair of red eyes that Auron had seen back on the ship from Bevelle.

The girl was fully dressed in black as she brushed her long hair away from her porcelain face while floating on the water. She took in a huge mouthful of breath as she swam to stood herself on a tall rock from the water that allowed her to sit on it with half her torso out of the water.

Auron relaxed as he recognized the youth. The young girl adjusted her breathing, while her eyes scouted the surroundings. And their eyes met.

"Hey." She greeted him as she gathered her thick mass of hair together and squeezed out the water. A smile on her childlike face which showed signs of maturing.

"There might be fiends out here, even in the water. Isn't it dangerous for a young girl like you to be out here alone?"

"I have swam in this water long enough to know where the fiends normally hide, so this particular section was safe for any kids to come here to get away from the heat." She smiled at him as she began to braid her hair.

"I see." He said as he scooped another handful of water and splashed onto his face.

"Lord Braska had already acquired the Aeon, am I correct? Shouldn't you be leaving for the mainland now?" She asked curiously, looking at him washing his face and splashing water onto his chest to cool off from the warm climate of Besaid.

"There wasn't any ships around to take us there, unfortunately. So Lord Braska had decided to stay for a few days till the next ship comes. Since we can't possibly swim across the ocean."

She chuckled, "Do you want to come down and swim? It's really cooling here. I can even show you around, there are places here where you just can't get to just by walking, you know?"

Auron thought for a while, scratching his temple with his finger, he decided perhaps it was not very wise to do so when he wasn't an excellent swimmer to begin with. He declined her offer gently and she shrugged.

"Oh look at the time, I have got to get back to get ready now." She jumped off the rock and swam towards the shore where Auron was sitting.

"Are you joining us for tonight?"

"Lord Braska had expressed his interest, so I guess we will be joining in tonight for the celebration of building of Besaid." Auron nodded as his sight followed her childlike form climbing out of the water.

"Good, I will see you all tonight then."

A stroke of curiosity, Auron stopped the girl. "May I know your name?"

She looked back at the man and smiled, "My name is Lulu."


She had behaved so differently when he first talked to her on the ship, trying hard to be all-mature and self-collected, possibly a shell that protects her from strangers. And now he was seeing the smile that was supposed to be on every young child's faces at her age. He would guess it was due to the familiarity of the environment she was in now.

He watched as Lulu ran towards the exit of the forest leading to the beach, the sunlight illuminating around her. He found his determination to defeat Sin strengthened.

A smile like that should never be lost
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