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Run run, runaway, runaway baby

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Brendon Urie’s P.O.V

The lights flashed, bodies upon sweaty bodies danced and ground together. Girls twirled and danced around silver poles up on platforms. The bar tenders were working double time supplying the alcohol for the men who wanted my girls but couldn’t have them. People were flooding in from all over Jersey to see my girls dance and yet there was something missing. Two very important girls, who brought in the money like nothing else and now they were in the hands of people I didn’t like. That Don Way, thinking he was the shit. Strutting around like he owned Jersey City. He stole my best money makers and I would have them back at any cost. I had deliberately put that ex of Frank’s in that party. I knew how much she wanted him back and how she would just jump on him, breaking that silly little Pandora’s heart. Pandora would have made a great whore if Scarlette didn’t keep intervening. You have no idea how many men I had begging for a chance to break that girl in half...But alas things change, plans change...

I took another sip of whisky, it burnt nicely on the way down. Sometimes you need something to help you through the day. Emily was away out currently carrying out part of my plan. I knew they Way’s would drop Scarlette back at their house to keep her safe, one of them maybe would stay. Not that it would be any problem for my boys. They would get Scarlette and bring her here. I had something that was dying to meet her...

Pandora’s P.O.V

The rain wasn’t going to slack any time soon any and after about half an hour-ish of sitting on the park bench where Scarlette found me originally, I decided that maybe it was about time I went back to the guys’ house. They would probably still be at the masquerade ball and he’d probably still be there making-out with that stupid slut. Well that’s just fine, he can do whatever he wants...It's not as if he made me any promises or tokens of love or well, anything really.

I trudged back getting more pissed off by the minute, I couldn’t get the idea of the two of them together out of my head. So by the time I got to their house I was the angriest I had been in a long time. I felt like I could strangle someone! Then to make matters worse the door was locked. I battered my fists off it screaming like a banshee, normally someone was in, a chef or something. I kept battering my fists even though it hurt like a bitch. Then it became something much softer and vaguely warm, I felt cold hands encircle my wrists.
“Okay, ouch Pandora. That's actually kinda sore” I stopped the banging to see Mikey looking at me utterly confused. He unlocked the door before pulling me inside and locking it again behind him.
“Where the hell did you go?! Frankie’s been out of his mind! Jesus Panda, you’re shaking... Let’s get you dried off” He took of his jacket and placed it around my shoulders. “I better call the guys and let Frankie know you’re okay” He took out his phone, typed in a number and harshly whispered a few words in Italian. I could hear someone’s very loud Italian reply. “Frankie’s gonna come straight back here so he can explain to you what really happened and-”.
“-No Mikey! You listen to me for a change! I’m getting changed, grabbing some shit and leaving and that’s it! I don't want to hear no excuses, no apologies, no nothin'”
“Panda?! What the hell happened to you?! Where did you go? I tried to run after you but someone” Scarlette shot a glare at Mikey. "stopped me and dragged me back inside" Scarlette was standing in the middle of the stairs still with her formal dress on but now with an added pair of dog slippers.
“ Oh hey Scar. Frankie made-out big time with some stupid slut so I’m leaving.”
“What?! Is that true?!” Scarlette’s burning glare switched to Mikey who actually looked particularly scared.
“Well yeah technically but that’s not quite how it happened. He g-“
“-Shut up Mikey! Come on Panda, let’s get our stuff packed” Scar smiled at me and started walking back up the stairs. I raced after her which is really hard in this stupid dress, especially with all the extra water weight it currently had.
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