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A gift and blessing given to the lonely one.

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The celebration held was so different comparing to the ones back in Bevelle. There weren't many decorations along the small village, just a huge campfire while the people dressed in colorful tribal wear and food placed on trays with huge leaves under it.

So much simpler yet so much more lively and happy.

Auron was somehow glad that his lord had made another brilliant decision this time by choosing to stay around for a couple of days before continuing the journey. The smile on Braska was genuine and pure as he laughed with the villagers while they talked and served him food. Jecht had joined in the circle of dance around the campfire together with the young boys and girls while the adults were playing the musical instruments consisted of simple string and drums.

As a vigilant guardian, Auron managed to stay awake for the rest of the night and went on his usual patrol around the area after lugging a very drunken Jecht back to the hut together with Braska. Strolling on an island that didn't have high buildings covering most of the sky was something new to him, he had spent most of his time in the temple and peering out of the windows from his room to look at stars and moon when he was very young.

Though the cheers and songs of the celebration was still ringing inside his head, he started to find serenity as the cool night breeze ruffled through his long fringe and played with his red robe. He stood on the cliff from the entrance of the village and scanned around the area for any possible straying fiends that loved the night.

Hours passed, the surrounding was peaceful with only the sound of crickets having little concerts. Auron held his sword close as he sat down on a huge rock with a wooden pillar behind it that enabled him to get more comfortable. He began to think back to the life he used to have in the temples of Bevelle and the consequences of his rejection on wedding the priest's daughter. He remembered seeing the beautiful young woman a few times when she visited her father at the temple, all refined and soft-spoken was his impression on her. A few times he found her looking towards him, trying her best to know him, sometimes he did wondered if the marriage proposal was suggested by her father or the woman herself. But he had chose to turn her down and walked away.

He thought back on the things that Jecht had described to him about his family back in Zanarkand, his beautiful and dependant wife and his little crybaby. He had seen the way Braska smiled and spoke to his daughter, a scene that made Auron wondered if it had ever happened in his life. He could not remember his parents nor could he recalled where he came from, he had been living as a Warrior monk for as long as he could remember. Maybe the uncertainty in being able to have a family was one of the reasons he had turned down the priest's daughter.

Family and love.....

Those words seemed so alien to him. His thought soared further and deeper, as he was reminded again that he would die on this pilgrimage. And when he was gone, there would be no one to remember him or perhaps even drop a tear for him. He shook his head trying to brush the thought off his mind.

/It's pointless/.

Being distracted in his deep thoughts had made him ignorant of another presence behind him. The sound of fabric sweeping across the ground had alerted him and broke his train of thought, he quickly grabbed tight onto his sword and turned around to identify the being.

That familiar smile and eyes.

If there was fate, Auron wondered if it was trying to tell him something for this third encounter with the same girl.

"What are you doing out here so late?"

A soft laugh escaped her, "You must be distracted, it is almost morning now."

He looked up to the sky and the far horizon that could be seen from the tall ground he was at now, and realized the night had passed by while he was lost in his own thoughts and memories. He rubbed his neck and lectured himself silently for not being vigilant enough when he was on watch as he turned to face the girl with an awkward smile.

"I guess I am."

Lulu had learnt to observe people from the days she had spent in the school of Bevelle, and she was using that skill on the guardian now, curious on what could have possibly distracted him from his duty. She studied his eyes and the little hints from his facial expressions, she found herself feeling a slight affinity for him.


No matter how strong she had tried, she could not deny that she would still feel lonely at certain moments, especially when past memories decided to visit her on times when she had nothing to distract her mind from venturing into her locked memories again. She walked nearer to the swordsman and held onto his hand, lifting it up as she pulled out one of her hair accessories and placed it onto his palm.

Three meetings arranged by fate or pure coincidence? I don't know, but maybe.....

"I made this myself, I hope you will accept it."

Auron understood what it meant to accept this accessory. Her unique skin tone and color of eyes had gave away her possible heritage, the lost tribe that used to make magical protective charms but was lost in the long history of Spira. It was said that the charms made by them consist of hidden power that helped to bring calm and smooth sorrows. Seeing the understanding smile on the girl so young and yet mature beyond her age, he wondered if that pair of piercing eyes had found something from him that made her act this way towards him. He bent down and expressed his gratitude, for the gift and the one moment of comfort from her.

Lulu got closer to him and held onto his face with both her hands before he could lift his face up. She said a little prayer and kissed his forehead, "May victory be with you always, may loneliness be away from you forever."
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